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Tokidoki Limited Edition ‘Singapore’ Wing Chair

26 April 2012, 00.54 | Posted in Art, Design | 1 comment »

Limited Edition Tokidoki Singapore Wingchair 3 Tokidoki Limited Edition Singapore Wing Chair

Our beloved Simone Legno lends his fun designs to furniture with a limited edition armchair. Each of the 33 “Singapore” wing chairs are numbered and made of birch and faux suede:

This piece ‘Singapore’ was designed by Simone Legno as he completed his incredible 5-metre Tailor-made Sculpture Installations ‘Caesar’ at the K11 Art mall in Hong Kong in the Summer of 2011. 

 The “Singapore” wing chair is available here.  See more images on  the flip. Via Designyoutrust.

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Tokidoki x K11 Art Collaborative Product

01 September 2011, 21.32 | Posted in Art, Designer Collaboration, vinyl toy | 1 comment »

TokidokixK11 a 540x405 Tokidoki x K11 Art Collaborative Product

K11 Art Mall, located in Hong Kong has kicked off a collaborative art project with designs of one of our long-time faves, Simone Legno of Tokidoki. The exhibit includes two massive sculptures (”Caeser” is shown above and “Kiko” is after the flip), plus a pop-up shop, including iphone accessories, tote bags and umbrellas. Massive cuteness!

And btw, if you follow Tokidoki you know the brand has had a very successful collaboration with Sephora, and Simone mentions in his email to us that he has something in the works with Sephora for FNO so stay tuned!

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Tokidoki ‘Unicorno’ Vinyl Toy Series

31 March 2011, 21.35 | Posted in vinyl toy | 1 comment »

UnicornTokidoki Tokidoki Unicorno Vinyl Toy Series

Not too many vinyl toys are designed to speak to women (though granted, some end up talking to us anyone), but Tokidoki’s “Unicorno” set is clearly made with the ladies in mind. I mean, horseys on their own with their long flowing manes and big powerful snorting heads are amazing and awe inspiring, but a pastel-colored unicorn with (presumably) magical powers that flies AND has a giant horn growing out of its head?? We die of orgasmic overdose. This set includes 10 different figures, priced at $6.95 and launches April 22nd. For more details and close-ups on the unicorns, visit Todokowai.

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Lagerfeld Cola Display Featuring Tokidoki!

11 May 2010, 15.39 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 comments »

KarlTokidoki15 Lagerfeld Cola Display Featuring Tokidoki!

We just got our hands on these display images, designed by Karl Lagerfeld’s in conjuntion with his collaboration with Coca-Cola. The display was recently installed at Galeries Lafayette, which along with Colette, will sell a limited-edition, boxed version of the bottle, complete with a matching opener. What we liked most about this exhibit? It features the Tokidoki “Pink Tie” Karl Lagerfeld doll, designed by Simone Legno!

Images shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Many more after the flip.

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Tokidoki X Sephora Product Close-Ups

23 April 2010, 22.42 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Make- up,Cosmetics | No comments »

Toki12 Tokidoki X Sephora Product Close Ups

Earlier today we posted up exclusive images and video from the Tokidoki X Sephora event and in this post are product shots of the items featured in the collection. Just look at how cute this mascara is! Given the uniqueness of the packaging combined with the quality of the offerings, you have to think this collabo is going to be a hit for Sephora.

Lots more product close ups after the flip.

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Tokidoki X Sephora Launch Date!

01 April 2010, 13.32 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Make- up,Cosmetics | 3 comments »

TokShadow2 540x405 Tokidoki X Sephora Launch Date!

After Magic we showed ultra-exclusive previews of the Tokidoki X Sephora collaboration.  Back then we didn’t have many more details than what was included in the product line. But now we have an official date:  Thursday, April 22nd! Sephora describes the collection as “criminally cute beauty.” Start hording your pennies, ladies!

UPDATE: The line is actually already available for sale at Sephora. April 22nd is the press event, where will be snapping tons of images.

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SoHo Store Fronts: March 2010

25 March 2010, 17.10 | Posted in Retail | 1 comment »

StoreFrontLouis SoHo Store Fronts: March 2010

After making my forever longed for visit to Valley Salon for a manicure (will be posting a feature later that includes an interview with co-owner Julia) I took a stroll around SoHo to snap some shots of storefronts. It was a super sunny day, which is not the best for photographing glass, but ehh, I want to make this a regular feature so I went with what I could get to get the ball moving. 

What’s surprising is how crummy some of the windows are and not just because they need a good wash. Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu were fantastic (as they usually are),  and I especialy admired how the LV window recalled themes from the Spring 2010 show.  But given their usually impeccable runway presentations, I was a little disappointed by Chanel and very disappointed by Burberry.

After the flip find more images of the retailers mentioned here, plus Tokidoki (predictable) and TopShop (totally average).

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Tokidoki at Magic: Sephora Collabo!

24 February 2010, 14.53 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Designer Toys, Trade Show | 13 comments »

TokShadow2 540x405 Tokidoki at Magic: Sephora Collabo!

As always I stopped by Magic’s Pool show to check in with one of my industry faves, Tokidoki Designer, Simone Legno. He had a lot going on but was most excited about an upcoming collaboration with Sephora on a comsmetics line, which will feature a huge array of eye liners, eye shadows, bronzers and brushes. The colors are amazing, as you can see from some of the very uniquely packaged eye shadows featured above.

More eye shadow, packaged in a lucite box with a Tokidoki toy, plus bronzer after the flip.  

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Tokidoki’s Simone Legno is the BEST!

02 October 2009, 15.00 | Posted in Art, Caps & Hats, Designer Toys, Fashion, celebrity | 2 comments »

tksimone 422x540 Tokidokis Simone Legno is the BEST!

Simone wrote me last week to let me know about his mini-Karl Lagerfeld doll. Samia had posted up info about that a while back so I figured that rather than repost the image of the vinyl toy (you can see it after the jump), I thought this would be a good time to post up a picture I took of Simone at Magic. At Magic, Tokidoki was showcasing items from its new Marvel partnership, which he was super excited about it.

And I just want to add that Simone is one the nicest, most humble and talented people I’ve met in this often-not-very-pleasant industry.  When I told him to email me about the Karl vinyl or ANY thing he does new, he was actually concerned about bugging me with too many emails. So never say anything mean about him ’cause you will be wrong!

Karl and Marvel fitted after the jump…

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Tokidoki X Karl Lagerfeld!

07 September 2009, 13.19 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Design, Designer Collaboration, Fashion | 3 comments »

tdkl Tokidoki X Karl Lagerfeld!

Just spotted on BF a collabo between what seems to be Tokidoki and the one and only Karl Lagerfeld.This is one we are really looking forward to !