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The Devil and Ms. Field @ S&TC Premiere

28 May 2008, 18.09 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Other | No comments »

Here’s one more from the premiere. This time it’s La Diabla on the left and fashion genius Ms. Patricia Field (who I embarrassingly confused with Vivienne Westwood last week!!). Devil MsFields The Devil and Ms. Field @ S&TC Premiere

See how Anna’s image is light and Pat’s is dark? That just shows you how things aren’t always as they seem!

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Marc Jacobs = Tony Montana??

10 April 2008, 17.48 | Posted in Other | No comments »

I’m sorry ’cause I know this is really juvenile and has nothing to do with anything, but ever since I did that post about Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum, I can’t stop obsessing about how Marc Jacobs’ look that night.

AnnaWintour Marc Jacobs = Tony Montana??

^^There’s La Diabla on the left and beautiful mess Marc on the right….and I defy you to deny his resemblence to….

Scarface movie 02 Marc Jacobs = Tony Montana??

^^Tony Montana!

Change Marc’s earrings with Tony’s gold chains and it’s a done deal. I dare you to tell me I’m lying!

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Gucci: Frida & Elle Put It Down!

18 February 2008, 20.38 | Posted in Books, Fashion | No comments »

Elle magazine has been killing it for a while now. That it’s not considered to be the premiere mainstream U.S. fashion mag–hands down over Vogue–is something I do not get at all. Or maybe Ms. Wintour is working some mojo that is beyond my realm of understanding. Heh, B prolly sold her damn soul to the devil is what it is.

Anyway, great feature on the new sheriffette at Gucci, Frida Giannini. ‘Member not very long ago when folks were freaking OUT when Tom Ford left, predicting all sorts of doom and gloom? Well, they aint sweating his departure any more are they? In fact, what in the hell is he doing these days anyway? Fine as ole Tom may be, shoot, Santino’s getting more play than him these days.

Here’s a sampling of some images from the Gucci shoot I liked. (Though, on a side note, fashion-smashion, let it be known that the VAST majority of $$$ this company makes is from bag sales. The clothing isn’t a significant money maker.)

RTEmagicC Elll03 07Gucci2.jpg Gucci: Frida & Elle Put It Down!

^^Say hello to Frida. She says: “The Gucci woman now can wear high heels but she doesn’t want to die in them.” Whatever that means!

RTEmagicC Elll03 07Gucci3.jpg Gucci: Frida & Elle Put It Down!

^^Another leather jacket, modeled by actress Clemence Poesy.

RTEmagicC Elll03 07Gucci1.jpg Gucci: Frida & Elle Put It Down!

^^Smoking hot Gucci bikini, modeled by r&b artist Cassie.


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