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The Orginators: Jump Mama Tee

02 October 2009, 14.34 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks | No comments »

magic09 008 The Orginators: Jump Mama Tee

Believe or not, ladies, I am just now getting around to posting images I took at Magic, which was, oh, only a million years ago (can I get a hello from my working-hard, single Mommies who this delay makes TOTAL sense to?). Anyway, it doesn’t matter cuz I took like a grand total of three pictures while I was there so no big loss. This one is from The Orginators tee shirt collection. It’s actually not called Jump Mama, but I can’t remember it’s real name and my memory is telling me that’s close enough. I love it, but I just want it to be femmed up a little more with maybe a lighter weight cotton and a collar that allows for the possibility of some cleavage exposure.

I took a couple more images of The Orginators tees, but they’re for the sports-loving Daddies out there….

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Kid Robot at Magic: Fall 2009

26 February 2009, 20.34 | Posted in Design, Designer Toys, Fashion | No comments »

kidrofront Kid Robot at Magic: Fall 2009

Everrrrybody wants to get in the KidRobot booth. There’s something magical about this brand that draws the curious like bees to freshly bloomed flowers. “I just wanna see, I just wanna look,” they all say as they crane their necks to catch a glimpse of what probably looks like a wonderland compared to every other booth in the joint. Kudos to rep Jennifer Getlan who headed them off the pass with great charm and patience, and thanks to her as well for letting us get a peak at the women’s collection, which has taken a step up since its initial launch about a year ago: lots of big graphics and new cuts that set them apart as strictly for the ladies.

Two more tops after the jump.

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Bambu Tee Launch: Calling all my 420 Females!

25 February 2009, 22.04 | Posted in Fashion | 2 comments »

bambufront Bambu Tee Launch: Calling all my 420 Females!

When I was visiting with the M.O.B. crew, McSweeney recommended I hit up the Bambu booth if for no other reason than the amazing Sarah Saiger, who is both an heiress and one of the company’s biggest cheeses (Gramma Saiger still has seniority).  From the time I got to Sarah’s booth until I left, she had me cracked up laughing, starting by telling me how she had just got off the phone with her Mom to let her know she just nabbed a department store order by bribing the buyer with a hand job! Yes, she is one of those  raucous types of females. And on top of that, her line was very on point. I mean seriously, women, you want heritage? The Bambu brand has only existed in 1764! And if you look inside your pack of rolling papers, it’s always sold tees. Ms. Saiger is just taking things up a notch.

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Freshly Minted M.O.B. Arrivals @ Cutlist!!

10 October 2008, 18.59 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

More of the first M.O.B. cut-and-sewn collection is now hitting stores. Just now Cultist sent over some images of M.O.B.’s fresh fall collection, which includes leggings, cropped bomber jackets and tees. Don’t nap, huns, because the stuff you like the most? Everyone else does, too, and before you know it, it’ll be gone, baby, gone.

MobBlackJkt Freshly Minted M.O.B. Arrivals @ Cutlist!!

^^Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest…

See how this bomber looks on the inside on the other side. Hint: The lining isn’t black.
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Old Baby Doll Tees

16 September 2008, 18.49 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion | No comments »

We always complain about the dearth of women’s streetwear brands so it always makes us pleased as punch to see new labels emerge. OldBabyDoll is the latest entry and it’s looking like a good one. According to creative director Sabrina Thornton, OBD, each season’s collection includes iconic female images.

BabyDollTwoImages Old Baby Doll Tees

On why Marilyn (in the tee on the left), Sabrina comments: "We believe she is one of the most sexiest, free, beautiful women that has ever walked this earth. She went against the grain with no boundaries. She was a sex symbol when it was not cool. She was such a trailblazer. Of course there is Pam Grier, Harriet Tubman, Janice Joplin, Dorothy, Billie and the list goes on. But it can be so easy to forget who or what has laid this foundation down for women today. I feel like she is what Old BabyDoll reps. She sexy but street enough to get what the hell she wants in life."
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Hellz Bellz Spring ‘08 Collaborative T-Shirts

22 April 2008, 13.16 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

hellz bellz collaborative t-shirts grotesk collabros missbehave mag - highsnobiety

As part of their Spring 2008 Delivery II, Hellz Bellz presents several collaborative items. They worked with artist duo The Collabros, graffiti artist Grotesk and also with Missbehave Magazine. Expect these pieces to be in stores soon.
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Alife NYC x Reebok Court Victory Pump Release

26 November 2007, 23.14 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

RTEmagicC alife rbk womens 2.jpg Alife NYC x Reebok Court Victory Pump Release

We already reported about the new Alife NYC x Reebok Court Victory Pump’s, coming this time in black and pink. What we did not know is, that they also come in womens sizes this time (4.5 – 13). Also they of course have a limited edition t-shirt coming along with the sneakers.

The Ball Out will be released this coming Saturday, December 1rst, at all Alife locations and Patta, Colette, Black Chamber, Dream. The t-shirts will only be available at Alife locations.

More pictures after the jump.
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Married To The MOB Holiday ‘07 Collection

19 November 2007, 17.42 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

RTEmagicC mob hol07 1.jpg Married To The MOB Holiday 07 Collection

Married To The MOB have released their Holiday 2007 collection today. The photoshoot was done this time with Mega, after the Fall collection was presented by French artist Fafi. The new collection consists once again of mainly t-shirts and also one fresh new hoodie.

We like what we are seeing, but would like to see the line grow to more pieces and styles, beyond t-shirts and hoodies. Hopefully that will happen by next year. For now check out the new collection after the jump.
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