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Obama/Mao Mania: Not So Fast!

16 November 2009, 17.42 | Posted in Media, Other, celebrity | 2 comments »

ObamaMao Obama/Mao Mania: Not So Fast!

I was tickled to see that news of Obama’s visit to China had inspired the folks there in many of the same ways his storybook rise captured the hearts of many Americans. The image here shows some of the t-shirts and other memorabilia that local shopkeepers started selling in advance of his arrival. But much like a NYPD clamp down on Chinatown shops selling fake Prada bags, the Chinese government fanned out and put an end to the sale of  t-shirts and other items holding up Barry as a modern-day version of Mao. Supposedly they were concerned Obama would be insulted by the comparison to the world’s most famous communist, but who knows. I don’t know nearly enough about Chinese politics/history to guess some of the hidden reasons. Meanwhile, now that the tees have been banned, there collectable status has just been raised four-fold (and yep, you can already find them on Ebay).

Vans X Bad Brains Chukkas: For all my 420 Ladies!

03 December 2008, 20.56 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Music, Shoes, Skateboarding, Sneakers | No comments »

Vans has done a boatload of collabos this year, but I think I like this one the best so far. Not just cuz the Bad Brains were an amazing band that never got its due propers, but also cuz they’re a good fit with Vans. Makes sense somehow.

Bad Brains Tee 1 Vans X Bad Brains Chukkas: For all my 420 Ladies!

Other side: more tees and three pairs of shoes, including those Chukkas!
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Hellz Bellz Spring ‘08 Collaborative T-Shirts

22 April 2008, 13.16 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

hellz bellz collaborative t-shirts grotesk collabros missbehave mag - highsnobiety

As part of their Spring 2008 Delivery II, Hellz Bellz presents several collaborative items. They worked with artist duo The Collabros, graffiti artist Grotesk and also with Missbehave Magazine. Expect these pieces to be in stores soon.
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United Tradeshow: UZI NYC

25 January 2008, 17.27 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

 United Tradeshow: UZI NYC

 What I liked about UZI was not only the punk edge the line  presentation , but also the fact that their graphics were very soft  and  not perfect  as if they were fading in to the tees… Based in BK they get kudos from us.

RTEmagicC greyzigbaby gif United Tradeshow: UZI NYC  United Tradeshow: UZI NYC



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Not Bad For A Girl Holiday ‘07 Release

30 November 2007, 15.40 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

RTEmagicC nbfg hol07 1.jpg Not Bad For A Girl Holiday 07 Release

UK based girls streetwear label Not Bad For A Girl (NBFG) has just released their Holiday 2007 collection, which consists of t-shirts, crewneck sweaters and zip-up hoodies. In terms of brand building we see quite some similarities between NBFG and Married To The Mob. Lots of the designs are brand name based and centered around their key graphics. The outcome of this strategy is that the brands build strong brands around their clothing and immediate recognizability.

Anyways, check out the new NBFG releases after the jump.
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Married To The MOB Holiday ‘07 Collection

19 November 2007, 17.42 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

RTEmagicC mob hol07 1.jpg Married To The MOB Holiday 07 Collection

Married To The MOB have released their Holiday 2007 collection today. The photoshoot was done this time with Mega, after the Fall collection was presented by French artist Fafi. The new collection consists once again of mainly t-shirts and also one fresh new hoodie.

We like what we are seeing, but would like to see the line grow to more pieces and styles, beyond t-shirts and hoodies. Hopefully that will happen by next year. For now check out the new collection after the jump.
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Not Bad For A Girl x Addict S/S ‘08 Preview

18 July 2007, 16.24 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

RTEmagicC nbfag addict 1 01.jpg Not Bad For A Girl x Addict S/S 08 Preview

London womens brand Not Bad For A Girl is slowly becoming the European counterpart to Married To The Mob. We definitely like what we are seeing from the girls.

Now they did not only launch a few new t-shirts in their online store, they also preview an exciting collaboration that will hit shelves Spring/Summer 2008. They got together with one of our favorite UK brands, Addict, to create some Method Zip hoodies. Addict is known for good quality, technical and solid work – that paired with the design skills of Not Bad For A Girl will for sure result in some interesting pieces to look out for.

Check out the collaboration and the latest Not Bad For A Girl releases in detail after the jump.
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