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Nike Air Yeezy Launches in Germany

10 June 2009, 16.07 | Posted in Design, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

yeezy0506 2 540x359 Nike Air Yeezy Launches in Germany

To those who thought the sneaker lover craze was over, not yet! Check out the cue by Sneakology in Hamburg for the launch of the Nike Air Yeezy! More images on the flip.

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Party @ Sneakology!!!

20 July 2008, 15.34 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

sneakology Party @ Sneakology!!!


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Girl’s Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FC

20 May 2008, 19.34 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

RTEmagicC stpauli dunk 1 01 jpg Girls Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FC

Highsnobiety featured the Launch of the St Pauli Dunk pack in honor of the St Pauli Football Club.( the Hi top is my fave!)You gotta give props to  Nike for recognizing a Football Club that is known for it’s stance against racism,sexism and homophobia.

In the US we have yet to have a countrywide passion for "Le Football " the Most Beautiful game in my opinion…

If you know anything about Germans and soccer you know it’s no Joke,How interesting was it to know that The St.Pauli FC known as a team with a Rebellious/punk  streak.They open every home game with AC/DC’s  Hell’s Bells .And they have the Most Female Supporters out of all the other Soccer teams in Germany.

The team has some pretty cool apparel sold on their site

If you happen to be in hamburg the dunks will be launched at Sneakology  with a little shindig..

st.pauli einladung back 1  Girls Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FCst.pauli einladung front 1  Girls Love rebels!!: The St. Pauli FC



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New @Sneaklogy

01 May 2008, 14.32 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

aqua nike New @Sneaklogy

I dunno if it’s my beach obsession but these caught my eye..oh and below is a feature of the Sneakology guys who made it to our Men we think are Hot :streetwear edition..Check out Gabriel Dubois a Fellow Canadian  talented artist at the end of the interview…..




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Men We Love: Streetwear Set

18 February 2008, 16.12 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Besides both being Sagittarians, me and my HighSnobette partner, Samia, discovered somewhere along the way that we both share an appreciation for fine-looking fellas. Seeing as a lot of the events we attend are boring as can BE, one of the ways we’ve found to entertain ourselves is to compare notes on males.

At the end of the year (yes, 2007, we also both like to procrastinate), we had this idea to do a “Best-of” list, but rather have it be just another boring ole list of brands, we’d list who we consider to be the hottest males on the streetwear scene.

For some of the guys either me or Samia wrote the comments and then for a few we both had our say.

daoud and rasu Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^Daoud & Rasu, Coup D’etat BKLYN: The one of the left….okay ladies, you’ve seen his type and you know he’s one of those that’s SoDamnPretty that you feel like it’s a permanant look-but-don’t-touch situation. I mean for real, who wants to be constantly battling off the females (and let’s face it, the gays will love him, too!) every time you step out in public with him? And even if they’re not pushing up on him, their eyes are first gonna be all over him and then next all over YOU, like…what the hell is HE doing with HER?? All that being said, he’s still H.O.T! And his partner, Rasu? Just as damn cute with his cuddly fur hat and nice eyes and perhaps even a notch better than Daoud ’cause everyone in the world won’t be visually pouncing on him every time he walks in the room.

RTEmagicC RyanUnited.jpg Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^Ryan, United Trade Show: Back when I first spotted him at United’s very first NY show, I had this to say about him:  ”It’s unfortunate that his eyes are closed here cuz then you could see that he’s one of those rare white guys in that he has flavor AND he doesn’t look like you could snap him in two should things get hot and heavy. I’ll admit that I was disappointed when I compared him looks-wise to Yankee-centerfield Johnny Damon and he had no idea who I was talking about, but you can’t have it all!” Having seen him again at United’s second trade show a few weeks back, I can confidently state, NADA HAS CHANGED!

RTEmagicC DavidFischerHighSnob.jpg Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^David, bossman of HighSnobiety. You may think this is the suck-up post where me and Samia do the obligatory big-up of our boss. But you would be wrong. The truth is, both of us have HAD IT UP TO HERE with his seven emails a day telling us, “MORE POSTS!” over and over and over again. (In fact, on a side note, the hell with you, David!) So see, we’re not doing this ’cause we have to. And if you met David in person, you’d understand. He’s tall, very much has dude appeal, and, well, he’s bossy, which is in and of itself is hot. Think about it, ladies. He would do ALL the work. All of it.

SGP: So yeah..I have to admit we were pleasantly surprise that Bossman:he likes when we say that : ) is actually easy on the eyes ( you know you wonder what all these anonymus bloggers look like)And quite a character…and so Tall..major bonus points in my book…

RTEmagicC MilsStacks Bundles.jpg Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^Mils, Stacks & Bundles: Mils represents BX so that first vibe he projects is hard. Like, don’t even try and fucks with him! BUT three minutes into our convo (this pic was taken at a United Show in W-berg a year or so ago), he was mentioning wife-y and how he’s the one who makes sure the kicks portion of her wardrobe is always on point. And, awww, how sweet is that? Tall, dark, handsome AND he looks out for his woman’s shoe needs? Props to her for being smart enough to get this man out of circulation early in the game!

markus and howie FR Sneakology Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^Markus & Howie, Sneakology: Discovered this duo: Markus and Howie in a  kicks magazine I was featured in..Not that Sneaker dudes are not cute but when you find a duo as fierce as these fine gentlemen you take notice..Especially Markus …Have you seen 300? It’s like this masculinity to the core… with this mysterious edge..walking beside a dude like that  shady folks would think twice before even uttering how fly you is..and then there’s the skull ring….need I say more…

 Men We Love: Streetwear Set

 ^^Micah, Shades of Greige: SGP: As if this picture does him justice …’Micah who won us over by a contagius sense of humour…  is the definition of a cutey pie..who does not like to laugh.? just genuine funny and just really inviting…and he’s talended, and he has great style can I say it again great Style! [Another note from Lois: Guys, you may not be aware of this, but the more you make us laugh, and I mean REALLY laugh not fake laugh, the cuter you become. It's like you and the more alcohol you drink and women.]

 RTEmagicC VladKendo.jpg Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^Vlad, Kendo-LA: Right away bonus points cuz he co-owns a female sneaker boutique, but then look, he’s just so chill w/ his vee-neck tee and gold chain and CLEARLY doesn’t suffer from the malady sweeping Streetwear Nation, aka “Men are the New Women”! A woman’s dude. We could watch videos with him all weekend long and feel VERY content in our souls doing so.

RTEmagicC LouisSitsComp 01.jpg Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^Louis, Kicksclusive and Laces (R.I.P) Since Lou is Latino, It’d be easy to pull the ”Ay Papi, que caliente!” descriptive, but naw, his sexy isn’t so much about Papi Chulo machismo (which, not for nothing, we have no problema with that either!) as it is about representing that quiet uber confidence that all brothers from BK seem to possess. And here’s something Lou’s got all over another famous brother from BK who shall remain unnamed coughJOVAcough, he appears to genuinely like AND respect women.

kiser Men We Love: Streetwear Set

Kiser, KiserNY: SgP- I had to Include My boy Kiser from Kiser NY who was one of those first “streetwear” brands to focus on men’s and women’s at the same time! Not only is he a cutie but he has the charm and intellect to go with… so yeah, he made our list!

RTEmagicC Dao yi chow.jpg Men We Love: Streetwear Set

^^Dao-Yi Chow: When we were visiting Ce Ce of 80%20 last week and told her about this feature, she suggested Dao-Yi. Not sure where this gorgeous-faced, cheekbones-to-kill-for man with works these days, but Google reveals that his streetwear credentials are about a mile deep. (Which, actually, made us hesitate to include him ’cause we’re not sure, based on a recent trade-show siting of Dao-Yi, that there aren’t some slight attitude ishes, but oh well, personality aint everything!)

One final note, consider this a short list. There are others we thought of, but for whatever reason, we just couldn’t get our hands on them, excuse me, GET a picture of them. They are shown in NO particular order. We swear!

One other final note: If one of the males shown here is your steady, boyfriend, husband, fiance, lover, etc., do NOT view this list as any attempt on our part to wrestle them away from you. We just looking, not trying to purchase the merchandise. ‘Sides, when you’re a fly female you know better than to waste your time trying to snatch some other sister’s man!

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