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LaCoste @ WSA

31 July 2008, 20.12 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers | No comments »

LaCoste was actually at WSA and Compass, but like a dummy, I didn’t visit the booth at Compass, where, I’m told by Lacoste p.r. champ Emalie Adcock, there were was lots of cool Vault stuff that wasn’t at the WSA. Oh well, the stuff at the WSA was still pretty great.

LaCosteHighPink LaCoste @ WSA

^^These bright-pink hightops were causing quite the ruckus in the booth. I had to wrestle them away from a sales rep and as soon as I was done shooting them he snatched them right back.

After the flip, see Amalie’s faves, as well as another pair of hightops and some sporty flats.
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Keep @ Compass

30 July 2008, 06.55 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Shoes, Sneakers | No comments »

Keep I believe was the only all-female brand at Compass, and it repped with its usual adorable/smart array of shoes. My faves were the gingham wedges. There’s something cute and funny about them; a dressed-up pair of chanqletas for days when you want to impress the nighborhood.

KeepChanqs2.jpg Keep @ Compass

^^Gingham Chanqs

Next up are The Foundation brand rep Cassandra Madsen’s faves:

KeepSneaks.jpg Keep @ Compass

^^A classic and innocent profile with a heart of darkness. Love the dichotomy.

More Keep on the other side (including the cutest pair of kid’s hightops you have ever seen!)

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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RihRih: The Parade O’ Accessories Continues

23 June 2008, 18.17 | Posted in Accessories, Music, Shoes | No comments »

A couple of things about RihRih that are eminently clear: she works her butt off and she LOVES to accessorize. Here she is at a recent Today Show appearance:

RihRihTodayShow RihRih: The Parade O Accessories Continues

^^Check out the oversized onyx ring

A couple more after the flip, including a close-up on her sandals.

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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Karmaloop: Best-Selling Shoes!

10 June 2008, 17.52 | Posted in Shoes, Stores | No comments »

We’ve done best-selling tops and dresses at Karmaloop, how could we not do shoes?? Besides, I see that Samia’s already started a Karmaloop trend with her previous post, and I’m all tapped out on rebelling against the latest and greatest.

AllBlackMoc Karmaloop: Best Selling Shoes!

All Black: Mocassin sandal

SameEdel Karmaloop: Best Selling Shoes!

^^Sam Edelman: The hot-as-twin-babies gladiator

Check the flip for four more best sellers!

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Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals @ ShopBop: So Cute!!

02 May 2008, 20.25 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Stores | 1 comment »

Since David, our boss, only sleeps 18 minutes/day, he has a lot of time to look around for interesting stuff and is nice enough to email us the links. Sometimes I look at the items and I’m like, jeebus David, that is going on HighSnobette over my dead body! But just when I start thinking what a clueless doofus he is, he sends a link to a pair of shoes like these and I’m like, wow! For a dude, he has amazing taste!

PolliniWedge Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals @ ShopBop: So Cute!!

PolliniWedge2 Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals @ ShopBop: So Cute!!

^^Pollini Neon Wedge Sandals: A summer evening…..these and a pair of straight legged jeans paired with a blousy, white top = total show stopper. Or maybe with a pair of khaki short shorts, possibly even more amazing.  

Available at Shopbop

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Sick Givenchy Sandals

12 April 2008, 01.57 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

You guys don’t know this but I have such a thing for white shoes and own many pairs. I keep expecting to get over my obsession, but it’s been on going for at least a few years now.  I mean what’s not to like?? White matches with everything! And yeah, black does, too, but it just doesn’t set off a pair of dark jeans or a dress of any color like white does.

What I wouldn’t do for these babies by Givenchy:

GivenchySandal Sick Givenchy Sandals

I spotted these at PopGloss, which, if you haven’t ever visited there, you seriously need to do so now.

Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air? (Sorry but that song is SO stuck in my head!)

Lois: Highsnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Etsy We Love

27 February 2008, 17.03 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

Etsy has been highlighted here before. If you haven’t been, it’s a site where people can sell their stuff. It’s kind of like EBay except there’s no time limit or bidding. And I don’t know about all Etsy categories (like furniture and various sundry other crap), but the people who sell clothing there seem to be younger and a lot less cuckoo-cuckoo than the typcial Ebay sellers with their flashing, flower-filled wallpapers and 15 paragraphs on how you’re gonna burn in hell if you don’t send them their money immediately and don’t even THINK about trying to send anything back. Even if, like in my case, they send you dresses that end up being much bigger than you thought ’cause they were pinned back in the photos or shirts with runs they forgot to mention or size 11 shoes that were actually a MEN’s size 11 and so on down the line.

So basically even thought you have to sift through a bunch of gross hippie crap on Etsy–plus ever new damn Mom thinking she has to start a infant clothing line (Ugh!)–it’s still a LOT better than Ebay. Plus, besides vintage stuff, there are a lot of designers there who make there own stuff and some of it is pretty cute.

So, here are some things I came across this past week that I thought you guys would appreciate. I listed the seller’s name and linked to it under the image:

RTEmagicC NeNeee.jpg Etsy We Love

^^NeNee Mod Sequined Mini

RTEmagicC FutureVintage.jpg Etsy We Love

^^Future Vintage ’70s Disco Mesh Bag

RTEmagicC ShannahMMignini.jpg Etsy We Love

^^ShannahMMignini Mod Mod Sandals

Click to the right to see more images including some AMAZING retro Nikes. (But because the backend of HighSnobette can sometimes be a total pain in the ASS, I can’t link to the buyers on the other page. You’ll just have to go to the site and search for them. You’re a smart bunch, I’m sure you can manage.)

Much Love, Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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