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The Rihanna Fiasco

04 March 2009, 05.58 | Posted in celebrity | 7 comments »

Earlier today, I put up a post that was a shot of Rihanna and Chris together for the first time since their first meltdown (yes, that’s the link, I’m not reposting the images here ’cause at this point I’m over the drama). Because of the level of controversy it was causing the post was taken down, but I just want to make it known that Samia and I have been posting on this site for quite some time now and here and there we have always featured some celebrity stuff that doesn’t quite seem fashion related (including “Guess the Celebrity Rack,” our always very popular posts featuring gratuitous shots of KimK’s booty, not to mention, one on an 18K gold vibrator, which drew record high levels of traffic). At any given moment, there are half a dozen celebs whose choices fascinate us and that includes decisions they make that aren’t always clearly fashion-related, and that is because style is informed by, gee-what-a-shocker, a lot of stuff that happens during life away from the runway or design room. When I said earlier today I had no opinion about the Rihanna/Chris fiasco, I meant it. It’s a complicated situation and if you ask a million people what they think, you get a million opinions.  I just happen to not have one, but figured our readers who, like us, find RihRih’s every move interesting would want to know about the images.  This is supposed to be a cutting-edge, streetwear-inspired fashion blog and we will continue to–on occassion–post shit that some people find annoying, offensive or just wrong for a fashion blog. You want smooth, p.r.-tested fashion, I’m sure you know where to find it.

Rihanna versus Beyonce

05 February 2009, 16.36 | Posted in Fashion, Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

rihrihbeyonce Rihanna versus Beyonce

JC Report has an excellent article today on the fashion choices being made by Rihanna and Beyonce. Clearly RihRih has given the intensely-competetive Beyonce a good kick in the ass. Here’s an excerpt:

Even with this ongoing creative collaboration, some industry insiders point to [Beyonce's] rivalry with fellow chart-topper Rihanna and other emerging singers. “We have to wonder if perhaps [Beyoncé] chose the dress to combat a certain popular singer who’s mentored by Jay-Z and who easily pulls off lesser-known designers,” notes New York magazine’s The Cut. And indeed many are whispering that Beyoncé’s newfound edge has to do with the need to keep up with other daring starlets’ growing fashion cred and directional picks.

We know Beyonce is smart enough to hire the best stylists in all the land who can do a very capable job of updating her look, but will it be a believable transformation?

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Rihanna at Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert

03 February 2009, 19.20 | Posted in Accessories, Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

rihrihnails Rihanna at Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert

Little Miss Sunshine performed at the Pepsi Smash Super Bowl Concert this past weekend.  Clearly she’s still in her S&M “Road Warrior” phase.  Check out her manicure here–all black with one, multi-colored nail. UPDATE: Samia says her pinkie nail features an image of Obama. I thought it was, but I was like, nah. Wrong!!

All images are from Ultimate Rihanna. And according to that site, Rihanna will be featured in February’s Vibe. Supposedly its Vibe’s very first style issue. Could that be true? The first? Anyway, Keyshia Cole is going to be the cover girl (that link is to the actual cover, which also features her Mom–ugh). We love Keyshia, but if we’re talking style, Rihanna really deserves that spot. No doubt some public-relations-related b.s. that caused that to go down.  

The image on the other side features RihRih’s boots. When you see them, you’ll understand why “Road Warrior” lept to mind.

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RihRih’s Ballsy Shoes

03 December 2008, 19.47 | Posted in Music | No comments »

She wore these babies at the American Music Awards last week. Did you see?

RihRihShoes RihRihs Ballsy Shoes

They’re super sexy, right? And kinky sex at that.

Full shot on el otro side. I put an image of the outfit she performed in over there as well. (All images: Wire.com)

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RihRih & Madonna: Sideway Glances!

20 November 2008, 21.28 | Posted in Music | No comments »

RihRih and Madonna were recently snapped together as part of some Gucci promotional blitz that they’re both participating in. Check out Mo’s sideway glance at RihRih and her gnarly hand gripped around her hip. Oh to be a fly on the brain of either one of them! On the one hand, you have Madonna whose diva status is set in stone but whose star is clearly fading, while on the other you have a young woman on the way up who has stated in interviews how much she admires and hopes to have a career similar to the Material Girl. An all around deelish moment captured in time!

RihRihDaisy RihRih & Madonna: Sideway Glances!

^^Who envies who for what?? (That’s the Gucci designer on the far left–sorry can’t remember her name.)

See a full shot on the other side. Both are wearing amazing dresses! Plus a close up of Rih’s new tattoo, which hopefully will be her last one!!
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RihRih’s Streetwear Style: Nobody Does it Better

20 November 2008, 17.28 | Posted in Accessories, Denim, Gadgets, Music | 1 comment »

RihRih always looks hot in her stage clothing, but I’m much more in awe of her streetwear sensibilities. No celebrity I know gets it better than her when it comes to the art of mixing high and low and just hitting all the right spots when it comes to what accessories to wear right now.

RihRih1 RihRihs Streetwear Style: Nobody Does it Better

^^Love the $5 tee with the rolled up sleeves against the super hawt LV neckerchief, which perfectly offsets her gold sunglasses.

More images on the other side, including a shot of RihRih’s new hand tat.

As always, maximum thanks to UltimageRihanna for the images
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Members Only Jackets: Not Your Momma’s Bomber

12 September 2008, 01.30 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

You’ve seen the Member’s Only leggings, now on to the jackets. Like I said, the classic nylon jackets are still very much in full effect, but now there are all sorts of variations, ranging from the original nylon to buttery smooth leather lined with fur. These two smoky numbers give you an idea why this brand is a fave of Rihanna’s:

MOJktPunk Members Only Jackets: Not Your Mommas Bomber

On the other side, a pair of adorable short-sleeved spring jackets…
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Rihanna: Moulin Rouge X Goth Girl

09 September 2008, 22.11 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

I said before that there were lots of shots of Rihanna around, but none that really moved me. When I saw this one today, I could only think Moulin Rouge meets Goth girl. I’m not crazy about cabaret looks and I never did get why it was so important that Bela Lugosi was dead, however, I am nothing if not generous and I know that some of you may feel differently about RihRih’s VMA outfit so this one’s for you….

RihRihVMAPerf Rihanna: Moulin Rouge X Goth Girl

All images Wire
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Chris & Rihanna: Sharing a Moment Backstage

08 September 2008, 19.27 | Posted in Music | No comments »

Everyone’s favorite lovebirds, catch a second backstage at the VMAs:

RTEmagicC Chris Rih.jpg Chris & Rihanna: Sharing a Moment Backstage

Lots of images out there of Rihanna right now, but none so far where I’m struck by what she’s wearing. Though you know I’ll keep looking.

Image: Wire.com 
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RihRih: Always Been a Chicks w/ Kicks Kinda Gal

01 September 2008, 17.05 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music | No comments »

It’s adorable how Chris seems to have brought out a more kiddish side of Rihanna and in these images she looks relaxed and cute in her Nike sweats and sneakers, but  RihRih is no newbie to the world of sneakers (which is part of why we lover her style, natch!). Long before she hooked up with Chris (publically anyway) we had images of her sporting a pair of dark denim straight legs with a pair of Nike Vandals.

RihRih Chris RihRih: Always Been a Chicks w/ Kicks Kinda Gal

^^That gold chain she’s wearing is probably solid 14K, but it looks a lot like one American Apparel is selling on its site. (You’ll have to click to the right to see the kicks she’s wearing.)

All images UltimateRihanna
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