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Reebok Freestyle Divinity Greek Pack

15 March 2010, 20.20 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | 1 comment »

Reebok-Divinity Greek-Pack Fall-Winter 2010-3

The other day we talked about how Reebok is making a comeback on the strength of its toning shoe, Easy Tone. Here we have new colorations via Provider magazine on Reebok’s Freestyle, the mother of all women’s fitness shoes, originally launched in the early ’80s. Will the hotness of the Easy Tone be enough to pour new life into its other designs? It’s too soo too say though these colors are about as strong as I’ve ever seen Reebok come up with for the Freestyle.

There are three colorways: Medusa, Callisto and Athena, which hit retail for fall 2010 . See them all on the next page.

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Reebok X Vistoso Bosses: CL Nylong Pack

12 March 2010, 19.40 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

VistosoBossesFront Reebok X Vistoso Bosses: CL Nylong Pack

Reebok is collaborating with up-and-coming R&B duo Vistoso Bosses on the the ‘CL Nylon’ pack, which will launch on March 18. Click here if you’d like to see a behind-the-scenes video of the Reebok/Vistoso Bosses video shoot. I’m thinking that based on the strength of Reebok’s Shape-Up toning shoes, which completely sold to the wall after they were launched in 2009, the timing is about right for a Reebok comeback. Funny that it’s a woman’s fitness shoe that’s putting them back on the map since it was females that started it all way back in the ’80s with the legendary Freestyle aka ‘54-11s’ (the cost plus tax for the shoes.)

More pics of the young women (who are just 17-cheez, watch your backs, ladies!) after the flip, plus product images.

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Reebok Jellies

02 March 2009, 16.01 | Posted in Shoes | No comments »

rbkjellies Reebok Jellies

Trust, Reebok won’t be the last to jump on the jellies trend this summer. These are a great option for flat lovers. Only problem is, if you’re a Yank like me, I have no idea where you’re gonna find them ’cause while I first spotted them posted up by our friends at TrashBag (see more styles there), they originally were posted on Japanese site Mischief. And you know how it is, the product always seems cooler on the other side of the pond.

Reebok Event in Cali (which Samia Styled !!)

20 November 2008, 18.48 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

Samia’s gonna post a bunch of images from a Reebok event that took place yesterday or something in California. She’s kinda shy and totally modest so what she probably won’t do is tell you that she  styled it and she’s even featured in the WireImages!! She’s not into having her picture shown all over the place so I’m not gonna put it up here, but here’s one gratuitous shot from the event:

RBKSamia Reebok Event in Cali (which Samia  Styled !!)

My one ish is that they spelled her name wrong in the captions! I mean yeah she has a ……,  but her last name isn’t DERIERRE, it’s Grand-Pierre!

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Rolland Berry x Reebok “Straptastik”

28 October 2008, 11.58 | Posted in Accessories, Sneakers | No comments »

 Rolland Berry x Reebok Straptastik

A glimpsa a t the latest collaboration between and Rolland Berry and Reebok  The "Straptastik" in a color treament and graphic that seriously makes me weak in knees…More Images on the Next page!
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Club Wear Diapers @ Pool

02 September 2008, 18.50 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

This post pretty much wraps up Magic images. There’s one more of shoes I photographed on women’s feet and that’s it. I feel bad that I lost this woman’s business card. [Update: MissCrew has a post on the designer, too, and her name is Peggy Noland! Tons more great photos there of her whole booth and other items.] All I can say is she was awesome, a veritable cupcake come to life. She was selling clubwear, which is mostly popular in Japan and Europe, which I can totally imagine in large part ’cause I haven’t been to discos in either of those places so why the heck not?

CupcakeModel.jpg Club Wear Diapers @ Pool

Note the "I heart Mommy/Daddy" print on her outfit, not to mention the polka dot Reebok Freestyle kicks. My heart swoons!

After the flip you can see not just a cowl-necked body suit, and a adult-sized clubwear diaper with a special added feature.
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Reebok @ Compass

31 July 2008, 20.42 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »

A lot of the big dogs were at Compass, including Converse, New Balance, and Reebok. Converse (natch) wouldn’t let me photograph, NB didn’t appear to have anything for the ladies, but Reebok had plenty and mostly it was high and colorful. Here’s a sampling:

RBKCandyStripe Reebok @ Compass

^^ Reebok Freestyle candy stripes in four delicioso flavours!

A hightop flip-down after the jump…..
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Reebok Pump @ Purchaze

22 July 2008, 16.04 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

‘Cause you should never be married to just one sneaker brand….

PurchazeRBKPump Reebok Pump @ Purchaze

…Besides, they make for the perfect fresh finish on summer 2008.

Available at Purchaze. Now.


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Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

16 July 2008, 20.19 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

HighSnobette has always been a major booster of M.O.B./MTTM and its head designer Leah McSweeney. The belief has always been that her talent, her vision AND her force of personalilty are unmatched when it comes all that’s up and coming in women’s fashion. And after spotting the images from Bread & Butter of her first cut and sewn line, we knew it was time for a catch-up chat.

At Leah’s studio/home, where three employees (another two who arrived after we wrapped things up) were hard at work, we talked about her near-term plans to make the business official with a move to an office in the Empire State Building, as well as the stresses of expanding M.O.B in a big way while also starting a family (and how much it sucks how women always get asked questions about their babies but men never do!) A LOT of what we talked about has to stay off the record (sorry!), but as far as her plans with shoes go, I am allowed to say that if you liked her Collette/Reebok collabo, there are even bigger shoe things in the works that are even more draw-dropping.

MOB1 Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

^^A sneak peek at Fall/Holiday, which includes denim, leggings, outerwear, crewnecks, fiited caps, bags and jewelry. Leah says so far she likes the crew necks most of all.

HS: You’re moving your business to the Empire State Building. Why?

Leah: It’s time to get real deal. I’ve gone from working out of my Grandmother’s apartment that I got evicted from to working from my own apartment and it’s time to move on and take things to the next level.

HS: Bread & Butter was your first trade show. What’d you think?

Leah: It was great. We thought we’d have to educate people on the brand in Europe, but there was more recognition than we expected. But I’m not a trade show person so I was bored. And it was weird to have people touching my things.

HS: When does the collection ship and who gets it?

Leah: We deliver fall September 1st, and we’ll work with the same kind of good stores that we’ve always worked with.

HS: How was it putting together your first cut and sewn collection?

Leah: The designing part is fun, but the production part is not fun. That part was really fucking hard. And stressful.

 MOB2 Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

^^Another angle on the collection.

And for those of you who were waiting to find out who the bountiful boobs belonged to from our "Guess the Celeb Rack" post earlier in the day(drum roll please)…..

MOB3 Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

…it was none other than Leah McSweeney holding up a pair of MTTM jeans including in the fall/holiday collection!

Love ya,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail.com

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Reebok Wmns Sp 09 Preview at B&B

02 July 2008, 23.20 | Posted in Accessories, Sneakers | No comments »

reebok spring 2009 preview 05bag Reebok  Wmns  Sp 09 Preview at B&B

This is a sneak peak of the women’s line Reebok is featuring at Bread & Butter in Barcelona for Spring 09..Check out more images after the  jump

Images courtesy of our one and only HighSnobiety


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