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Style.com X Alex Wang, Balmain, Lanvin, Rodarte, Etc.

07 September 2010, 19.41 | Posted in Designer Collaboration | No comments »

 Style.com X Alex Wang, Balmain, Lanvin, Rodarte, Etc.

Style is working on a series of limited edition tees done in collaboration with some of the industry’s hottest stars (see image above). The collaborations are in celebration of Style’s ten year anniversary. If you want in on the tees, you can visit here to receive email notification. Via Refinery.

Oprah & Gaga July Vogue

22 June 2010, 19.50 | Posted in Magazines, Media, celebrity | 1 comment »

VogueJulyOprahGaga Oprah & Gaga July Vogue

Vogue’s July issue features coverage of the The Costume Institute’s Ball, of which Oprah is co-chair. The article opens with a two-page spread of Oprah and Gaga, featured here, as photographed by Mario Testino. Sadly, this scan is doing eye-popping image no justice. And not for nothing but Oprah’s makeup (by Derrick Rutledge) and boobs (from good eating?) are amaaaaazing! She’s wearing Oscar de la Renta and Lady Gaga is wearing Prada. Via Gagalicious.

MiuMiu-Inspired Manicure: Sick!!!!

10 May 2010, 18.03 | Posted in nail art | 6 comments »

PradaNailArt MiuMiu Inspired  Manicure: Sick!!!!

Everytime I visit 2BD, there’s also something that stops me in my tracks, but this manicure [UPDATE: As a couple of our readers--thanks guys--have pointed out, this is Miu-Miu-inspired, not Prada] they featured was a jaw-dropper.  Watching the way nail art has evolved and grown over the past couple of years has been pretty amazing and definitely more dynamic/fun than other aspects of fashion.

Via 2BD via StopItRightNow

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Prada ‘Canapa’ Collection: Spring 2010

10 May 2010, 15.28 | Posted in bags | 5 comments »

Prada4 Prada Canapa Collection: Spring 2010

A look at Prada’s spring/summer 2010 collection, featuring its Canapa bags.  Not exactly sure if the collection is named that or if it refers to the material since canapa translated from italian to english simply means hemp.  Anyway, love the shape as I generally find tote-type bags to be too boxy or rather rectangular.

Thanks to Karl Hab for the send!

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SoHo Storefronts: Marc Jacobs & Prada

29 March 2010, 16.46 | Posted in Retail, bags | No comments »

MarcJacobs1 SoHo Storefronts: Marc Jacobs & Prada

This Marc Jacobs storefront shot was taken on Thursday of last week at the Mercer Street store in SoHo. It’s a cute bag made snazzy by the unique fringe detail.

On the flip, images from the Prada store on Broadway, also in SoHo. (If you have any NYC storefront requests….let us know. Maybe we can fulfill them!)

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Shoe Lust: Prada Fall 2009

10 March 2009, 18.38 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Shoes | 4 comments »

highnobette-prada f 09

What can I really say about these that they don’t already say for themselves? Ruffled fringe like leather pieces studded and in dainty pink, brilliant red, and  mustard yellow?? What’s not to love? I’m particularly obsessed with the pink color, something about the delicate girlie girl pink with all those studs and the mixture of velvet has got me drooling. I spotted these on the Prada Fall 2009 runway which featured a number of accessories worth stalking.

Pictures via Style.com

Check out more after the jump.

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Fly Girl @ Fila Party: She’s Got the Look!

05 September 2008, 16.29 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

The Fila party was pretty much dominated by sneaker dudes, but there were a handful of women there, too. One in particular caught my eye. She’s the kind I envy ’cause she’s completely pulled together with every detail perfect, from her hair right down to her pedicure. FilaStylishFem1a Fly Girl @ Fila Party: Shes Got the Look!

^^The purple purse is Prada. Can you tell what label her scarf belt is? Click to the right for the close-up.
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Prada: Spring Sunglasses

09 April 2008, 21.01 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

We like ? Or we don’t care?

PradaSunglasses Prada: Spring Sunglasses

^^Prada eyewear

I kinda adore the shape, they’re a little dark color-wise, but I could deal.  ‘Course no way in hell I’ll ever own a pair given my propensity for misplacing everything, but I reserve the right to ponder the possibilities.

Getting a cup of joe, brb (If you haven’t noticed, today’s theme is page pulls from the latest glossies.)

Lo: Highsnobette at Hotmail dot com

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We heart Prada Sp 08 pants!!!

18 March 2008, 22.23 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

prada pants 3 We heart Prada Sp 08 pants!!!

On our recent visit to Prada today Lois and I were in awe of the pants featured in their Spring 08 line.And noticed the fact that they have not been prominently featured in many US  mainstream editorials ..granted it’s still early in the season but the pants are super sleek and dramatically open at the bottom..all you need is a tank top  and some flats and you are Fly..

Check out  the runway video,the pictures Do not do these justice…


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