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Alexa Chung For Maje Autumn 2012

09 August 2012, 16.00 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity, lookbook | No comments »

Alexa Maje 1 Alexa Chung For Maje Autumn 2012

After The Kooples yesterday, today I’d like to introduce another French label which has its roots in Paris. After several collaborations with f.e. Les Putafranges for colette and Francoise Hardy, in Europe Maje is already known for it’s clean feminine silhouettes that exude glamour with edge. For the Autumn 2012 collection the brand tapped the wonderful Alexa Chung, who is a big fan of the brand and, aptly represents the 60s-inspired look and femininity of the campaign. Photographed by Glen Luchford we see Chung in the Parisian Metro, maintaining the lightly, dreamy look that makes her a muse magnifique.

Take a look at the spread on the next page.

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The Kooples Lookbook Autumn 2012

08 August 2012, 13.26 | Posted in Fashion, collection, lookbook | No comments »

Kooples 0 The Kooples Lookbook Autumn 2012

Kooples 3 The Kooples Lookbook Autumn 2012
One of my favourite Parisian labels The Kooples just released its lookbook for Autumn 2012. For its campaigns the brand always manages to land some of the hottest “Kooples” of the moment. This season we see André Saraiva and Annabelle Dexter Jones, Devendra Banhart and Ana Kras, DJs Leigh Lezark, Randy D’Amico and Jamie Burke together with Mila de Wit. With its mix of New Yorkian rock and Pariasian chic the brand manages to create a certain je ne sais quoi attitude. Especially in Paris, the hipsters try hard to be as Kooples as possible.  And no wonder, looking at the couples featured in the campaign, they all seem to reflect 100 percent the image the brand wants to radiate. Well done!

Check our favorite looks on the next page

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Kanye Goes for the Gold!!

28 January 2010, 17.21 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

KanyeParis Kanye Goes for the Gold!!

We were all so focused on Kanye and Amber’s fur display last week that his accessory game went under the radar. All I can say is sick, sick, sick! And nice mani, Ye!

Source: Purple-Diary.

Tommy Ton for Style at Paris Shows

28 January 2010, 16.18 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

StyleTommy Tommy Ton for Style at Paris Shows

JakandJil photoblogger, Tommy Ton, is in Paris at the shows this week, shooting up the place for Style, and his work is as gorgeous and fascinating as ever. Check out the heels on the bicycle-riding style maven above!

Minx Nails at Chanel??

28 January 2010, 01.59 | Posted in Couture, Fashion | No comments »

Chanel+Minx Minx Nails at Chanel??

We all see different things when we look at runway images. PersonallyI zero in on the shoes and accessories. Michelle at AllLacqueredUp focuses on the nail polish. For Chanel’s recent Spring/Summer 2010 runway show, she spied the nails featured here and wondered if Chanel hadn’t succombed to the lure of Minx polish. Noteworthy, she says because Chanel rarely uses outsider product on its runways.  I’m not enough of an expert to make the call, but I will say the polish perfectly accents the silverly smooth themes that anchored the show.

Images: Vogue U.K.

Kanye & Amber Hit the Paris Shows

22 January 2010, 16.55 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 6 comments »

 Kanye & Amber Hit the Paris Shows

Don’t know why, but the Paris shows seem to bring out the best in Kanye and Amber. Maybe it’s because they’re more conscious of how they appear and unlike most folks these days, are not in the least bit afraid of making a statement. They’re arriving at LV in the photo on the left and YSL on the right. Gotta say, LOVE the fur! (And if by chance you missed Kelis’s MySpace rant on fur, check it out….she has a lot to say!)

All images WireImage.

A close-up of Kanye’s studded slip-ons after the jump.

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Lily Allen Coming and Going from Chanel Show

10 March 2009, 14.40 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

lilyallenchanelfront Lily Allen Coming and Going from Chanel Show

Lily worked the classic Chanel  look for the label’s Autumn 2009 ready-to-wear show in Paris this past week. Young woman looks adorable as usual and I love her eyes (check ‘em out in the far right image), the makeup is minimal but effective. ‘Cause when a female has personality for days like Lily does, it’s better to keep the glop to a minimum lest you cover up all her inner shine.

Images from WireImage.

Oh No! Ye at YSL but Where’s Amber??

10 March 2009, 01.57 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

kanyeyslfront Oh No! Ye at YSL but Wheres Amber??

Kanye was looking quite dapper at YSL, but it appears there was no Amber on his arm! Hopefully this change-in-partner status is temporary because we are so not ready for this female to drop out of the limelight. I mean, cheez, we haven’t even hit the whispered rumors of her seeing-Jay-Z-on-the-low phase yet (tho not for nothing, Yeez, watch yer back cuz you know they’re ALL gonna be coming for her)! Don’t deprive us, Ye!

Meanwhile, the knives are already out at Style:

The cropped-super-short platinum blonde is a puzzle to some–partly because she doesn’t quite share the unerring panache that has made the Louis Vuitton don an industry obsession. While statement-making, her ensembles, e.g., the strange pairing of Current/Elliot denim track shorts with a sports bra and wire-rimmed glasses she was snapped in recently–don’t quite spark sartorial shivers.

Damn!! How frosty was that?? And on that note….

Dear Kanye: If you allow Amber to be turned into a 24/7, honey-colored, buzz blonde version of Posh, I could possible never forgive you.

Late-Breaking Update: According to Jen of BaltimoreRichGirls fame (love that name!), Amber was indeed at the YSL show. In a FashionBombDaily interview with Kanye before the show, you can see her standing next to him.

All images from WireImage

Undercover Autumn 2009: the Slickness!

09 March 2009, 23.09 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

undercoverfront Undercover Autumn 2009: the Slickness!

The Undercover show, according to Style, took place on a Mylar blanket runway in a forrest in a Japan. There were just two models and supposedly it was cold as all get out, done to highlight the high-tech nature of Jun Takahashi’s fabric choices. According to the article:

“Takahashi hybridizes biker jackets, puffers, parkas, regular tailoring, and knits to produce lightweight jackets and coats, which are lined with membranes and microcapsules developed for NASA. Some of them absorb body heat indoors and then release it when the wearer steps out into colder conditions. Others will block biting windchill, even though they’re ostensibly as flimsy as blazers.”

Not a lot of new ever happens in fashion so I get all excited when I hear about someone trying to push fabric technology forward, as it is one of the last frontiers. Of course it helps that all his designs are just as slick as his space-age fabrics!

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Jeremy Scott: Autumn/Winter 2009

09 March 2009, 15.54 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

jscottmickeykicksfront1 Jeremy Scott: Autumn/Winter 2009

Jeremy Scott’s Autumn/Winter 2009 showing in Paris was cheery, fun, and very much Disney-inspired. You guys who read a lot know I don’t do cutsie so this was not for me.  Anyone out there inspired? I featured an image from the men’s collection front page ’cause if anything, the Adidas Mickey kicks are sort of neat-o and I like the shorts-over-leggings look.

All images WireImage

After the flip some women’s looks and Beth Ditto holding a mega-gift bag.

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