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Nicki Minaj On Saturday Night Live

31 January 2011, 02.38 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 4 comments »

Forget a moment, Nicki currently is have multiple moments,  including her appearance last night on Saturday Night Live, performing her latest singles, “Moment 4 Life”  in a Bride of Frankenstein wig, and “Right Thru Me” (on next page). She  also took part in a song called “Creep” (on next page), which is apparently the second single by an SNL, three-man group called Lonely Island. Minaj up until now has been working a high maintenance stage presence, but watch in her “Moment 4 Life” performance as she puts a little back into her dance moves. [UPATE: She also did a "Wife of Blackenstine" skit, added on the next page. It's a little heavy on a bunch of worn-out stereotypes, but oh well, Nicki works with what they gave her.]

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Video: Nicki Minaj ‘Moment 4 Life’

28 January 2011, 04.09 | Posted in Fashion, Music, celebrity | 2 comments »

Nicki Minaj premiered the video for her single, ”Moment 4 Life,” from her Pink Friday album on MTV tonight. It features Drake, as Prince Charming in a story line with a Cinderella theme. We also meet Minaj’s newest alter ego, Martha, playing the role of her fairy godmother. There’s also lots of fashion, with a sparkling pair of Louboutins getting a starring role. But after that, I got nothing–so spill, all you in-the-know Barbz and Kens, and clue us in on some of the other featured designers! For a closer look at the fashion, check out some stills via MTV on the next page. [UPDATE: MTV informs that the blue dress Minaj wears in the opening scene is from the Blondes Spring 2011 collection.]

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Nicki Minaj U.K. Interview

24 January 2011, 13.59 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

An interview by 4NB with Nicki Minaj while on her whirlwind London tour, wearing the Cassette Playa outfit we called out last week. It’s a fun interview because it takes on Nicki’s affinity for British culture and at the start she reveals, “I feel like I was born here. I feel like I must have lived here in my last life, and I wish I could stay here for a really long time.” Intriguingly, she also hints that there may be a video for “Roman’s Revenge,” which could include an appearance by Roman himself! Natch, she morphs into an English accent while discussing the topic, which the interviewer identifies as “East London,” and better than his own parents’ accent who’ve lived in London for over 20 years.

Nicki Minaj In London Wears Cassette Playa Catsuit

21 January 2011, 16.09 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

nicki minaj studio hotel london 02 Nicki Minaj In London Wears Cassette Playa Catsuit

Nicki Minaj is in the U.K. hustling her Pink Friday album and here we have images of her delivering for all her London Barbz  in an amazing pink print catsuit (actually it’s a jacket with leggings–see below), highlighted by pink high heel pumps and sky-high hair, which has been described as reminding of everyone from Marge Simpson and Gumby to Kid ’N Play! We want to know the designer behind the suit….someone tell! [UPDATE: Excellent commenter, Alee, tells us the catsuit and jacket are Cassette Playa, specifically a "Blood Diamond" camo digital print bomber jacket and leggings, and the shoes are Walter Steigner! Love how close Nicki's ear is to the world of streetstyle!] After the flip, a video of her going from the hotel to the street in the same outfit. Check out her adorable stylist whisking off her jacket just before they get in the elevator–too fab! Images via Justjared.

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Nicki Minaj ‘Roman’s Revenge’ Ft. Lil Wayne Cover Art

19 January 2011, 22.48 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

NickiMinajLilWayneRomansRevenge Nicki Minaj Romans Revenge Ft. Lil Wayne Cover Art

Now that Lil Wayne is a free man, he gets his propers from Nicki on her hottest joint from Pink Friday, “Roman’s Revenge.” Whether Lil Wayne in this version or Eminem in his, neither holds a candle to Minaj, who kills the tune before they can ever get to it. Meanwhile, over in London, the fans are going nuts over Ms. Minaj’s first big visit to their city….check out the adorable image on the next page.

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Video: Nicki Minaj ‘Moment 4 Life’ Sneak Peek

13 January 2011, 23.32 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

Some sneak peeks of Nicki Minaj’s song “Moment 4 Life,” which features a contribution from Drake.

Nicki Minaj V Magazine Editorial

13 January 2011, 02.51 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | 1 comment »


We showed the cover shot of Nicki Minaj for V Magazine issue No. 69 and now the interior editorial, in which we see Nicki via her war-painted up face aint a woman who’s scared of much.  More on the next page.

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Nicki Minaj On Cover V Magazine No. 69

10 January 2011, 21.13 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | 6 comments »

NickiMinajVMag Nicki Minaj On Cover V Magazine No. 69

Nicki Minaj lands another magazine cover. This time it’s V Magazine’s issue No. 69, where the headline declares “The Birth Of A Star.” It’s been interesting to watch Minaj’s rise over this past year and the magazine covers she has landed, with this one indicating she’s becoming one that the fashion world is beginning to watch. Certainly her timing is good; just when the media was beginning to tire of Lady Gaga’s over-the-top fashion statements, in strolls Minaj riding the wave of publicity from her Pink Friday album launch. Will she have the style chops to keep the fickle fashionistas intrigued? We shall see.

Rihanna & Nicki Minaj On Set Of ‘Fly’ Video

10 January 2011, 17.46 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 2 comments »

RihannaNickiFly Rihanna & Nicki Minaj On Set Of Fly Video

Rihanna recently posted up an image on her Twitter account of herself and Nicki Minaj while filming the video for another single from Minaj’s Pink Friday album, called “Fly,” which we’ll see later this month. Was out of the country for a minute, but I see that Foxy Brown has entered the fray (and should you click on the link, be prepared to be a little surprised by how Fox is looking these days) in the battle between Minaj and Lil Kim with a song swiping at Lil Kim. It’s not exactly a new development as the two haven’t been friends for many a year and Lil Kim especially has been very public in her disdain for Foxy.

Nicki Minaj Lands King Magazine March/April 2011 Cover

29 December 2010, 15.25 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 8 comments »

Nicki, King magazine

Nicki Minaj is the cover star for yet another issue of King magazine [UPDATE: This is actually her first cover for this mag, which I confused with Black Men mag.], this time it’s the  March/April issue. It’s very standard issue Nicki–boobs all pushed up, black wig, sexy lingerie–which is what I assume the readership prefers. No credits for the photographer or her fashion, which I guess we will have to wait for when the magazine hits stands. [UPDATE: The cover was shot by Sarah McColgan. Thanks, Rudi!]