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Neutral Nail With Pastel-Colored Tips

07 November 2011, 13.41 | Posted in nail art | 2 comments »

DiscoNailsNeutral 404x540 Neutral Nail With Pastel Colored Tips

A neutral-colored nail with subtle, pastel-colored tips. As quiet as the colors are it still pops because of the contrasting colors and the way the tips are patterned. Via my current fave, Disconails.

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Amy Winehouse Tribute Nail Art

31 October 2011, 13.16 | Posted in Music, celebrity, nail art | 2 comments »

AmyWinehouseTributeMani Amy Winehouse Tribute Nail Art

Via Sosoflynails.

Illustrated Nail ‘Ankara’ Nail Art Palette

17 October 2011, 17.03 | Posted in Art, nail art | 3 comments »

Illustrated Nail - Ankara Nails

Definitely on my list to rock are the latest “Ankara” print inspired nails by Illustrated Nail. Tough to pick a favorite, see other set on the flip.

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Ruffian Nail Art: Spring 2012

04 October 2011, 14.40 | Posted in Runway Show, nail art | 3 comments »

Ruffian 540x403 Ruffian Nail Art: Spring 2012

Went and got a new set of nails by my girl Maki the other day and it turns out she was on the nail art team–as led by nail artist Yuna Park–for the Ruffian Spring 2012 show and had pics from the show. Ruffian was one of the first runway designers to embrace nail art in a big way and the half moon shown here has become something of a trademark for the designer, with some even referring to the design as the Ruffian. Each season the designis updated and this year it featured bright colors and stripes, reflecting the sporty themes for the label’s Spring 2012 presentation.

Scottish-Themed Nail Art Via Japan

27 September 2011, 23.43 | Posted in nail art | 1 comment »

DiscoNails 404x540 Scottish Themed Nail Art Via Japan

The nail heart here strikes me as having a Scottish theme, what with the plaid and the white flower with the cross at its center. Though perhaps I’m way off course here and its meant to represent Ireland or England or whatnot. (Please excuse the ignorant Yank here and feel free to correct!)

In any case, whatever the theme might be the bigger point is that this image comes from a blog called Disconails and I’d bet my bottom dollar that it was made by a Japanese nail artist. While there are no hard-fast rules (thanks of course to the sharing of images on the internet) very often nail art has the stamp of a nationality to it. Like right now I think of London owning the tribal look, while lately Japan has been all over gold rectangle frames and studs, often inlaid with stones (as shown on the ring fingers above). Embedded feathers are also big there right now, too.

What’s hard for me to figure–maybe because I’m here–is what the look of U.S. nail art is. Eye-popping manicures are no new trend among the women in my Brooklyn neighborhood, who’ve been holding the art down forever, but I think the gel revolution is just starting to hit in the outer boroughs. Acrylics are still the thing though I’m now slowly seeing square nails being replaced by pointy nails among the younger crowd. As for the city fashionista types…meh, they’re wearing polish that is for certain but definitely there’s hesitancy in embracing art and even longer lengths…..not sure what that’s about (a fear of looking too outer borough?), but it’s something to ponder.


Sophy Robson: NYFW Vs. LFW Nail Art…It’s On!

15 September 2011, 13.36 | Posted in nail art | 3 comments »

Joy Cioci Spring 2012

Super bad nail artist Sophy Robson via her new Tumbler, Sosoflynails, natch, has been observing and commenting on the NYFW nail art scene and these “Lucite” nail from Joy Cioci’s show were the first to impress her. However, judging from this quote…

“Wow finally an interesting look at #NYFW! …..designer Joy Cioci showed some love to nail art by showing clear lucite tips covered in white lace. Not bad but lets see what London has to offer next week.”

….we get the feeling she thinks London Fashion Week is going to throw down all over NYFW where nail art is concerned. In which case…it’s on London! We’ll be watching to see what you all bring to the table. No pressure, ladies! ; )

NYFW: Gold Nail Art At Norman Ambrose Spring/Summer 2012

14 September 2011, 20.35 | Posted in nail art | No comments »

cd3 357x540 NYFW: Gold Nail Art At Norman Ambrose Spring/Summer 2012

We’ve been hit with another case of serious Nail Envy when we gazed upon the nails at the Norman Ambrose show that took place in New York this week. Take another look on the flip via CDN.

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Candy Sprinkles Nail Art By Algae Veronica

28 August 2011, 04.29 | Posted in nail art | 2 comments »

veronica algae

Totally just for fun as a testament that nail art, truly is an art.Via Algae Veronica, full view on the flip.

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Illustrated Nail ‘Floral’ Nail Art

02 August 2011, 22.00 | Posted in nail art | No comments »

Illustrated nail floral

Bold and colorful Illustrated Nail ’s Floral nail set is one to admire. Another look on the flip.

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Kia ‘Pecanto’ Nail Art Animation Commercial

27 July 2011, 18.03 | Posted in Fashion, advertisement, nail art | 1 comment »

To anyone who tought the “nails did” phenomeneon was over, it’s not. Nail art more than ever has been piercing into the mainstream and makes the subject of the latest commercial for the latest Kia Pecanto. Spotted on Batf.