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80/20, Modern Romance, Gourmet: Meet the Designers!

26 February 2009, 16.46 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers | No comments »
80%20 Designer Ce Ce Chin with Next boutique owner Steve Silver, who has a total vendor crush on Ce Ce. Check out glimpses of Fall 2009 behind her!

80%20 Designer Ce Ce Chin with Cleveland's Next boutique buyer Steve Silver, who has a total vendor crush on Ce Ce. Check out glimpses of Fall 2009 behind her!

Sometimes when you visit a brand at a tradeshow, your opportunities to photograph stuff that hasn’t already been  featured on every streetwear blog in all the land are nonexistent. For example, at Magic, a lot of designers were showing Fall 2009, but many of them wouldn’t allow images to be taken. Natch, small brands live and die by their creative ideas and have to balance the desire for exposure against the desire not to be knocked off non-stop by you-know-which retailers and brands. That was the case with 80%20, Modern Lovers (though I’m fake-mad at Modern Lovers designer Ellen Nguyen ’cause I saw she let MissCrew photograph her bodysuits. What?) and Gourment. Whadyagonnado?  What you do is photograph the designers, who are fun to look at themselves and as an added bonus, are willing to give you a sneak peak either because they’re wearing the product or standing in front of it!

Modern Romance and Gourmet on the next page.

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Modern Lovers New Site Launch!!

10 September 2008, 15.46 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

 Modern Lovers New Site Launch!!

There is something fun and maybe even dangerous about Modern Lovers’ designs that I like alot,Their new site is up ! check it out here www.modernlovers.us


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seriously ..like stay Smart

11 August 2008, 15.41 | Posted in Accessories, Common Sense | No comments »

stay smart seriously ..like stay Smart

I’m really on my feminist pulpit today… watching the olympics gets  me inspired…I ’ll be back to showing u fierce fashion stuff ….but this tote by modern lovers is like a reminder that it is perfectly okay to be smart… the dumbing down of the female species  in the media seems to prevail alot in this country..more than anywhere else I would dare to say…Some look down on places where women are fully covered,and cannot speak in public..nonetheless their media outlets don’t portray them as airheads or goofballs either…

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Slice me Nice…

17 July 2008, 16.52 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

slice Slice me Nice...

Some of you with Psyc backrounds might be able to tell me why this tee by Modern Lovers …Like all the others in this Unisex  collection are just Irresistible….


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