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Freshly Minted M.O.B. Arrivals @ Cutlist!!

10 October 2008, 18.59 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

More of the first M.O.B. cut-and-sewn collection is now hitting stores. Just now Cultist sent over some images of M.O.B.’s fresh fall collection, which includes leggings, cropped bomber jackets and tees. Don’t nap, huns, because the stuff you like the most? Everyone else does, too, and before you know it, it’ll be gone, baby, gone.

MobBlackJkt Freshly Minted M.O.B. Arrivals @ Cutlist!!

^^Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest…

See how this bomber looks on the inside on the other side. Hint: The lining isn’t black.
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M.O.B. & Leah McSweeney @ Magic!

26 August 2008, 17.53 | Posted in Denim, Fashion | No comments »

M.O.B made its first ever appearance at Magic, showing its Spring 2009 line, which, unfortunately, I couldn’t photograph. BUT, take my word for it, it looks fantastic…..and wait ’til you see the bags! And I wasn’t the only one appreciating her line; her booth was BUSY!

Here’s Leah, looking her usual boss self and most definitely NOT fronting:

MTTMLeahClose.jpg M.O.B. & Leah McSweeney @ Magic!

Check out Leah’s shoe game after the flip!

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Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

16 July 2008, 20.19 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

HighSnobette has always been a major booster of M.O.B./MTTM and its head designer Leah McSweeney. The belief has always been that her talent, her vision AND her force of personalilty are unmatched when it comes all that’s up and coming in women’s fashion. And after spotting the images from Bread & Butter of her first cut and sewn line, we knew it was time for a catch-up chat.

At Leah’s studio/home, where three employees (another two who arrived after we wrapped things up) were hard at work, we talked about her near-term plans to make the business official with a move to an office in the Empire State Building, as well as the stresses of expanding M.O.B in a big way while also starting a family (and how much it sucks how women always get asked questions about their babies but men never do!) A LOT of what we talked about has to stay off the record (sorry!), but as far as her plans with shoes go, I am allowed to say that if you liked her Collette/Reebok collabo, there are even bigger shoe things in the works that are even more draw-dropping.

MOB1 Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

^^A sneak peek at Fall/Holiday, which includes denim, leggings, outerwear, crewnecks, fiited caps, bags and jewelry. Leah says so far she likes the crew necks most of all.

HS: You’re moving your business to the Empire State Building. Why?

Leah: It’s time to get real deal. I’ve gone from working out of my Grandmother’s apartment that I got evicted from to working from my own apartment and it’s time to move on and take things to the next level.

HS: Bread & Butter was your first trade show. What’d you think?

Leah: It was great. We thought we’d have to educate people on the brand in Europe, but there was more recognition than we expected. But I’m not a trade show person so I was bored. And it was weird to have people touching my things.

HS: When does the collection ship and who gets it?

Leah: We deliver fall September 1st, and we’ll work with the same kind of good stores that we’ve always worked with.

HS: How was it putting together your first cut and sewn collection?

Leah: The designing part is fun, but the production part is not fun. That part was really fucking hard. And stressful.

 MOB2 Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

^^Another angle on the collection.

And for those of you who were waiting to find out who the bountiful boobs belonged to from our "Guess the Celeb Rack" post earlier in the day(drum roll please)…..

MOB3 Interview with MOB Designer Leah McSweeney!!

…it was none other than Leah McSweeney holding up a pair of MTTM jeans including in the fall/holiday collection!

Love ya,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail.com

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M.O.B. Holiday Preview at Bread & Butter

09 July 2008, 01.48 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Denim, Fashion | No comments »

Our big brother, HighSnobiety, caught a glimpse of Married to the Mob and Bread & Butter. We’re hearing various and sundry big things are poppin at MTTM, but at this point it’s all the usual unconfirmed gossip. In the meantime, here’s something very real product, including that long-awaited denim line!!

mob preview bbb 4 M.O.B. Holiday Preview at Bread & Butter

^^I wanna see more!!
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M.O.B. Flip-flops: Talk about a Conversation Piece!

21 May 2008, 18.24 | Posted in Other, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

M.O.B. designer Leah McSweeney is at it again, providing her loyalists with fresh, new ways to crack wise on the world. This time it’s a classic profile, made brazen by one of M.O.B.’s most clever tag lines to date: "Men Are the New Women." Jaws will be jibber-jabbing over these!

MOBFlippyFlops M.O.B. Flip flops: Talk about a Conversation Piece!

^^I love that they’re white!

Spotted at the fatherboard, HighSnobiety and purchasable from WeSoldOut

Lo: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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M.O.B. X Colette X RBK Collabo: On Sale May 5

28 April 2008, 15.47 | Posted in Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

I’m back from vacation. It was a wonderful trip, but it’s nice to be back in BK!

Today I’m going to try and catch up on some news that came in while I was gone and what better way to start than with news of the May 5th M.O.B. X Colette X RBK kicks launch:

MOB BAND2 M.O.B. X Colette X RBK Collabo: On Sale May 5

^^Buy ‘em at the M.O.B. shop. Hit up the MobLiving blog for more images.

Accept no copycat lips (or haters)!

More later!

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Karmaloop: Top Selling Tops

02 April 2008, 19.33 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

I dropped a line to one of my fave buyers, Dina of Karmaloop, yesterday and asked her what’s hot so far this spring in tops (for women, natch!) and here’s what she reported back:

KLOKGunblouse Karmaloop: Top Selling Tops

^^No. 1: Tokidoki Gun blouse: It was completely sold out 10 days after it hit the site.

KLObeyBolts Tank Karmaloop: Top Selling Tops

^^ No 2: Obey Bolts tank. No damn wonder! It’s ridiculously sexy!

KLMOBMoneyTee Karmaloop: Top Selling Tops

^^No 3: M.O.B Money tee. Leah, the number one originator. You know her stuff is gonna be riding high in the mix.


No 4 & 5 after the fold……
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M.O.B. Tee: Adam Tensta “My Cool” video

28 January 2008, 17.24 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

PerezHilton was saying how hot this new Sweidish hiphop artist Adam Tensta is and how Kanye is gonna love him, blah, blah, blah so I went to check on the linked YouTube video and low and behold, not only is Adam himself wearing a Hundreds tee, but the female singing the chorus is wearing a M.O.B. tee! You know, that one from the Valley of the Dolls with the woman clenching the pill between her teeth. Cool right?

Anyway, this is my very first time trying to embed a YouTube video here so wish me luck!

Lois: lsakany at gmail dot com

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