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M.O.B St. Patty’s Day Party at Submercer Bar!!

18 March 2009, 16.08 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »
Tabatha (left) flexes her brawn and McSweeney (right) gets MOB-ed up

Tabatha (left) flexes her brawn and McSweeney (right) gets MOB-ed up

M.O.B. designer Leah McSweeney pulled quite the slick crowd in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day at the Submercer Bar in SoHo last night.  Original fashion, cute guys (for once!), great music and a nice vibe…all the elements were in place.

Many more images after the flip.

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New M.O.B. Happy St. Pat’s Day!!!

17 March 2009, 19.08 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Denim, Fashion | 1 comment »
mobteelong1 New M.O.B. Happy St. Pats Day!!!

MOB Rules the World & Everything in it Since'82!

You know M.O.B. designer Leah McSweeney wasn’t gonna let this day pass without marking the occassion in some significant way. And so we have M.O.B.’s second set of spring offerings, which includes for the very first time, an official “Flight Dress,” which is too cute and really breaks new ground for MTTM.

See the dress, fresh tees and new denim washes after the flip.

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M.O.B. X Colette Tees!

03 March 2009, 18.18 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Retail | No comments »

mobarbiecolettefront M.O.B. X Colette Tees!

Need we say more about how excited we are about this? This M.O.B. Colette tee is part of the French retailer’s latest designer collabo series, commemorating Barbie’s 50th birthday. It features a special collection designed by Jeremy Scott, as well as a bunch of other select designers. No word yet on when these tees go on sale, but we will let you know as soon as we know!

The back of the tee on the other side.

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M.O.B. at Magic!!

18 February 2009, 18.19 | Posted in Fashion | 2 comments »

 mobmagic09 002 M.O.B. at Magic!!

Stopped by the Married to the Mob booth at Magic yesterday. While there were a LOT fewer brands repping compared with my last visit to Magic, Leah McSweeney and her crew were busy writing orders.  No recession at M.O.B.!  I suck ’cause I’m not sure who the person on the far left is, but in the middle is the great Lourdes and natch, boss lady McSweeney to her right. And though I couldn’t get a close up of fall 2009, on the next page theres a shot of the collection, which is another step up in design and offerings.  The sparkle jackets (far left), satin short-sleeved blouses (middle in bright blue) and printed wife beaters (far right) were my faves, but there’s a LOT to choose from.

p.s. All you Tokidoki nuts, I got tons of images and this time I was double-triple-quandroople-promised that I wouldn’t be ask to take them down post-posting!

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Married to the Mob: FIRE!

04 February 2009, 23.21 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

mobisgod Married to the Mob: FIRE!

One of the reasons I love M.O.B. head mistress and designer Leah McSweeney (and probably a big reason people are willing to invest cash money into her ideas) is her ability to generate a firestorm. It cracks me up, but she gets people all the time. She is gifted like that. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, check in with BubbleGumPony*s blog. She did a great job of summarizing the battle that went down in the days following the launch of Leah’s “controversial” spring collection. Leah’s response to the craziness can be found on her site in a post titled “Get Off My Dick.”  And yeah, that jacket is totally on the top of my wish list.

M.O.B. Spring 2009 Featuring Kid Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 January 2009, 23.10 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Denim, Fashion | No comments »

Just received images of M.O.B.’s Spring 2009 collection and am BEEyond ecstatic to see that the crew is joining forces with Kid Sister!!! It’s a match that’s feels  good like dark skinny jeans and a fresh pair of hightops, like a poppin’ manicure and 14K gold jewelry…hell, like sex with a man whose package feels so custom it’s scary.

ksweb7 M.O.B. Spring 2009 Featuring Kid Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kudos to designer Leah McSweeney for continuing to upgrade her design and graphics game. I know I gush about this woman all the time, but I’ve been in this game for a minute and know no one who brings  it better.

Many more after the jump…..

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Nike I.D. Air Max 90: My (Sort of) Design!

09 December 2008, 23.26 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I am not usually one to brag about free stuff I get because of this blog because first off, I don’t get a lot, and second, I don’t know….maybe cuz it’s fucking tacky to shove the fact that you get free stuff in the faces of those who don’t? Anyway, I’m gonna make an exception this time with these Air Max 90s that I designed at the Nike/M.O.B. I.D. party that Leah McSweeney hosted a couple weeks back. Nike gets a lot of crap, a lot of it deserved, but the truth is, it’s still the king of sneakerworld and its entire Air Max series is a nice reflection of why the Swoosh has boss status.

NikeAirMax90 002 Nike I.D. Air Max 90: My (Sort of) Design!

And truth be told, I also wanted to show them off so I could give props to the person who helped me make them. I once had to design some Nikes as part of a story assignment ages ago and I learned then that it’s not easy! So at this event, I basically let my design assistant, Izzy, lead the way and he did a great job, recommending the bronze (gold is so 2008, people!), the pink stitching and the patterned black backdrop fabric. He even went along with me forcing him to say that mine were the best pair he designed all evening so he’s an all around excellent hombre in my book!
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M.O.B. Tees: Stroll Down Memory Lane!

03 December 2008, 19.08 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

For all you newbie M.O.B. fans, you’re being given the opportunity to snag some vintage T-shirt models that haven’t been available for a minute. Act fast though, people, the Married to the Mob crew has labeled these offerings "Quickies" so get ‘em before they’re gone forevah!

quickiesblog1 M.O.B. Tees: Stroll Down Memory Lane!

More of what’s what on the other side, but if you wanna own one of these babies, visit the M.O.B. store.

p.s. Hi Lourdes!!
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M.O.B. Hat & Scarf: Cuddly Goodness!

19 November 2008, 22.39 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

It’s about that time, peope, to invest in some warm coverage. Might as well do it in style with a M.O.B. hat and scarf (which also come in bee-lack):

MOBCuddlyGoodness M.O.B. Hat & Scarf: Cuddly Goodness!

^^At Karmaloop for 70 bucks a pop….

Speaking of M.O.B………Dimepiece, WTF? Is creativity THAT hard??
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Fafi McSweeney Nike Love

19 November 2008, 20.12 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Whatever, people, I was a the launch party for Leah’s M.O.B./Nike collabo party last week, too. And yes I took some images. I just happend to be feeling too angry, lazy and annoyed to post them (nothing to do with the party or the collabo, if you know me, you know I Stan all over L. McSweeney and couldn’t be prouder or think of a designer more deserving). Anyway, I’m over my little mood and figured I’d throw up a cute pic of Leah hugging up on her amie, FaFi.

LeahFafi 004 Fafi McSweeney Nike Love

On the other side, model rabblerouser and the Yang to Leah’s Yin….
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