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Baby-G X Married to the MOB

BabyGXMOB Baby G X Married to the MOB

Here is an ad scan from the June/July issue of Nylon magazine, which speaks to a collabo between watch company Baby-G and Married to the MOB. If you visit ShannonElaine, where we spotted this, you can see another one featuring Baby-G and and HellzBellz (two seperate collabos, mind you, not all three together). I’ve got an email in to M.O.B. designer Leah McSweeney on details…let’s see what she’s willing to give up.

UPDATE: Finally heard from Ms. McSweeney. Neither the watch in the ad featured here or in the Hellz ad are a collaborative effort. Both brands are doing a collabo with Baby-G, but at least in the case of MOB, it won’t hit retail until November 2011.

M.O.B. Movie Full Version: “Runaway Faye”!!

13 May 2010, 16.32 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Media | 1 comment »

We’ve been showing sneak peaks here and there, but the full version of the Married to the Mob movie short, “Runaway Faye” is now online. Produced by Leah McSweeney and directed by Shawn Regruto, it features adult-movie star Faye Reagan on an adventure that lands her in Coney Island, a spot whose grittiness and connection to the “old” New York has always been an inspiration to the Mob label. The camera clearly likes Faye and as nice as her boobs are, one can’t help but hope this leads to more non-nudey projects.

Married to the MOB Summer 2010!!

12 May 2010, 21.28 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, lookbook | 6 comments »

MobSummer6 Married to the MOB Summer 2010!!

Married to the Mob, one of our most beloved, just released images of its summer 2010 collection, as modeled by adult movie star Faye Reagen (And by the way, am I the only one who thinks Faye looks more like Leah’s sister than Sweet Sixteen?? I mean, we’re talking doppleganger territory, people!) Love the top featured on this page, plus the trapeze tops and striped tank dress featured on the next page.

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M.O.B. Summer 2010 Movie: Teaser No. 3!

04 May 2010, 19.45 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

Married to the MOB has released a third teaser from the movie, “Runaway Faye,” which features cute-as-a-button porn star Faye Regean. It debuts May 13th and is directed by Shawn Regruto. Natch, Head Boss Lady in Charge, Leah McSweeney, is in charge of production. Head to the MOB blog to see clips No. 1 and 2.

Married to the Mob Spring 2: ‘Grammercy Gardens’!!

10 March 2010, 00.36 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

MOB5 Married to the Mob Spring 2: Grammercy Gardens!!

Married to the Mob’s Spring 2 campaign features our favorite smoking hot, boss-lady-in-charge, Leah McSweeney herself, not to mention her always shy and demure lil’ sister, Sweet Sixteen. Love the line and the panties! The collection is called ‘Grammercy Gardens’ and was shot in Manhattan’s Grammercy Hotel. The MTTM woman is still scandalous as ever, but now that she’s lived and learned a little, she’s also figured out the advantages of being a tad refined when called for. The collection includes tees  (one inspired by Daphne Guinness), plus mini dresses, rompers and ruffled tops and a twill jacket.

And since I was taking a trip down YouTube memory lane in an earlier post today, I want to share with you one of my very favorite M.O.B. promo videos of al times. It’s from 2006 and features the brand’s first swimsuit line. Even then, Leah was setting trends, using a gorilla as a video extra (”Oh you want that banana!”), which if you take a look around at music videos and commercials these days, has become extremely common place.

More shots of the line after the jump.

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M.O.B. X Lacoste “Hiromi” Sneaker!!

MTTMLaCoste Shoes

Samia and handed over to Manhattan’s Pierre hotel yesterday to enjoy high tea (yes, high tea, trust, for this Jersey girl it was a total hoot and a half) with all our M.O.B. crew favorites in celebration of Married to the Mob’s collaboration with Lacoste. The shoes are amazing, unique and the lace theme couldn’t be more on point. Priced at $120, look for them to go on sale February 13th. I’m behind on getting these up, but after this post I’m going to do another one dedicated to the people in attendance (Leah looked smoking hot–wait ’til you see!)

M.O.B. Holiday 2009: Coziness!

17 November 2009, 22.20 | Posted in Denim, Fashion | 2 comments »

 M.O.B. Holiday 2009: Coziness!

Married to the Mob’s head babe in charge, Leah McSweeney, just revealed its holiday line, as modeled by the one-and-only Sweet 16, (who has gone all blonde on us!). Standouts are the knit leggings and the brand’s venture into zip-up sweaters, which are warm and cozy, but with the added playfulness of that famous M.O.B. edge. I’m also digging the butt-length, distressed hoodie and this one tee-shirt with MTTM written in big, block letters along the bottom hem.  Find and purchase your very own faves at Married to the Mob!

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Married to the Mob: Fall Two!

02 October 2009, 13.33 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

mttmfront Married to the Mob: Fall Two!

Fresh M.O.B. fashion is about to hit stores and we here at H.S. like what we are seeing! The line is slick, sexy and just a tad more grown woman. Take a look on the next page and you’ll see the denim line is really hitting its stride, too. And then as a bonus it features our all time fave Married to the Mob modelismo, Sweet Sixteen!

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M.O.B. Pantie Raid!

25 August 2009, 14.37 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

mobpanties M.O.B. Pantie Raid!

Love this concept–take all the sassy, smartass phrases M.O.B. is known for and apply them to a five-pack of panties. Perfect for the shy female (or all you pantie-wearing males, after all, men ARE the new women) who feels more comfortable keeping her/his badass quotient undercover.

Exclusive to Karmaloop and part of M.O.B.’s five-year birthday celebration.

Many more after the jump….

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M.O.B. STILL Rules!

17 August 2009, 18.23 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

Samia and I finally stopped by M.O.B. headquarters on Friday to say hello to boss lady Leah McSweeney and check out what she has planned for the fall. Can I first just say how happy it makes me to visit her bustling office (with its AMAZING Empire State Building view of southern Manhattan–tho, sob, still miss those Twin Towers….r.i.p.) and realize that the entire joint is headed up by a 26-year old female!! Seriously, that is my idea of nirvana. Especially when you consider that her empire was formed while sitting on a Manhattan stoop, sipping Marqueritas.

As usual, there’s a lot on the table, including M.O.B’s takeover this week of Karmaloop, which will include a 5-year anniversary product launch exclusive to the site, another kicks collabo , plus a party at Magic on August 31st.