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New Release M.I.A ‘ Born Free’ Video

03 May 2010, 21.11 | Posted in Having an Impact, Media | 2 comments »

We’ve been fans of  MIA in these parts way before she hit it big  and became  in her own way a fashion icon. Compelled by the comment of one of our readers, we’re featuring her latest video” Born Free”. Definitely not a dance tune. War and violence are serious occurences that for many of us are distant far away occurences but for others your truly included  are more than ever close to home.The reality of fashion trends illustrate that we  all have different views and opinions and reaction on pretty much every thing . These images I’m sure were meant to provoke. Knowing MIA that is probably the intent…

M.I.A. African Jacket

15 May 2009, 17.43 | Posted in Coats & Jackets, Designer Collaboration, Fashion | 2 comments »

pop 6448 mia african jacket couv M.I.A.  African Jacket

Created exclusively for opening ceremony, the African Jacket from MIA’s  apparel collection is probably the best piece so far. Available at OC. Detailed images on the next page.

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M.I.A. and Oprah…What???

06 May 2009, 23.38 | Posted in celebrity | 3 comments »

miaop1 M.I.A. and Oprah...What???

Dearest of the dear, M.I.A., attended Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World party and she got to chill with Oprah!! Haha, how cute is that? She’s looking like the grinning I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening innocent schoolgirl in this image, but if you click to the other side, she’s back to her badass self, hanging with her man , Ben Brewer (who–thank god, has upgraded and no longer appears to resemble Lionel Ritchie’s younger brother), and throwing up gang signs even!

All images Wire

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M.I.A. Finally Started Selling Her Clothes On-Line

12 September 2008, 18.20 | Posted in Fashion, Music, Stores | No comments »

She’d been talking about it for a while, but M.I.A. has finally launched the store on her website (total hat tip to BubblegumPonys for finding this news first). So far there are tees, tanks, a bodysuit and leggings. But hun, you’d better like M.I.A. a lot ’cause putting her face on your chest isn’t gonna come cheap.

clip image002 01 M.I.A. Finally Started Selling Her Clothes On Line

^^Here’s a screen shot of the order page. Yes, the tees are $75. Not crazy I know for a designer tee, but still somehow more than I would have guessed.  
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M.I.A. Concert Photos

28 July 2008, 17.19 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion, Music | No comments »

I’m in JFK, trying to catch a flight (I’m on standby) to Las Vegas and I have enough time to throw up these images of M.I.A. They’re from a Flickr account and they were taken in June, but that’s about all I can provide info-wise right now. 2697671456 6f2876fe7f M.I.A. Concert Photos

One more image backstage…

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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M.I.A. @ MOMA: One More Image

12 June 2008, 19.52 | Posted in Art, Fashion, Music | No comments »

When it comes to fashion, this woman is a total natural:

MIA MOMA M.I.A. @ MOMA: One More Image

^^Look how shimmery and floaty! I’m thinking this was either her pre- or post concert dress.

Via: Style.com
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11 June 2008, 20.35 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

We love you, Mami, ALL.DAY.LONG.



^^Look how cute her back-up dancers outfit is!

All images Wire.com
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HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

05 May 2008, 16.11 | Posted in Accessories, Art | No comments »

The item of the day arrived early today. Once again, one of our amazing readers hipped me up to a line that I definitely should have known about, but pathetically did not. This tip comes from Em, who let me us know that M.I.A. has a sister, Kari Arulpragasam, who does a jewelry line called Super Fertile.

Let me not lie and admit that when I first read about the line, I figured it would likely be a bust. After all, how much creativity can any one family claim?? But as soon as I saw the images, I was stunned and amazed. Kari is as talented at making jewelry as her sister is at making music.

SF3 HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

^^Haiti: In honor of my HighSnobette partner in crime

SF1 HighSnobettiest: SuperFertile Accessories!!!

^^I think that’s Sudan on the left and Iraq on the right. I love how she doesn’t disappear women who wear veils. They are right there in the mix, representing.

More images, including earrings on the other side…

Now the other news Em imparted is that M.I.A.has started her own clothing line. Love the woman, but I don’t know about that move. Besides the rag trade being a total grind, when musicians and actresses launch brands, the outcome is akin to athletes who try to be rappers….aka not positive!

Welcome back to another week!

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Coachella 2008: M.I.A., Santogold & Yelle

01 May 2008, 14.22 | Posted in Fashion, Other, Sneakers | 1 comment »

Fashion mags often keep their eye on the crowds to spot new trends at the Coachella music fest, but this year the fashion action seemed to take place all on stage.

Here are some fantastic images of my faves by photographer Toni Francois:

CoMIA Coachella 2008: M.I.A., Santogold & Yelle

The one and only M.I.A. Who has a better gift for understanding the importance of stage pageantry? None I tell you.

Check out images of Santogold and Yelle after the flip!

Welcome back, Samia!!!
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M.I.A. & Jacobs….sitting in a tree

12 February 2008, 19.44 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

We here at HighSnobette headquarters couldn’t love M.I.A. more so it was with some dismay when we opened the March issues of Glamour and Lucky magazine to discover girlfriend-in-our-head all decked out in Jacobs gear. Which, fine, make that $$$ girl, but damn, please at least tell us he made an offer you just couldn’t refuse. Cause c’mon, for real, dude is clearly beneath your caliber.   

RTEmagicC MIAMarc1.jpg M.I.A. & Jacobs....sitting in a tree

^^As featured in Glamour

RTEmagicC MIAMarc2.jpg M.I.A. & Jacobs....sitting in a tree

^^This one and the one below were from Lucky

RTEmagicC MIAMarc3.jpg M.I.A. & Jacobs....sitting in a tree

And I checked Vogue, for whatever reason–prolly cuz the mag rejected the image ’cause it featured a brown person–no M.I.A./Jacobs ad for the same month.


Lois: LSakany at Gmail dot com 

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