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Marc Jacobs Fall 2010: the Bags!

16 February 2010, 14.45 | Posted in Runway Show, bags | 1 comment »

 Marc Jacobs Fall 2010: the Bags!

For Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2010 NY Fashion Week show yesterday the bags were my easy favorite. While high-end labels are getting murdered by fast-fashion knock-offs, savvy designers like Marc know bags and shoes are the last refuge for statement pieces. That being said, I wish designers would be smarter about when they release images of collections to the world. Over the years of doing this blog, we’ve watched much lower budget labels refine how and when they release images to blogs like ours. The best ones aren’t letting us post up images five-to-six months in advance of their retail launch. It frustrates consumers and it gives the copiers too much time.  So while it’s great that fashion is trying to be more democratic, these big-name labels really need to wise-up on how they market. Why not show the fall lines in February just to buyers, but reserve marketing to media outlets later in spring? And I know change is hard, but come on, this is dollars we’re talking about.

Marc Jacobs X Maripol Launches Tomorrow at 12!

11 February 2010, 02.15 | Posted in Accessories, Designer Collaboration, Retail, celebrity | No comments »

 Marc Jacobs X Maripol Launches Tomorrow at 12!

Marc Jacobs and Maripol (a stylist/designer from back in the ’80s who is best known for contributing to Madonna’s look during her “Like a Virgin” days–gotta love a guy like Marc who never forgets!) co-designed a collection of tees and accessories, which launch tomorrow at noon at his New York store at 403 Bleeker Street.  And guess what, everything is priced under 50 bucks! Should be an interesting event given the snow that is piling up all around NYC as we speak.

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Louis Vuitton Besace Trash Bags Have Fashion Bloggers Seeing Red

04 February 2010, 23.40 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | 1 comment »

louis vuitton trash bag purse 1 Louis Vuitton Besace Trash Bags Have Fashion Bloggers Seeing Red

Oh boy, what was boy genius thinking we he put his stamp on this design, which, as bloggers have repeatedly pointed out here, here and here, is priced at $1,960. I’m kind of making fun of Kanye with my headline, but I think any person outside of the few that breathe the very thin air Marc Jacobs and friends do, find the out-of-touchness of this item borderline shocking. Then again, Jacobs has visionary tendencies so maybe he has a feeling for a brighter, more light-hearted and humorous future than the rest of us. (Yep, making excuses as I go along, I know.)

Source: Refinery29.

Rihanna’s Blazing Hot LV Drawstring Tote!

17 November 2009, 21.06 | Posted in Accessories, celebrity | No comments »

RihRihBagFront Rihannas Blazing Hot LV Drawstring Tote!

Rihanna has been spotted living it up in London recently. Nice to see her enjoying herself for a change.  More importantly, look at the LV drawstring tote she’s sporting! This one is from the Spring 2010 LV collection, which featured the controversial clogs. I am loving the new tassle trend and even though I’ve never been a big drawstring fan, this one has made me a convert, with its ever-so-cute wrist strap and the mix and match of LV leathers featured on the bag.

Image from Pointemout.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Follow-up

08 October 2009, 15.22 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Shoes | 11 comments »

mjfront Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Follow up

A little follow-up on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 ready-to-wear show….on second look at the shoes, I have to admit they are pushing my boundaries. Like I want the fur only to be in the BACK on the shoe, and I’m not sure I like the dressy look of the heels given how sporty the uppers are. That being said, I feel like I’m being moved in a GOOD way, lol, sort of like limits-pushing sex. You may have been a little forced, but your mind fills more expansive for it!

As for the clothes, I think they’re amazing and full of life and optimistic, which is so nice for a change. Judging from the reviews at Style (where all these images are from), they don’t like Louis looking so sporty, but oh well, rules is meant to be broken, ’specially in days like these.

Many more after the flip…

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Louis V Spring 2010: Officially Off the HINGES!

07 October 2009, 18.06 | Posted in Fashion | No comments »

lv Louis V Spring 2010: Officially Off the HINGES!

Dammit, I have to run out, but I just glimpsed at the first images from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 ready-to-wear collection and it’s ILL. The shoes especially are totally of my be-the-pony fantasies. They’re amazing!! And the hair! OH-EM-GEE, it’s all about the ‘fro-love. Props, props, and more props to Marc. We are so blessed to bear live witness to his creativity.

This image is from Wire.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009: It’s All in the Details

16 March 2009, 12.33 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

highsnobette-lV rtw 09 details

One post could not fit all the hotness that was Louis Vuitton’s ‘09 ready to wear runway show. Here you can take a detailed look at the shoes, bags, and accessories from the line. Over sized link necklaces, huge bunny ear ribbons, and of course, the signature Louis Vuitton handbags all rounded out the strong collection nicely. While basic black was prevalent, Marc Jacobs showed a lot of magenta, pink, and red as well. Studs and heavy hardware were seen in small doses on both the bags and jewelery keeping things looking young. Over the knee boots in paisley prints and clunky platforms with ballerina like bows will be sure to cause riots on the shopping scene.

Lots more after the jump.

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Louis Vuitton Fall 2009

16 March 2009, 12.33 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

highsnobette-louis vuitton rtw 09

Louis Vuitton’s Paris ready to wear show left many with their jaws hanging open. Marc Jacobs outdid himself with a sexy and seductive line inspired by the french “it” girls of the 1980’s.  Each piece is a show stopper from the little lace dresses to the slouchy leather pants. The styling was perfection (bunny ears as headbands?!) and the accessories were to die for (those shoes!!).  Enjoy!

Pics Via Style.com

Much more after the jump.

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Marc Jacob’s Special Items: Perfect Gifts!

01 December 2008, 15.32 | Posted in Accessories, Stores | No comments »

If you’re on a tight budget this year–and who isn’t–don’t forget Marc Jacob’s special gift items for your label-loving friends. It seems this year he has more stuff than ever, including bags (albeit plactic ones) prices well under $100! Below are some cuffs (and key chains that I didn’t care that much about) that I thought were pretty damn dope for 18 bucks:

MJCuffs Marc Jacobs Special Items: Perfect Gifts!

Remember, ladies & gents, the catch is that you can only buy this stuff in-store.
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Marc Jacobs s/s 09 Standout Footwear Styles

17 November 2008, 07.16 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

mark jabobs 2 Marc Jacobs s/s 09 Standout Footwear Styles

*Canvas and leather strap-tie stiletto fetish pump

For s/s 09 Marc Jacobs did it again with a footwear assortment that is creative col0rful and definitely memorable,I want them all!

stop traffic styles on the next page

imgs style
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