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[Fake] Vogue: Women Of Pop Music – Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Etc.

22 January 2013, 15.56 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

VogueFebruary2013 540x262 [Fake] Vogue: Women Of Pop Music   Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Etc.

UPDATE: A reader tells us this is a “fake, fan made cover.” Which, yea, makes sense–lol, can’t see all of these ladies going along with this. Cher kneeling at Gaga’s feet? Bish pleez! We’ll leave it up for now just ’cause it’s a pretty nicely rendered knock off!

Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Cher, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez are all featured on Vogue’s February 2013 cover, titled “Dirrty Pop: The Women of Pop Music.” Each artist is named along with her top-selling single.

And while there are already accusations of photoshopping, it’s clear the shoot was meant to be highly stylized and painterly, but whether that’s because it would have been impossible to gather all these busy divas in one room for the shoot and this was a workaround or that was the intent from the get go is less clear. My question is whether there was any jockeying around who was positioned where on the cover. I mean, I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t!

Video: Madonna ‘Girl Gone Wild’

21 March 2012, 15.31 | Posted in Music, celebrity, video | No comments »

Hopefully this doesn’t develop into a theme….we just posted Tom Ford’s “vintage” Autumn 2012 collection, and yep, the latest video by Madonna has vintage (prayers to god, homo archtypes, athletic writhing, bondage) stamped all over it as well. Small complaints aside, #longlivemadonna

Madonna ‘Girl Gone Wild’ Single Cover

28 February 2012, 16.10 | Posted in Fashion, Music, lingerie | 1 comment »

Highsnbette-Madonna Girl Gone Wild Cover

We’re ignoring  the discourse on Madonna’s age and blah blah blah because she looks good and we need  that Agent Provocateur Raphaella  bra in our lives asap! Via Fashion Telegraph.

Superbowl Half Time Show: Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.

06 February 2012, 15.39 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

SuperBowlMadonna (2)

The fashion world was buzzing over the Givenchy fashion featured in Madonna’s half time performance for the Super Bowl. M.I.A. also rang up some attention-seeking points when she gave the finger (see image on next page) and sang, “I don’t give a shit,” at the end of her performance. They’ll be speculaton on whether or not that was planned mutually by all, though kind of doubtful given the negative career trajectory of the last performer who chose to go off script. Much more likely that as of now M.I.A. has been unfriended by Madonna to the outer stratospheres for deciding to freelance.

As for the performance itself, the sound was horrible for the first third and Madonna seemed stiff and not her usual confidenct self for a lot of the performance. And then, too, the game itself, featuring the Patriots versus the Giants was very exciting and close at halftime so even at its best the performance couldn’t compete and felt like a bit of an annoying disruption.

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M.I.A. New Music ‘Bad Girls’

30 January 2012, 17.57 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

MIABadGirls 540x540 M.I.A. New Music Bad Girls

With a single called “Bad Girls,” produced by Danja, its M.I.A.’s first big marketing push since the days of the sweet potato truffled-flavored fries scandal. Above is the track as originally released in an M.I.A. mix tape called Vicki Leekx. To hear the current Danja-produced version click here.

In other news we’ll see a video for the single by director Romain Gavras this Friday, February 3rd. It’s all a lead up to the release of Ms. Arulpragasam’s fourth album, which we’ll see sometime in the summer months.

Rumors also are flying that M.I.A. may appear with Madonna during her Super Bowl halftime show to perform their collaborative single, “Give Me All Your Luvin.” It’s interesting to think about, but in reality the halftime shows seem to inevitably fall so flat partially because there’s this sense that no one is REALLY paying attention (which is because they’re not).

Golden Globe Awards: Hair & Makeup

16 January 2012, 18.29 | Posted in Hair, Make- up,Cosmetics, Red Carpet, celebrity | 1 comment »


As we mentioned in the last post on the Golden Globe Awards, there is much more to be found when focusing on the closeups rather than just the wide angle dress shot. Last post we looked at accessories, and in this post we look at hair and makeup. The reoccuring theme this year was soft updos, subdued shades of lipstick, upper-lid eyeliner with eyebrows often the biggest statement maker on the face.  Earrings were usually lightweight and small and necklaces were often absent altogether.

On this page we featured Evan Rachel Wood who we think epitomized this year’s biggest makeup trends, working a look that was simplistically stunning. See Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum, Charlize Theron, Debra Messing, Dianna Agron, Helen Mirren, Kelly Osbourne, Mila Kunis, Paula Patten, Madonna, Rooney Mara and many more on the next page.

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Golden Globe Awards: Accessories

16 January 2012, 18.05 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

GoldenGlobeNicoleRichie1 540x360 Golden Globe Awards: Accessories

The Golden Globe Awards took place last night, and as we all know by now if you’re looking for runway-inspired, forward-looking fashion on Hollywood’s red carpets you will not find it. The focus is on classic gowns in whatever handful of sold-colored hues that happen to be popular at the moment. The shame really is that images are so focused on the dress because if you get up close and personal, there are amazing details in the form of belts, clutches, rings, bracelets and occassionally even nail art.

That’s Nicole Richie’s blinged out situation above. On the next page see close ups of more accessories as flashed by Debra Messing, Diane Lane, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Mary J. Blige, Tilda Swinton, Madonna, Katherine McPhee and a bunch more. All images via Zimbio.

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Juicy Madonna Interview On ABC

13 January 2012, 20.42 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

Madonna is interviewed on ABC News on a variety of topics, including her predilection for younger fellas..

“I don’t want to live my life on my own….I need a partner in life. I’ve never really lived a conventional life so i think it’s quite foolish for me or anyone else to start thinking I’m going to start making conventional choices.”

…and lots on the movie, W.E, she directed, a first for her. She looks great! (Who’s the dress by readers, it’s amaaazing.) In a second part I’m reading elsewhere that she chit chats about Lady Gaga, and gives her opinion on whether Gaga has stepped over any lines (sort of it seems) when it comes to being inspired by Mo.

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Madonna On Cover Of Bazaar December Issue

09 November 2011, 20.42 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity, movie | 1 comment »

HBZ Madonna and Andrea Riseborough Subscriber Cover

The legendary Madonna with Andrea Riseborough is on the cover of Harper Bazaar’s December issue (see a second version on th next page). Inside she’s interviewed by Naomi Wolf and speaks about some of her favorite topics–money, power & respect and their impact on women. Riseborough is the star of a movie, W.E., which Madonna directed and is now promoting. The following are some key quotes from the article:

For some reason, I feel like I never left high school, because I still feel that if you don’t fit in, you’re going to get your ass kicked. That hasn’t really changed for me. I’ve always been acutely aware of differences and the way you are supposed to act if you want to be popular.

 ”I’ve consistently come up against resistance in certain areas. I think that the world is not comfortable with female sexuality. It’s always coming from a male point of view, and a woman is being objectified by a man — and even women are comfortable with that. But when a woman does it, ironically, women are uncomfortable with it. I think a lot of that has to do with conditioning.”
“One of my father’s famous quotes — and I love him dearly, but he’s very, very old-fashioned—was ‘If there were more virgins, the world would be a better place.’”

“When women are perceived as powerful and doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing, they are often portrayed as sexual predators.”
Read more at Bazaar and see the alternate cover on the next page. All images via Bazaar.
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Madonna Won’t Back Down On Hydrangea Hatred

07 September 2011, 21.02 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

Madonna’s silliest scandal yet–she was caught on camera expressing her displeasure for hydrangeas…..she loathes them even and some folks are not happy. Add insult to injury she whispered her opinion in that English-y accent she slips into sometimes. As for an apology don’t expect one anytime soon. According to a rep:

“She’s entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn’t want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world … No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world but she prefers different types of flowers.”

P.S. On a more important note, word is she has some new music coming this  early next year.

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