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PFW Video: Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

07 October 2011, 16.00 | Posted in Models, Runway Show, celebrity | 3 comments »

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 runway video. Pretty darn magical. If you want to skip ahead Kate Moss makes her first apperance at 7:04.

Louis Vuitton Bags Spring 2012

07 October 2011, 15.36 | Posted in Runway Show, bags | 1 comment »

LouisVuittonSpring2012 (6)

Louis Vuitton as steered by Marc Jacobs remains more firmly committed than ever to a ladylike posture, showing a collection of Spring 2012 bags that exuded proper society girl. Though unlike the more devious-feeling Autumn 2012 presentation, this time the prissy viewpoint of the bags was further supported by a backdrop of fashion that included Southern-belle-lunch-worthy skirts and dresses, classic mule silhouettes and even parasols (not to mention a carousel upon whose horses the girls sat side saddle)! The only naughtiness that could be seen for miles was a Louis Vuitton flask….meant to be hidden in an LV bag no doubt, perfect for getting one through life’s little dark moments–though sipped discretely of course! Via Style.

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Jacobs & Moss Backstage After Louis Vuitton Show

05 October 2011, 16.40 | Posted in Models, Runway Show, celebrity | 1 comment »


A lovely backstage photo just after the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 show of two old mates–Marc Jacobs & Kate Moss. According to press, Moss asked Jacobs if she couldn’t walk in the show. Via.

Marc Jacobs Explains The Louis Vuitton Woman

04 October 2011, 18.14 | Posted in Accessories, Designer news, bags | 1 comment »

Check out this video of the amazing Marc Jacobs chatting about his view of the Louis Vuitton woman. He comments:

“She wants to be seen, she wants to be noticed…there’s nothing apologetic or shy about it. She’s strong whether she’s gentle, or whether she’s youthful or more mature, whatever, she’s definitely an extrovert.”

And I think there are tinges of English accept creeping into his voice during this interview, no? Maybe it’s Jacob’s Louis V voice….I could see how someone with as many hats as he wears taking on slightly different personas for each label if only to keep creative ideas distinct.

Angelina Jolie’s So-Called Makeup Free LV Ad

29 June 2011, 14.59 | Posted in advertisement, celebrity | No comments »

We raised an eyebrow last week at Louis Vuitton’s claim that Angelina Jolie was makeup free in a recently-launched ad campaign (see video above). But whatever, it’s fashion, half of everything is a lie, you get numb to it. The ladies at Jezebel, however, weren’t about to just keep it moving and in the gifted way that only they can did quite the takedown, while also asking some great questions. Here’s a snippit:

“….but now that we’ve studied the associated video carefully — by which we mean that we watched it, and that we have eyes — we are left in no doubt. No doubt whatsoever. They simply do not shoot major international campaigns for luxury brands without professionally applied hair and makeup. This leaves us with only two questions: one, why the fuck did Louis Vuitton tell such a dumb-ass lie about something any customer with half-decent eyesight would be able to disprove?”

Bonus irony points because the campaign is called “Core Values”! Read more at Jezebel.

What A $20,000 LV Bag Looks Like

29 June 2011, 00.50 | Posted in bags | 2 comments »


We don’t obsess over price much around here. Even if you don’t have a lot you scrimp and save because it means that much or it’s just not possible but there’s still joy in gazing upon a beautifully made item. But still, can’t say I’ve ever heard of a $20,000 Louis Vuitton bag. I don’t know, somehow I want more–like perhaps a live mini unicorn that comes out and does a little tap dance on the table when you are so inclined to have him do so.

But nope, no unicorn, just a very rare “Les Extraordinaires” bag from a Louis Vuitton 2005 runway show, designed by Marc Jacobs, natch. And it costs $99 to ship.

Louis Vuitton Cuff You Up Autumn 2011 Bags

28 June 2011, 23.52 | Posted in bags | 5 comments »

louisvuittonautumn11 540x384 Louis Vuitton Cuff You Up Autumn 2011 Bags

Definitely the cuff theme is popping up quite a bit as a trend in handbags these days. And even without the cuffs, there’s something very S&M decadent about Louis Vuitton’s bag offerings for Autumn. All of them would be pitch perfect (we guess) for those high-end fetish parties, which are whispered to occur on some kind of mysterious, circuit in various posh Manhattan apartments for those lucky enough to be on the invite list. Via Style.

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Fergie Louis Vuitton Evening Bag

24 June 2011, 19.00 | Posted in bags | No comments »

FergieLVpurse1 360x540 Fergie Louis Vuitton Evening Bag

Fergie flaunts her teensy, octagon-shaped Louis Vuitton evening bag at a recent event.

Angelina Jolie For Louis Vuitton

13 June 2011, 17.20 | Posted in advertisement, bags, celebrity | No comments »

LouisVuittonAngelinaJolie Angelina Jolie For Louis Vuitton

It was rumored that Angelina Jolie would be featured in Louis Vuitton’s next campaign and now we have the images, as snapped by Annie Leibovitz in Cambodia’s Siam Reep province. In the pic featured here, Jolie, we’re told, is makeup free (really?), wearing her own clothes and the featured “Alto” bag belongs to her as well.

On a low budget or what, LV?? Ha, we kid, we kid. Obviously a statement is being made here about what matters to Jolie as the name of the campaign is “Core Values.” Not sure how that connects with her using her own stuff, but Cambodia as many of you know is the birth place of her very first son, Maddox, who, as first children often do, set Jolie down a very changed life’s path and opened her eyes to and inspired her to become an activist on the issue of world poverty.

Louis Vuitton Bags Smaller Than Ever

10 June 2011, 21.56 | Posted in bags | No comments »


 Louis Vuitton Bags Smaller Than Ever

Louis Vuitton showed its Resort 2012 collection a couple days back and like we always do we zeroed in on the bags and ignored the backdrop clothing. The trend toward smaller bags clearly has yet to hit a wall with a couple styles so microscopic even Carine Roitfeld would like them!

See more on the next page. Via Wwd.

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