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Lara Stone All Over the Place!

23 August 2010, 18.43 | Posted in Magazines, Models, celebrity | No comments »

LaraStoneLoveMag Lara Stone All Over the Place!

While I was in Vegas, my favorite model showed up in multiple September issues, including Vogue, W and Love! Damn, woman, are you piping hot or what? Can’t say I’m overly enamored with any of the shots, though I guess I like the one from Love featured on this page the most. Vogue has her in a feature called “Sweater Girl” (yawnsville), for which the stylist colored in her eyebrows brown so there’s a tad of intrigue in that I suppose. A sample from Vogue and W are the next page. For even more images, check Fashioncopious for Love and Vogue, and then the W site for its own pics of the lovely Ms. Stone. Read more

The Latest On Lara Stone

15 July 2010, 21.52 | Posted in Models, celebrity | 1 comment »

LS3 The Latest On Lara Stone

While I was in Florida last week, a bunch of Lara-Stone-related events happened and I figured rather than just ignore, I’d gather them all in one post. The image on this page is from some random fashion show, but it was the best of the bunch so it gets center stage. After the flip, there’s a shot of her in an orange tee on her way to watch Netherlands play in the World Cup finals, wearing a gold dress to a Calvin Klein event in Berlin, and then in London in a white and black dress on a date with her new husband. All via Thefashionspot.

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Calvin Klein ‘Censored’ Ad

15 July 2010, 17.13 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 comments »

 CKAd1 Calvin Klein Censored Ad

Calvin Klein is doing this supposedly very clever thing where it’s putting up billboards with the “QR code” (whatever the eff that means!)  featured here and nothing else. The hope I guess is that the curious will try to uncover the mystery via online search where they will be directed to  use their Smart phones (don’t know what that is either!) to access a video of the brand’s Fall 2010 ads. According to Mashable, where the image is from, this all started  in Japan (of course) to push the consumer to engage with the brand and track how many people care. Personally I find the scheme intensely irritating, not in small part because for all its edgy marketing, this is a brand that makes most of its money selling off-price crap at Costco and in outlets. That being said, Lara Stone (more images of her later) is tied up in all this and since I’m obsessed with her I feel compelled to post about it. Yes, I was the sucker born on my day.

After the flip is a Calvin Klein fall 2010 ad, which features Stone. Whether or not it’s the same one tied to the billboard I have no idea.

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Lara Stone Calvin Klein Images: Second Set

14 June 2010, 18.39 | Posted in advertisement, celebrity | No comments »

LaraStoneCK1 Lara Stone Calvin Klein Images: Second Set

More images from Lara Stone’s ad campaign with Calvin Klein are starting to surface. This one features Lara realizing showing the modest side of her personality. Via the FashionSpot.

CFDA Arrivals: Lara, Ana, DVF, Gwyneth, SJP, Iman….

08 June 2010, 14.11 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity, contest | 3 comments »

LaraStone1 CFDA Arrivals: Lara, Ana, DVF, Gwyneth, SJP, Iman....

Arrivals at CFDA were looking phenomenal. Across the board it was hard to find anyone who looked overly predictable or just flat-out wrong. Surely this is in large part because it’s a fashion event and many of the attendess are experts (designers, models, stylists), but perhaps we’re seeing signs of the design focal point moving away from shoes and shifting to dresses and accessories (specifically necklaces), making for a visually more compelling red carpet image. One can hope anyway. Dress length ranged from very short to trains, but white played against black and flowerful prints were two big color trends. Sheen was also a theme, as was relaxed fabrics. HighSnobette favorites included Allison Pill, Hana Soukupova, DVF and Lara Stone (but only because she is currently in the can-do-no-wrong category).

Many more looks after the flip.

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Lara Stone Signs on with Calvin Klein

07 June 2010, 14.17 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 comments »
calvin klein1 Lara Stone Signs on with Calvin Klein

Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Recently-wed Lara Stone just inked a mega contract with Calvin Klein, which will make her the face of Calvin Klein Collection, CK Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans. According to WWD, it’s the first time in the history of the brand they’ve used one model for all three brands. Prior to Stone, Calvin Klein spokesmodels include Christy Turlington, Kate Moss and Natalia Vodianova. The article discusses the potential this deal has to “catapult” Stone into a new stratoshere of fame, but one has to figure it was only a matter of time before Stone reached the highest of model heights. Smart move on Calvin Klein’s part to get to her in such a big way first.

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Lara Stone Dress: Full-Length View

26 May 2010, 18.56 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

LaraStoneFullLength Lara Stone Dress: Full Length View

Last week we featured Lara Stone’s wedding dress from the waist up and now full-length images of her Givenchy gown have emerged. What can we say other than it’s simply stunning from top to bottom. Via FashionIndie.

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Lara Stone: Now for the White Dress!

17 May 2010, 17.36 | Posted in Models, celebrity | 1 comment »

LaraStoneDress1 Lara Stone: Now for the White Dress!

Didn’t mean for this site to become a chronicle of all things Lara Stone marriage related, but it’s like nibbling at the pie in the fridge, we can’t seem to stop ourselves! We posted an image of what we thought was the wedding dress yesterday, but that was actually the post-nuptials outfit. On this page is the real thing. So she did go traditional and white. Oh well, at least she avoided the strapless profile, a look so ubiquitous at weddings these day you’d think it was a required uniform. Like the gold dress, this one, too, is Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci.

Lara Stone Wedding Dress!

16 May 2010, 22.47 | Posted in Models, celebrity | 1 comment »

LaraStoneDress Lara Stone Wedding Dress!

All that was missing from our last post on Lara’s Stone’s wedding yesterday was an image of the dress, and it was well worth the wait! By Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci, it’s the opposite of traditional, but perfectly sensible for a girl who makes her living showing the garments of the world’s most talented designers. And look how tiny her waist is! Via DailyMail.

Lara Stone Gets Hitched

16 May 2010, 16.46 | Posted in Models, celebrity | 1 comment »

LaraStoneWedding Lara Stone Gets Hitched

The rumors were flying that this would be the weekend that major model Lara Stone would marry U.K. comic David Williams, and the event did go down at the Claridge Hotel in England yesterday. On this page is an image of Lara the day before, on her way to attend a Chelsea soccer match. There are no images of her dress yet, but the internets are saying she wore Givenchy.  The dress is said to be “a hugely romantic, layered lace design with thousands of tiny beads,” according to the DailyMail.

Images of flowers, and other junk we’re posting (including one of Tom Ford who looks very Matrix-y) because we don’t have the dress image yet after the flip.

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