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Fashionable Links

14 May 2010, 18.48 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 comments »
RihannaMOBNB Fashionable Links

Rihanna sporting M.O.B. cap (image via NecoleBitchie)

Should’ve guessed J-Brand didn’t come up with the idea for Houlihan cargos on its own.–NYTimes

You can take the Tamil out of of the land of tigers but you can’t take the tiger out of the Tamil–NYMagazine

Rihanna join ranks with the M.O.B. crew.–Necole Bitchie

Lara Stone supposedly getting attached to ball and chain this weekend.–Style

World freaking out over eight-year-olds dancing to “Single Ladies” in black-lace-trimmed red bikinis.” VidiVodo

Lady Gaga in Tokyo

20 April 2010, 23.17 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

LadyGTokyoFront Lady Gaga in Tokyo

Miss Gaga is peforming these days in Tokyo, a tour sponsored by Mac Viva Glam. I have the feeling that folks there are just ga-ga over her. I am sure I am basing this on stupid stereotypes I hold attributable to nothing more than an interaction here and there, but I have this sense that her love of pageantry might be more compelling to her Japanese fanbase. And btw, have you all seen how Grace Jones slammed GaGa for being a cheap imitation? All I gotta say is, was that really necessary? A little grace, Ms. Jones.

Many more WireImages after the jump.

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Lady Gaga Orb Headpiece for Sale

14 April 2010, 17.18 | Posted in Art, celebrity | 6 comments »

 Lady Gaga Orb Headpiece for Sale

SHOWstudio is putting up for sale the orb Miss Lady Gaga wore in the fall 2009 issue of V Magazine. It’ll cost you though….about $45,000.

GaGa’s Stylist Breaks Down Fashion in ‘Telephone’

12 March 2010, 23.14 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 7 comments »

LadyGaGaFront GaGas Stylist Breaks Down Fashion in Telephone

Impressive. In an internet world where everyone has really seen it all, Lady GaGa actually managed to build up and buzz around the launch of her ‘Telephone’ video. It helped that it featured Beyonce but there was so much more to it than that, starting with the fashion, which was mind boggling in its scope and depth. Very big props to Nicola Formichetta, GaGa’s stylist, who styled the video. On his own blog, he breaks down the very loooong list of designers included in the video, including Viktor & Rolf, House of GaGa, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Rachel Barret, Christian Louboutin, among others. In the image above, according to Formichetta, GaGa is wearing a studded jacket by Search & Destroy.

After the flip are more video stills, but if you want to see who designed what, visit Nicola’s blog.

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Lady GaGa at Mac Viva Glam Event

01 March 2010, 23.31 | Posted in Music, celebrity, fashion with a conscious | No comments »

LadyGaGaMacVivaGlam1 Lady GaGa at Mac Viva Glam Event

Lady GaGa appeared at Mac Viva Glam event in London yesterday. I like the outfit because it’s a GaGa classic, in that it includes three looks she has really pushed to the forefront of edgy fashion: the bodysuit, eye mask and (though it’s to a lesser degree), shoulder pads. She and Sharon Osbourne were both there as part of their efforts to help raise money for the MAC AIDS fund.

Images from Wire. More of Lady GaGa, including close-ups on her accessories and shoes, after the flip.

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Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards

01 February 2010, 15.11 | Posted in Art, Fashion, Music, celebrity | 4 comments »


GramLadyGaGa2 Lady Gaga at Grammy Awards

Performers at the show had three outfits: arrival (above), performance and what each one wore while sitting in the audience. Lady Gaga delivered each time with amazing get-ups, which were a collaborative effort with Georgio Armani. I’m going back and forth on whether I want to comment on Taylor Swift getting the “Album of the Year” award over her, but I’m going to keep my mouth shut for now. Any thoughts from you guys?

All images from Wire.  See additional shots of her performance and audience outfit, plus close-ups on her face and shoes.

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MOCA Anniversary Brings Out the Chic Crowd

16 November 2009, 18.25 | Posted in Art, Fashion, Music, celebrity | No comments »

ChloeSevigny & CarineRoitfeld

A bunch of the music, film and fashion world’s heaviest hitters came out in force for a 30th anniversary gala had at Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art on Saturday. The intriguing combo of Chloe Sevigny and French Vogue Editor, Carine Roitfeld, is featured here, but after the flip you’ll find Miucca Prada (check out her shoes!), Gwen & Gavin, Pharrell, Takashi Murakami, Rachel Zoe, Eva Mendes, Ciara, Lady GaGa, resident hottie James Franco (with a woman on his arm!) and a very severe-looking Jeremey Scott.

All images Wire.

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Beyonce & Lady GaGa Video Stills

16 November 2009, 16.17 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 4 comments »


Above is one of the images from the Beyonce/Lady GaGa video for “Video Phone” song that leaked out over the weekend. We were kinda hoping to see the GaGa/Rihanna collabo first, but oh well, maybe that’s just to much fierceness in one room. Plus, as Samia pointed out last night, our favorite Southern Belle, Beyonce, is still focused on raising her edgy quotient. And if Ms. Knowles is on a mission, aint nothin’ gonna get in her way!

There’s one more still after the jump. These images are from BeyonceFan, which also links to the song track. I love Bee’s music, but there is zero new ground being broken on this one.

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Neo2 Magazine’s September Issue

25 August 2009, 16.47 | Posted in Art, Books, Magazines | No comments »

lady gaga neo2 650x833  Neo2 Magazines September Issue

Lady Gaga graces the cover of of spain’s Neo2 in a great Amaya Arzuaga blazer from her A/W 2009 Collection.Luv!