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Louboutin x Barney’s Windows

27 October 2011, 15.47 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Designer news, Retail, Shoes | 4 comments »

ChristianLouboutinBarneysChesky 540x351 Louboutin x Barneys Windows

Barney’s gives Christian Louboutin his props with a set of store windows dedicated to the red-soled brand, on display now in its Madison Avenue New York, store. Barney’s creative director, Dennis Freedman, was interviewed by Fashionetc (accompanying images shot by Julia Chesky) about the project and had this to say on working with Louboutin:

“Christian has an extraordinary imagination. You see that in his work, but also when you’re with him. He’s a very rare person; it goes well beyond the design of his shoes. The idea of working with someone like that is very exciting. We wanted not just to display the shoes, but reinterpret the shoes—to create a sculpture. That intensified and magnified the design of the shoe. So everything begins with his shoe and creative vision and ends with making it ours. It’s been an incredibly exciting experience.”

Freedman also chats about the upcoming window collaboration with Lady Gaga and says, “I think I won’t be exaggerating to say that’s it’s an incredibly ambitious project on all levels. It will be a big gift to New York City, one that I really believe will be fun and exciting and bring all of her spirit and energy to the store.”

Lady Gaga X Mugler Runway Video

30 September 2011, 15.03 | Posted in Music, Runway Show, celebrity | No comments »


Here is the official video from the Mugler runway show, held during Paris Fashion Week a couple days back. It includes the Lady Gaga video that kicked off the show, plus some runway looks.  According to press:

“The collection is about emotion and memory and something forming and abstract rather than complete…We concentrated on the idea of the silhouettes.” said Formichetti of the pieces. Seen in the garments were classic tailoring techniques spliced together or cut-away giving the garments a more abstract quality. The pieces looked like “second skin” some pieces were accented by Swarovski crystals.

The fashion itself showed really great progression from Nicola Formichetti’s first collection for the label, which I would never have thought based on the smattering of dismissive reviews I read after the show. It’s becoming clear that the fashion world for the moment is done with Lady Gaga (and we can’t exclude ourselves from that list of folks feeling fatigued by the constant exposure) and is reacting in borderline hostile ways to her mere presence at any event fashion related so one cannot help but wonder if at this point Mugler isn’t walking a fine line between alienating the fashion press versus gaining “Monster” amounts of publicity because of her large and dedicated fan base (though some of them are worn out by her, too!).

The question is who really is responsible for creating the conventional wisdom when it comes to a label’s collection? Are Prada or say Tory Burch seeing fantastic demand because editors have lately oohed and ahhed over their runway presentations? Perhaps that was the case in the past but it seems nowadays they’re an increasingly smaller and less relevant part of the puzzle and the days of dictation from one small, powerful group are fading quickly behind us. The truth is labels are now going direct to their consumers and what becomes of fashion critics and the good and bad of that formula will be is yet to be known.

Lady Gaga On Cover Of October Bazaar Magazine

07 September 2011, 15.20 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

LadyGagaBazaar (3)

Another cover for Lady Gaga, wearing minimal makeup (all MAC cosmetics)  and a Hussein Chalayan dress in a shoot styled by Nicola Formichetti for Bazaar magazine’s October issue. Gaga is in an interesting spot it seems these days. The fashion world has grown bored with her (albeit temporarily entertained by her feud with Cathy Horyn) and all but her most dedicated Monsters seem less than impressed with her latest musical offerings. Will she find her way out of the current backlash she’s experiencing? Tough call to make, she’s quite the force, though sometimes that’s not enough.Via Bazaar.

More images on the next page.

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New Video: Lady Gaga ‘You & I’

16 August 2011, 23.08 | Posted in Music | 1 comment »

Enjoy the latest from Lady Gaga called “You And I.” Lots of edgy looks and music with a country feel. Kind of want to say Shania Twain…


Video: Lady Gaga ‘Edge Of Glory’

17 June 2011, 14.33 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

Here is Lady Gaga’s latest video for the single, “Edge of Glory.” It features saxophonist Clarence Clemons (who apparently just had a stroke) best known from his work with Bruce Sprintsteen. In a break from past videos, it features only one outfit and a much simpler level of production with just Gaga and no back up other than Clarence sitting on a stoop playing his instrument.

Lady Gaga On Cover Of Rolling Stone

24 May 2011, 16.32 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

LadyGAGARollingStone 397x540 Lady Gaga On Cover Of Rolling Stone

Lady Gaga on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. We’re getting rolled over by the amount of Gaga press events related to her “Born This Way” album release, but this cover stood out–love the hair color and styling.

Gwyneth Raps

19 May 2011, 13.36 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

We’ve given Gwyneth Paltrow a hard time in the past and think no matter what her private personality may be, her public persona can often come across as very privileged-rich girl. In the interest of fairness, we present this video from a recent appearance on the Graham Morton Show. Maybe she just feels more relaxed among her husband’s people but she’s actually pretty entertaining here, hawking her cookbook, and at 6:56 we even get to see her rap a few bars from a NWA song.

And for an extra bonus, at the very end of the clip, Lady Gaga briefly appears, wearing a flowy gown and giant headpiece by a “young Irish designer called Saoirse O’Reilly.” Via Fashionfoigras.

Lady Gaga Art For Next Single ‘Hair’

16 May 2011, 13.31 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

LadyGagaHair Lady Gaga Art For Next Single Hair

Lady Gaga has released the art for her next single, titled “Hair.” It will be available on itunes on May 16th. The album, Born This Way, hits on May 23rd.

Lady Gaga’s New Fashion Column Annoys

12 May 2011, 20.18 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

LadyGagaVMagazine1 403x540 Lady Gagas New Fashion Column Annoys

Lady Gaga’s column for V magazine (above is the cover) debuted today. Thecut provides the link to the entire missive. Here is one excerpt from the column, which this month is titled “Piet Mondrian & Libary Cards”:

“Any writer or anyone for that matter, who doesn’t understand the last two sentences of this column should NEVER be writing or critiquing fashion or artists in publication. As someone who references and annotates her work vigilantly, I’m putting all of you on notice. I’ve done my homework, have you? Where are your library cards. Did they expire?”

Below are some of the early fashion writer responses to the column–folks are not happy.

“The New York Times has seen Lady Gaga’s debut fashion column for V magazine’s summer issue, and as it so happens, she’s is a veritable expert on…everything.” –Blackbook

“Gaga’s column for the high fashion glossy also debuted today. It’s really long. And defensive. And kinda pretentious.” –Fashionista

“Dare: Read Lady Gaga’s Entire V Column Without Rolling Your Eyes” –Headline from Thecut

As of late, Gaga has come off as very defensive about her music choices and now she expands that posture to her take on fashion. Granted, the level of criticism hurled daily at this woman is over the top, but someone should let her know that no one is insisting she be a music or fashion Einstein at the age of 25. She can have good instincts combined with a lusty intellectual curiosity and that’s enough.

Given her elite educational background (tuition per year at Sacred Heart High School where she attended is $35,600/year), it’s hard not to wonder if her I’m-better-informed-than-you-are attitude wasn’t fostered during her teens, when academic competition was no doubt super fierce with an abundance of “tracked students” vying for a very limited number of seats in Ivy colleges. If that’s the case, we can probably look forward to being schooled/scolded by Gaga on a monthly basis–can’t wait!

Lady Gaga V Magazine Cover

11 May 2011, 14.13 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | No comments »

LadyGagaVMagazine 403x540 Lady Gaga V Magazine Cover

Lady Gaga is on the cover of an upcoming V Magazine, which will be Asian-themed…..except apparently for the image that fronts the issue. She’s photographed by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and style by, you guessed it, Nicola Formichetti.

See another V Magazine cover image of Lady Gaga, this time ”Bollywood”-themed, on the next page.

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