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Kim K: It WAS a Missoni Dress!

21 May 2008, 14.03 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

Okay, so maybe I’m not smart enough to like Balenciaga (Heh–I had a feeling you had a thing for them, Samia!), but I was able to guess that Kim Kardashian was wearing Missoni to the opening of the MGM Grand. Lol, granted its trademark rick rack pattern is easier to spot than a Burberry plaid, but I’ll take my victories however they come!

How did I know my guess was correct? Another one of our fine readers (thanks, Ilana!), natch, sent us a link to video in which Kimmy is interviewed about buying the dress on Ebay. Her segement starts at 2.33.

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Kim Kardashian @ Jimmy Choo Sydney Store Launch

30 April 2008, 20.44 | Posted in Fashion, Other, Shoes | 1 comment »

Kim apparently is doing a little tour of Australia. She attended a fashion show a few days ago, and yesterday she made an appearance at the launch of Jimmy Choo’s stand-alone Sydney boutique.

The funny thing is, if you look at the Wire images, there are as many images of Kim as there are the runway show that took place during the launch party!

 KimKJimmyChoo Kim Kardashian @ Jimmy Choo Sydney Store Launch

^^Oof, champagne, pink candles. Can we all agree that Ma mos definitely does NOT have it rough! And on top of all that, Jimmy clearly chose to give Kim….

KimKJimmyChoo2 Kim Kardashian @ Jimmy Choo Sydney Store Launch

^^The best view in the house!

And just ’cause I want to prove that I understand what this event was really about, I did include one image from the fashion show….on the flip, my sweets!

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We Still Like Big Booties

28 February 2008, 18.55 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

It has come to my attention that since moving from ChicksWithKicks to our somehow posher and slicker digs at HighSnobette Place, there hasn’t been a lot of attentioin paid to one of our fave body parts. Yes. You know it. Speak it with me. The female backside.

If you’ve followed us from our early days, you’d know that in particular we like BIG butts. Not that there’s anything wrong with flat asses, but lord knows that pretty much the entire fashion industrial complex (see Vogue, Elle, Carine’s ”girls,” any major label runway show, etc.) is obsessed with pancake butts and as such we feel no great need to prop up the egos of our sisters who don’t do such a hot job of filling out the back pockets of their jeans.

HowEVER, for those that are lacking and wishing they could be more of Kanye’s type, i.e., ”the girls who aint on TV ’cause they got more ass than the models,” help has arrived! Check out these bottom-building panties from Huit:

RTEmagicC MoreAssThanModels.jpg We Still Like Big Booties

^^Sometimes we could all use an lil’ extra padding (hat tip to PopGloss).

One question, was the owner of one of our favorite ba-donka-donks, Kim Kardashian, born with it or is she just pushing the padding??

RTEmagicC Kim Man 01.jpg We Still Like Big Booties

Only her honey, Reggie, knows for sure!

For the love of doggy style,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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