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Kim Kardashian On Cover Of March Bazaar

09 February 2011, 18.33 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | No comments »

KimKHarpersBazaar Kim Kardashian On Cover Of March Bazaar

Kim Kardashian is on the cover of March Bazaar magazine, a place where her outsized personality and look really seems to flourish. In a fun match up of vavoomy brunettes, Kardashian interviews Elizabeth Taylor as part of her feature. See Kim as “Kleopatra” on the next page.

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Kim K Ends Year With Cornrows And Birken Bag

31 December 2010, 18.21 | Posted in bags, celebrity | 3 comments »

KKCornRowsBirken Kim K Ends Year With Cornrows And Birken Bag

Kim Kardashian is burning up the web with her newest hairstyle, but new braids or not, she’s still working her Birken bag, whose status among celebrities has been on a non-stop rise this year. Like the reality tv game they play or not, the Kardashians represent a new Amercian beauty standard…yep, still based on fantasy and impossible for most to achieve but somehow warmer, funner and more inclusive than those of years past. Will the fashion industry play catch up in the year 2011? Looking at the models chosen to walk the runways by leaders  like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, one can’t help but be hopeful.

CFDA Red Carpet Arrivals: Olsens, Chanel Iman, DVF, KimK, Etc.

16 November 2010, 22.05 | Posted in Red Carpet, celebrity | 1 comment »

CFDAFront 518x540 CFDA Red Carpet Arrivals: Olsens, Chanel Iman, DVF, KimK, Etc.

The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards took place last night with menswear designer Billy Reid the winner. The red carpet was the most interesting part and as always we’ve highlighted our faves. On this page we have a ying and yang situation with the Olsen twins on one side, decked as they often are as of late in lots of fur and Chanel Iman on the other side, looking summery and still working her super tight, post Victoria’s Secret runway bod. On the next page Kim Kardashian, Keri Hilson, Christina Ricci, Blake Lively, Carey Mulligan, Diane Von Furstenberg and Tory Burch who came with her sweetie, Lyor Cohen (which I have a hard time wrapping my head around but okay).

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Blonde Kim Featured In Ad For ‘Beach Bunny’ Swimwear

12 November 2010, 00.30 | Posted in Swimwear, celebrity | 2 comments »

KKBeachBunnyStyleList Blonde Kim Featured In Ad For Beach Bunny Swimwear

A blonde Kim Kardashian is featured in an ad for Kardashian’s “Beach Bunny” swimwear line. As much as I watch this family’s shows, it’s apparently not enough because I hadn’t heard a thing about them launching a bikini line! Via Styleist.

Kim Kardashian’s W Magazine Screen Test

15 October 2010, 23.05 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | 1 comment »

Kim Kardashian’s screen test for W magazine. No, she’s not naked. Mostly she sits and chats about her vision of being a housewife as a girl, playing make believe fashion assistant with older sister Kourtney and her desire to be on “Real World.” Via Thecut.

KimK Breaks Down her Love for Menswear

16 March 2009, 15.12 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

kimkfront KimK Breaks Down her Love for Menswear

At Kim Kardashian’s blog, she breaks down her love for menswear and features herself wearing a Michelle Mason (above) vest that she’s particularly fond of. I like menswear, too, but to be honest, I don’t think this look works for everyone. Kim is small and with her super-womanly boobies this proportion works for her.  For a tall, practically ta-ta-less person like myself, this vest would make me look masculine and I don’t know, just weird. Conversely, my legs are long so I could work men’s pants all.day.long, which might be a tougher look for Kim to pull off. So it goes, ya work with what god gave ya.

On another note, I haven’t tuned in to the new episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s,” but the recaps the girls do on her blog are pretty funny and there’s plenty of talk about their fashion choices, including a crack from Khloe on how her dress looks like it’s from Forever21!

KimK & Reg: No Makeup Still Amazing!

25 February 2009, 18.54 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

kimkboobies KimK & Reg: No Makeup Still Amazing!

Yes, people, this is a gratuitous shot of KimK for no other reason than we’re fond of her around these parts. Well, wait. Given that we like her in general, the thing that’s kind of cool about this shot is that she’s wearing little-to-no-makeup, which is rare for her. Either way as you can see she’s still smoking hot. And can you imagine being a guy in a gym trying to workout next to her with that top she’s wearing?? Reggie better have kept his game face on the whole time he was in that gym, otherwise Mami be creating all sorts of havoc!

Images from Celebutopia.

After the flip, more images of K & R, including one in which Kim flaunts her Chanel bag and her very junk-filled trunk.

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Y-3 Fall 2009: Check Out the Front Row!

16 February 2009, 21.02 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

lupekanyemillakimreggie Y 3 Fall 2009: Check Out the Front Row!

Look at the peanut gallery in place for the Y-3 Fall 2009 show! From left-to-right: Lupe Fiasco, Kanye “Launcher of a Thousand Trends” West, Milla Jovovich, KimK and KimK’s man Reggie. They’re not pictured here, but to the right of Reggie is Ian Thorpe and borderline super model Veronica Webb. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be sitting among a crowd like this. Kanye and Kim are obviously at the top of their respective games these days, but I wonder if one or two of the other ones don’t sit there secretly being eaten away by imposter syndrome.

More at WireImage.

KimK: “At Least I Have a Butt!!”

29 August 2008, 15.43 | Posted in Books, Fashion, Other | No comments »

Living doll KimK recently posed for a Radar Mag photo shoot. The theme was the long ago and legendary Brooke Shield CK jeans ad campaign. In her interview with the mag, she gave the best comeback punch ever when she responded to Paris’s description of her butt as gross by panning, "If Paris Hilton thinks my butt looks gross I really don’t care. At least I have a butt." Exactly, Kim! Where did crazy Paris get off thinking that all the world loves a backless wonder?? Cheez!

KimKOnBack KimK: At Least I Have a Butt!!

This story was snatched from one of my new favorite blogs, BubbleGumPonys. Go visit and buy one of her I Love NY totes and check out her awesome self-made manicure.

Love, Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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KimK’s Man: The Opposite of Shabby

27 May 2008, 19.04 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Kim Kardashian gets featured a lot around here ’cause she’s gorgeous, into fashion, and, not to mention, has an ass and is proud of it, but it should be known that her man, Reggie, is just as fun to look at as her.

For our readers who are craving some dark chocolate today:KimK Reggie KimKs Man: The Opposite of Shabby

^^Reggie and KimK at some event where everyone had to wear white (such an original concept!)


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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