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Kanye West ‘My Baby’ Twit Pic

12 November 2012, 18.11 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

MyBabyjpg 540x540 Kanye West My Baby Twit Pic

Kanye West posts a handsome image of him and his girl, titled “My Baby,” on his Twitter account. Don’t know whose dress Kim Kardashian is wearing [UPDATE: It's Stephane Rolland worn to to MTV's EMAs held in Franfurt] or what kicks West has on but gosh their look seem to come together perfectly here. A factoid we imagine was not lost on West–and thus his decision to share.

Kim Kardashian For New York Mag Fashion Issue

13 August 2012, 14.23 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

KimK2 540x360 Kim Kardashian For New York Mag Fashion Issue

In a nicely-written cover story titled “What Will The Fashion World Do With Kim Kardashian,” for New Yorkmagazine’s “Fashion Issue,” the author examines the exclusionary nature of the fashion world and the dilemma that Kardashian presents. Here’s a snippet:

While the attacks [on Kardashian] may derive partly from a good-faith aesthetic response to some of the clothing she wears, at least as much of it seems to stem from an aversion to non-eating-disorder body types and a broader snobbery and classicism. Fashion likes to celebrate and appropriate street culture and even trash culture, except when it doesn’t.

Every club does some gate keeping so it’s not surprising that fashion has some rules around who its snobbiest members (see Anna Wintour and her enforcer Andre Leon Talley) will and will not allow as members. The article mentions that the Olsen Twins have been embraced by fashion but in their early days they were not. Neither was the now highly-celebrated Victoria Beckham. For the record, us Snobettes enjoy the heck out of both Kardashian and her man.

Kardashian will eventually make her way in if she sticks to it and becomes less popular to the masses, not to mention ends her partnership with Sears, only the unhippest retailer on the planet. It also probably depends on what happens with her and Kanye. If they wed, have children and thus Kardashian becomes a proper “lady” then no doubt the six-page Vogue spread with her two gorgeous children shown around her posh mansion will follow. 

See a behind-the-scenes cover shot here and more editorial images on the next page.

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Kanye ‘Mercy’ Kim K Twitpic

03 August 2012, 19.33 | Posted in celebrity | 3 comments »

Mercy 300x540 Kanye Mercy Kim K Twitpic

Kanye Tweets in fits and starts, but today he added an image of his girl, Kim Kardashian, he dubbed “Mercy.”

Now Andre Leon Talley is Dissing Kim

22 May 2012, 01.10 | Posted in celebrity | 2 comments »

KimKanye 365x540 Now Andre Leon Talley is Dissing Kim

I see that the great Andre Leon Talley is now going out of his way to call out and diss Kim Kardashian. Same with designer Ralph Rucci. Looks like everyone is jumping on that snobbery bandwagon. Whatever, still love her perfectly put together looks, the way she works her hustle and find her relationship with Kanye fascinating.

Chicks With Kicks: Kim Kardashian in Jordan 3 White/Cement

28 April 2012, 22.42 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Fashion | 2 comments »

kim k jordans

We’ve always believed in the appeal of a pair of sneakers. Needless to say we had to pause at the sight of Kim Kardashian in Jordan 3 white cement. Trying not to go there, but could this be the beginning of  Yeezy’s influence? See more, plus a peek at Chloe and Lamar  on the flip, via Sneakerfiles.

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More Kanye & Kim

27 April 2012, 01.36 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »


A few weeks in and still cheesing. Honestly, it’s nice to see Kanye happy for more than two photos in a row. In general he’s pretty stern. That being said, mmm goodness, these two have brought out the phychoanalytic in all of us, have they not?

Kanye & Kim Attend Restaurant Opening

24 April 2012, 13.26 | Posted in Shoes, celebrity | No comments »


Kanye and Kim hand in hand, in attendance at Scott Disick’s new restaurant opening in NYC. Who knows how long these two lovebirds will last but for now they actually look sort of cute together. On a style note, she’s wearing Christian Louboutin “Un Bout” transparent heels, which are just about the hottest shoes in the game right now.

Video Of Kim Kardashians’s Wedding Dress

22 August 2011, 13.41 | Posted in Weddings, celebrity | 2 comments »

She looks great in her strapless Vera (note, the lack of full-length images…People mag has the exclusive for a September issue) but somehow I’m not getting these two as a couple. He just seems too young and Wonder Bread for her.

Freaking Out Over Kim In Cutaway Gucci Dress

09 June 2011, 21.37 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

KimGucci 179x540 Freaking Out Over Kim In Cutaway Gucci Dress

Took the subway into the City this morning with Samia to chat sneakers with someone from a certain powerhouse brand and Samia mentioned on the train that the fashion internets were somewhat freaking about Kim wearing the above cutout Gucci dress, which is from the label’s Spring 2011 collection. It’s been worn not just by her, but by a bunch of other celebs and has landed some covers, too.

When I got home, indeed, her look was getting a lot of mentions. And I’ll be honest, like anyone else I suffer from Kardashian fatigue from time to time, but I always appreciate how these girls continue to bump up against the rules of what’s supposedly appropriate in fashion. So keep doing your thing, Ms. Kardashian, and fill out every inch of that outfit and look very damn sexy doing so.

Grammy Awards Red Carpet & Performance

14 February 2011, 14.27 | Posted in Music, Red Carpet, celebrity | 1 comment »

GrammyRihanna2 380x540 Grammy Awards Red Carpet & Performance

Here’s a look at our faves from last night’s Grammy awards. Images include both red carpet–which was all about the gown with train, and performance looks. Featured celebs include Rihanna (above wearing Dior), Heidi Klum (Julien McDonald), Katy Perry (Giorgio Armani), Kim Kardashian (Kaufman Franco), Jennifer Lopez (Pucci), Nicki Minaj (Givenchy), Ciara (Pucci)….you know, all the usuals plus a few others.

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