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Ken & Dana Design Private Engagement Ring Collection

17 August 2011, 12.41 | Posted in Fashion, Jewellery | No comments »

kdd engagement private collection 540x405 Ken & Dana Design Private Engagement Ring Collection

When it comes to the ring , the  token of love and commitment that an engagement ring represents, the choices and possibilities are endless. Celebrity weddings and the focus on gigantic stones have made the average woman think it necessary to be blinded by karats at the expense of  the loving guy who is expected to spend his life’s earnings .

While the Snobettes still have  love for a  blinding Cartier or David Yurman , the idea of a unique/your grandmama’s ring is so much more the hoteness (we’re suckers for a  good story).Ken& Dana designs latest private engagement rings  make the idea of  a unique ring a reality. Radika Chin handpicked a capsule collection of vintage one-of-a-kind  rings sourced from various antique shops all over the country readily available after sizing. You can view the current private collection here.

Ken+Dana Design ‘Loving Day’ Giveaway

07 June 2011, 10.03 | Posted in FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Fashion, giveaway | 3 comments »


To celebrate the freedom we have to love and unite regardless of the color of one’s skin, thanks to Loving vs Virginia  Ken& Dana design are giving a way a set of their Loving Day bands in honor of the June 12, Loving  Day celebration.  If you’re not familiar with the fact that interracial marriage was once considered illegal in the United states, the ”Loving Story” documentary, featuring the actual plaintiffs, Mildred and Richard Loving,  is a must see! On the next page details on how to enter the contest while the bands can also be purchased here.

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B-Side ‘Gun’ Collection x Buyback Project

b side GUN project Page 01 B Side  Gun Collection  x Buyback Project

Living in NYC one cannot ignore the fact that  urban  gun violence sadly is alive and well. Instead of spending their energy on fear  and contempt Ken & Dana design created a jewellery  collection under their B-Side label using “this instrument that represents violence and re-frame it as symbols of non-violence.” The jewellery collection is  supported by a gun buyback fundraiser event. On the next page a closer look at the arresting collection and the supporting event.

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Ken&Dana Design “ID PUB.L. 89-236 ” Rights Collection Necklace

 battle haiti rights necklace1 540x405 Ken&Dana Design ID PUB.L. 89 236  Rights Collection Necklace

Designed in the wake of the horrific earthquake in Haiti as a way  to take part in the relief efforts.  Ken&Dana Design created the PUB.L. 89-236 Necklace as part of their Rights collectionImmigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This Public Law (PUB.L.) abolished the national-origin quotas that had been in place in the United States since the Immigration Act of 1924.Relief Org Red Cross.Donation $30. Available here.A detailed view on the next page.

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Ken&Dana Mixed Metal Circle Necklace

27 November 2009, 14.39 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Fashion | No comments »

spn01 web large Ken&Dana Mixed Metal Circle Necklace

As it was featured in the Geren Ford Spring/Summer 2010 Runway, take a look at this marvel by Ken& Dana. Made of brass, leather and aluminium. Available here. On the next page info about their secret sale….

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B-side Rough Cut Green Amethyst And Brass Necklace

29 July 2009, 20.57 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Design, Fashion | No comments »

battle 7 27 09 web2 large 2 B side Rough Cut Green Amethyst And Brass Necklace

Part of this week’s design Battle, the Ken&Dana  Design Natural Rough Cut Amethyst and Brass Necklace, makes a nice geometric statement. For $75 , you cannot go wrong. A Closer look on the next page.

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B-Side by Ken and Dana “Rights Collection”

22 June 2009, 15.13 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Design, Fashion | No comments »

img 75541 B Side by Ken and Dana Rights Collection

Pretty  and beautifully crafted jewelry is always interesting and always catches our eye , but when  designers choose to infuse their creation with meanings and tenets of history that have had a great impact on society, Highsnobette had to take notice. Ken Leung  and Dana Chin of Bside recently launched their “Rights Collection” using the numbers of   4 major cases that have dramatically changed our society:

Romer vs. Evans (Protection against discrimination by  sexual orientation), Leser vs. Garnett ( 19th Amendment women’s right to vote), Brown vs. Board of Ed. (Upholds 14th amendment do desegregate schools), Loving vs. Virginia  (Legalizes interracial marriage). On the next page a closer look at Rights Collection, and a preview of other hot pieces we fell for.

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