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Dame Westwood knows no Kanye

26 February 2009, 17.31 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

dame westwood Dame Westwood knows no Kanye

A perfect example of delusions of grandeur or notoriety that can sometimes overtake  the media and their coverage of  celebrities.  As reported by NYMag  Vivienne Westwood had no clue who Kanye west was, when he greeted her after her runway show.  And to be honest that is perfectly okay. We live in really big world. To assume that the knowledge of a certain celebrity is global is just absurd…

Y-3 Fall 2009: Check Out the Front Row!

16 February 2009, 21.02 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

lupekanyemillakimreggie Y 3 Fall 2009: Check Out the Front Row!

Look at the peanut gallery in place for the Y-3 Fall 2009 show! From left-to-right: Lupe Fiasco, Kanye “Launcher of a Thousand Trends” West, Milla Jovovich, KimK and KimK’s man Reggie. They’re not pictured here, but to the right of Reggie is Ian Thorpe and borderline super model Veronica Webb. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be sitting among a crowd like this. Kanye and Kim are obviously at the top of their respective games these days, but I wonder if one or two of the other ones don’t sit there secretly being eaten away by imposter syndrome.

More at WireImage.

Estelle Puts It On…..Finally!!

23 July 2008, 14.12 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Music | No comments »

When first I spied Estelle in Kanye’s "American Boy" video, I thought, excellent, here’s a personable, up-and-coming British pop star who’s gonna bring the fashion. But that just didn’t happen. I posted once about her tendency to dress for events like she’s attending church, but bagging on celebs nonstop really isn’t my thing so I just kept it moving when I saw images of her. On that note, I’m happy to report that Estelle actually looked great at a recent concert she did in Brooklyn.

EstelleClose2 Estelle Puts It On.....Finally!!

^^Skin is shining, dress is blazing, accessories correct, AND she finally realized the importance of a tight manicure!! Woohoo! Go Estelle! Maybe in Brooklyn she finally got to see what’s good!

Three more of Estelle after the flip…..

All images Wire.com

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Balenciaga: Open for Business

20 May 2008, 21.57 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes, Stores | No comments »

According to the most relentless email updaters on the planet, aka Racked.com, you can now buy Balenciaga online. Can’t say I’m too excited by that news. When I read a while back how broke up Kanye was that they denied him entry to their show, I was like, "Huh? Who the eff are they???" So I’m posting this ’cause I know it’s the cool brand that everyone who’s cool is into. Who knows, maybe I’m just being stoooopid and someone will explain it to me. It wouldn’t be the first time!

BalenciSandal Balenciaga: Open for Business

^^Balenciaga Facets strap sandal. It’s a beaut, but it’s not making my heart ache.

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Kanye: “I was breast-fed too long!”

16 April 2008, 16.53 | Posted in Books, Other | No comments »

While attending the opening night party for the Brooklyn Museum Murakami exhibit, Kanye West was interviewed by New York magazine:

NYMag: Murakami says you’re mostly drawn to his work involving women with large breasts?

Kanye: it’s true. I have liked big tits ever since I was a kid. I was breast-fed too long. It messed me up!”

In which case, we’re dedicating this image to you, Kanye!

SofiaMansfield Kanye: I was breast fed too long!

^^Sofia Loren busted throwing shade at Jayne Mansfield’s Hall-of-Fame girls

Booby-squishing hugs!

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The Devil Went Down to Brooklyn!!! OMG!

04 April 2008, 16.04 | Posted in Art | No comments »

The opening for the Murakami show at Brooklyn Museum was last night and looky-loo and who was there! None other than the devil herself!!

AnnaWintour The Devil Went Down to Brooklyn!!! OMG!

^^She probably helicoptored in and landed on the roof of the museum to avoid driving through the streets of Brooklyn so she wouldn’t have to hurt her eyes gazing upon humans—gasp!!–who don’t make a gazillion dollars/year. That’s Marc on the right of course. He did another bag collabo with Murakami and it launched in conjunction with opening night.

And if you weren’t there, don’t feel bad (even though it would have been fun to see Kanye perform no matter what). Look at the pictures after the fold and you’ll see that launch night parties at museums are filled with boring-ass people who have the social skills of hamsters. I’m NOT lying. Seriously.

All images from Wire
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