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Late Last Night Link Ups

09 November 2010, 15.22 | Posted in Accessories, Music, bags, celebrity, photography | 2 comments »

Retail brainiac Bonnie Brooks chats about (video above) what it took to turnaround the world’s oldest department store, The Bay.–Thebusinessoffashion

Los-Angeles-based accessory designer Melody Ehsani gets profiled. –Associatedcontent

The 30 percent jump in sales that Hermes just reported probably has something to do with why LVMH wanted in on the action.–WWD

Jordan kicks may retain their  cool forever, but basketball as a sport is just not what it used to be, thus the closing of the NBA store on New York’s 5th Avenue. –WWD

Designers down! Fashion photographer Julia Chesky gives failing notes to window displays for three brands who have no excuse. –Modelizing

Kanye goes stream of conscious as he chit chats about blogs, on how Michael died for our sins, and yes, Taylor Swift. –Necolebitchie

Late Last Night Link Ups

reebok terry richardson 0 Late Last Night Link Ups

Terry Richardson shoots a lookbook (image above) for Reebok. –More at HighSnobiety

Kanye claim the suits won’t let him use album art (click to next page to view) of choice because it features nudity (more specifically a black man having sex with a white woman with a polka dot tail!). The execs whisper otherwise behind his back. –Latimes

M.I.A. has purchased another URL, featuring her latest video song offering. Other sites are saying it features a live performance, but all that’s there now is some dude’s face. –Bedroomtothehallway

You like  a man with tats? Head to Mobliving, where the MTTM ladies get their male buddies to strip during the photo shoot for the holiday lookbook. Much laughter, blushing and picture taking ensues. –Mobliving

In the ongoing depate over whether the Asian-influenced Louis Vuitton runway collection would actually appeal to Asians (ignoring the fact that it will probably barely hit stores), one Hong Kong socialite gives the LV runway the thumbs up, while a consultant says it was too heavy-handed. Well that solves that! –WSJ

In more debate news, among black women, “going natural” gains steam but, naturally, not without some good ole “good hair” controversy. Cocoandcreme.

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Fashionable Links

11 May 2010, 18.04 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »
TyraModelLand Fashionable Links

Express make-believe with your freckles!

Tyra adds author to her resume with the announcment of a series of three novels, ground-breakingly entitled “Modelland.”– Trya

Karolina Kurkova’s baby’s not tall enough, gets blocked by club doorman–New York Post

Kanye attempts to toss wrench in gear by expressing admiration for soon-to-be-wed model Lara Stone–Mirror

U.K. singer Pixie Lott covets Rihanna’s closet–Just Jared

“Too gay compared to what??” wonders artist/photographer Aaron Cobbett–Blogue

The title of M.I.A.’s new album is….confusing! NYMag

Kanye Goes for the Gold!!

28 January 2010, 17.21 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

KanyeParis Kanye Goes for the Gold!!

We were all so focused on Kanye and Amber’s fur display last week that his accessory game went under the radar. All I can say is sick, sick, sick! And nice mani, Ye!

Source: Purple-Diary.

Kanye & Amber Hit the Paris Shows

22 January 2010, 16.55 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 6 comments »

 Kanye & Amber Hit the Paris Shows

Don’t know why, but the Paris shows seem to bring out the best in Kanye and Amber. Maybe it’s because they’re more conscious of how they appear and unlike most folks these days, are not in the least bit afraid of making a statement. They’re arriving at LV in the photo on the left and YSL on the right. Gotta say, LOVE the fur! (And if by chance you missed Kelis’s MySpace rant on fur, check it out….she has a lot to say!)

All images WireImage.

A close-up of Kanye’s studded slip-ons after the jump.

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Amber & Kanye Go Back to their Prom!

16 March 2009, 16.31 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

amberwye Amber & Kanye Go Back to their Prom!

Amber and Kanye were spotted at some gala thing-y this past weekend for Metropolitan Opera. This is cute, it’s like their recreating a long past that never existed. I’m feeling love here, people. Some sort of interesting, must-be-destined connection between these two. And, yes, even if it only last three months, sometimes those types of relationships can be more significant than the ones that drag on five years too long!

Image from NecoleBitchie, where you can also hear an Amber interview from back in October. Her voice is cute, there’s a little hood edge to it and I like how she just lays it all out. Girl is nothing if not straight up.

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False Alarm, Amber Was at YSL

11 March 2009, 18.36 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 3 comments »

amberyslfront False Alarm, Amber Was at YSL

I went into a panic yesterday because it appeared that Kanye showed up at YSL sans Amber, and me, being my usual, paranoid-over-reacting-self, decided it was ’cause Ye was over her snatching up his limelight. Well, turns out she was there….wearing a catsuit no less!! My question now is, does she have a stylist? Who is dressing her? I’m not saying the woman doesn’t have taste or flavor, but let’s face it, she’s wearing the hottest shizz in all the land and that stuff doesn’t all come together on a quick shopping spree to Neiman’s!

After the jump, beloved Jak&Jil photographer got a close-up of Amber in the Alex Wang dress she wore the other day and chopped it up into three pieces. You can see a close-up of her bag/gloves after the jump. Plus, for bonus points, an actual image of Kanye and Amber speaking words to each other!

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Oh No! Ye at YSL but Where’s Amber??

10 March 2009, 01.57 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

kanyeyslfront Oh No! Ye at YSL but Wheres Amber??

Kanye was looking quite dapper at YSL, but it appears there was no Amber on his arm! Hopefully this change-in-partner status is temporary because we are so not ready for this female to drop out of the limelight. I mean, cheez, we haven’t even hit the whispered rumors of her seeing-Jay-Z-on-the-low phase yet (tho not for nothing, Yeez, watch yer back cuz you know they’re ALL gonna be coming for her)! Don’t deprive us, Ye!

Meanwhile, the knives are already out at Style:

The cropped-super-short platinum blonde is a puzzle to some–partly because she doesn’t quite share the unerring panache that has made the Louis Vuitton don an industry obsession. While statement-making, her ensembles, e.g., the strange pairing of Current/Elliot denim track shorts with a sports bra and wire-rimmed glasses she was snapped in recently–don’t quite spark sartorial shivers.

Damn!! How frosty was that?? And on that note….

Dear Kanye: If you allow Amber to be turned into a 24/7, honey-colored, buzz blonde version of Posh, I could possible never forgive you.

Late-Breaking Update: According to Jen of BaltimoreRichGirls fame (love that name!), Amber was indeed at the YSL show. In a FashionBombDaily interview with Kanye before the show, you can see her standing next to him.

All images from WireImage

Amber & K Storm the Paris Shows

09 March 2009, 14.32 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 8 comments »

amberkfront Amber & K Storm the Paris Shows

Not kidding folks, if you check out the images from the shows, Amber and Kanye’s images are front-paged for every Paris fashion show they attended. There’s something super fun about these two together. And even if they don’t seem to conversate much, our Kanye sure looks cheerier since he’s been rubbing shoulders with her  and there aint nada wrong with that!

Hopefully Samia will update us later on the fashion Miss Amber is flossing. All I know is Kanye is still favoring NB kicks!

All images WireImages.

More of this flashy duo after the flip.

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Kanye on Amber Alert

05 March 2009, 15.55 | Posted in Shoes, celebrity | 5 comments »

amberfront Kanye on Amber Alert

Kanye finally found a companion capable of generating as much buzz as him. And it’s not just the short shorts and cropped top, check out her amazing heels.  I am looking forward to the upcoming fashion show this woman is sure to provide! Still, given Ye’s love of the limelight, I can’t help but wonder how long he’ll tolerate this interloper stealing all his thunder. It doesn’t help that they don’t seem to have much to talk about. In fact, I defy you to find a photo of them where they are even talking, much less caking it up and flirting.

Images from Bossip.

An image of Kanye and Amber NOT talking after the flip.

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