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Video: Kanye West Dw Spring 2012

03 October 2011, 02.37 | Posted in Music, Runway Show, celebrity | 1 comment »

Now a video look at the Dw runway…..sounds like ’90s hiphop was part of the music played during the show. The other thing that stands out (besides all the celebs) is how hot the room must have been. Check how everyone is fanning themselves! Via Fashionbombdaily.

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Kanye West Dw Complete Collection Spring 2012

03 October 2011, 02.06 | Posted in Music, Runway Show, Shoes, celebrity, sandals | 3 comments »

DWKanyeWest (45)

We already posted the first looks, now the complete Dw collection, shown during Paris Fashion Week over the weekend. The white shoes by Guissepe Zanotti were fierce and maybe the best we’ve seen on all the collective runways thus far. For Dw, there were items that were compelling and we love that he didn’t blow off his street roots but rather gave discrete nods with the “Yeezy” necklaces and giant, fur backpacks.

But as for any sort of real review, don’t think it matters. Kanye is a cultural force far huger than the world that constitutes fashion critics, and really it’s on him as to whether Dw is ever taken seriously. Changing lanes and having crossover success is very challenging and let’s see if he even has the attention span or time to do something that has him go down in the fashion world as a great with the monster status that comes with longevity (if that’s what he’s even shooting for) versus a one-hit wonder.

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First Look: Kanye West Dw Spring/Summer 2012

01 October 2011, 22.59 | Posted in Fashion, Fashion Week | 4 comments »

kanye west shoe First Look: Kanye West Dw Spring/Summer 2012

Mtv Style gives us a close up of some pieces of Kanye’s show that we see as directional and cool, the backpack fur hints of our beloved Helmut Lang and something about the woman he portrays reminds us of Carine Roitfeld. The shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti are love. Cathy Horyn already had this to say, we say meow (!):

Next season Kanye should get a tailor so clothes might fit. Models swimming in some looks. Kills the hot look, no?-CathyHoryn Twitter.

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Kanye West Dw Paris Fashion Week Show Invite

30 September 2011, 16.38 | Posted in Runway Show, celebrity | 3 comments »

KanyeWestDWInvite Kanye West Dw Paris Fashion Week Show Invite

The Kanye West invites to his very first runway show have gone public. October 1st is date of the big event. Folks are guessing that the collection, called Dw,  is named for his dear momma, Donda West. Can’t help but wonder why he chose Paris Fashion Week to debut his line. Months ago I would have guessed London would be the spot, as he has expressed an affinity for that city in his music.

Was it convenience, timing? Then again, Paris has an established history of providing a place of refuge to black American artists. Perhaps because of this West concluded it would be less of an inferno from a press-hype perspective.  Whatever the reason, I’m excited and I will not lie–I’m rooting for a show that’s as controversial, amazing and awesome as West is. Can’t wait!

Video: Jay-Z & Kanye ‘Otis’

12 August 2011, 13.59 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »

In the Spike Jonze directed video of the first single, “Otis,” from their Watch The Thrown album, Jay and Kanye keep it no frills, from their white tees and jeans to a stripped-down Maybach. In the vid they’re seeming like they don’t don’t have a care in the world, but ehh, somehow I’m not convinced.  Are you?

Interesting Photo Of Beyonce And Jay

20 July 2011, 19.12 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

jay z kanye west watch the throne session photos 12 540x359 Interesting Photo Of Beyonce And Jay

A lot of hype is being built around Watch The Throne, a soon-to-be released record from Jay-Z and Kanye West, available for preorder August 2nd. Part of the push includes recording session images, with the one featured here one of the more intriguing of the bunch. Lots of body language going down between Jay and Bee. Can’t quite figure it out but it sure is fun to try! Via Hypebeast.

Kanye West’s Slippers

07 June 2011, 16.07 | Posted in Music, Red Carpet, Shoes, celebrity | 3 comments »

CFDAKanyeSlippers Kanye Wests Slippers

Kanye West wore these velvet slippers to the CFDA awards last night. Luv them! They remind me of the Christian Louboutin “Mikarani” opera slippers Samia posted last week. Are they? Perhaps a velvet version?

See his entire outfit on the next page.

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Video: Kanye West’s ‘Monster’

06 June 2011, 19.50 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 1 comment »
After much delay, the official video for Kanye West’s “Monster” has arrived. Already it’s been roundly attacked for its brutal portrayal of women–a debate for the ages no doubt. Kanye as a black man is definitely playing with some serious taboos, though the hanging white women in the video bring to mind that famous black and white photo of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith being lyched in front of a mob of white men and women who watched or participated in the event. Many years ago, it’s true, but the question of where and who exactly the monster is remains an intriguing question.

Video: More Sneak Peeks Of ‘Monster’

30 December 2010, 15.43 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 1 comment »

More peeks of the controversial Kanye West video “Monster.” Not sure if the delay is related to certain scenes, some of which are harsh or just general Kanye tweakiness.

Late Last Night Link Ups

15 November 2010, 14.17 | Posted in Art, Music, celebrity, perfume | 1 comment »

TakashiMurakamiCurated Late Last Night Link Ups

Takashi Murakami’s solo showing at Gagosian Rome includes two murals titled “Dragons In Clouds (above), which are amazing and beautiful and done in a style that’s a departure from what we’ve come to know from him. –Curated

Russell Simmons writes an open letter to Kanye and tells him there was no need to apologize to Bush (and we concur). –Globalgrind

A luxury Chinese tea that will cost you over $2,000 but is said to carry a delicate floral scent that stays with you long after you finish the cup. (It also happens to look like premium ganja!) –WSJ

Get a rare chance to see the steel portion of the steel magnolia that is Beyonce in over 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes looks from her VMA rehearsals for “Ring The Alarm.” As she neatly sums it all up at one point in the clip, “I don’t do scared.” Aint that the truth! –Necolebitchie