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New Video: Jay-Z x Kanye West ‘No Church In The Wild’

30 May 2012, 03.29 | Posted in Music | 1 comment »

Newly released, ‘No Church in the Wild’ showcasing some intense images by Romain Gavras which you’ll remember from MIA’s Born Free. #Deep!

Kanye West & Anne V At Met Gala 2012

08 May 2012, 15.06 | Posted in Models, Red Carpet, celebrity | No comments »

MetGalaKanyeWestAnneV Kanye West & Anne V At Met Gala 2012

Kanye West in Givenchy and model Anne V in Prada at Met Gala 2012. And nope, they didn’t arrive together. West came solo. Image via Vogue.

Kanye On His #Snob

05 May 2012, 21.55 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 5 comments »
Kanye would rather not see you in this
Kanye would rather not see you in this

We had to crack up, around the HS offices, we try to stay positive but like all fashion folks we sometimes succumb to what we call ”having a snob moment.” While driving around NYC today, Kanye decided to document his snobbery on Twitter:

“Just driving through the city and I see a few thing I hate…I hate button  up shirts with hoodies. I hate hoodies with sport coats. I hate sports coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes. I hate khaki trench coats with jeans and off brand work out sneakers. I hate khaki cargo shorts. I hate big ass striped scarves. I hate long ass sideburns with the line-up [R&B] beard….all this in 5 blocks. Detest. #I’m on my snob.”

What are your fashion pet peeves? I’m gonna let you in on one of mine. For my life I cannot stand a top that matches the tights but is set off by a skirt of a different color. So like a black top, black tights, but say a grey or any other color skirt. To me it’s like a wrong Oreo cookie and it sort of makes me mad to even see it! I have a few others, but I’ll stop there. For now.

More Kanye & Kim

27 April 2012, 01.36 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »


A few weeks in and still cheesing. Honestly, it’s nice to see Kanye happy for more than two photos in a row. In general he’s pretty stern. That being said, mmm goodness, these two have brought out the phychoanalytic in all of us, have they not?

Kanye & Kim Attend Restaurant Opening

24 April 2012, 13.26 | Posted in Shoes, celebrity | No comments »


Kanye and Kim hand in hand, in attendance at Scott Disick’s new restaurant opening in NYC. Who knows how long these two lovebirds will last but for now they actually look sort of cute together. On a style note, she’s wearing Christian Louboutin “Un Bout” transparent heels, which are just about the hottest shoes in the game right now.

ASAP Rocky And Kanye In Studio

09 April 2012, 19.31 | Posted in Music, celebrity | No comments »


Various artists have been mentioned as working on ASAP Rocky’s first album and now pictures have surfaced showing Rocky and Kanye (above) recently getting together to cook up something. Not sure who is making what for who, but apparently Fat Joe and producer Diplo among others were also in on the session. Via Theurbandaily.

Update: We see ASAP is quoted in a Billboard interview as saying he has a crush on Lana del Ray and their single ”Ridin” (leaked last week) may or may not be featured on his upcoming album. And he’s also working with Santigold!

PFW: Kanye West Autumn Winter 2012

06 March 2012, 23.16 | Posted in Runway Show, celebrity | 2 comments »

KanyeWest 2 540x538 PFW: Kanye West Autumn Winter 2012

One more set of Kanye images. Lots of black, leather, boots are bananas–tho yes, heels look intense, no retreat up on the fur backbacks….enjoy!

As for reviews (not that it matters because who really makes any decisions by them anymore anyway), but we predict they will be better if only because fashionistas are at heart fickle plus don’t want to seem close minded and mean. And the truth is Kanye is a force to be reckoned with. These pics come via RCollete’s Twitter.

See more on the next page.

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PFW: Kanye West Finale Autumn Winter 2012

06 March 2012, 22.30 | Posted in Fashion Week, Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

KanyeWestFinale PFW: Kanye West Finale Autumn Winter 2012

Not the best pic but here you have a taste of the finale for Kanye West’s Autumn 2012 show. And thus far it looks like the models are able to walk in the footwear. Via Lovemag Twitter.

PFW: Shoes Already Causing Drama For Kanye Show Tomorrow

05 March 2012, 22.01 | Posted in Models, Runway Show, celebrity | 3 comments »

 PFW: Shoes Already Causing Drama For Kanye Show Tomorrow

Sounds like Kanye West is attempting to outdo himself shoes-wise for his Autumn 2012 runway show tomorrow. According to a series of Tweets from model Jourdan Dunn, who wore the shoes in a fitting a couple days ago:

The shoes are sexy as fuck but you can’t walk in them!”

Model Leomi Anderson chimed in and claimed Kanye barked at a unnamed model during the fitting because of her inability to navigate in the shoes. Anderson literally walked her comment back not too long after, agreeing said mystery model’s skills were limited:

“But true say her walk isnt top notch in kitten heels.”

As always Kanye brings the show!

Giuseppe Zanotti For Kanye West At Colette Online

01 March 2012, 17.15 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Shoes, sandals | 4 comments »

GZforKW 540x540 Giuseppe Zanotti For Kanye West At Colette Online
We posted a shot yesterday of the Giuseppe Zanotti shoe for Kanye West, shown in Colette’s store via Twitter, but now we have much clearer shots, plus pricing (about $5,000 $6,000 tax included) for the shoes–yes, shoes with an “s,” there are actually two styles–as featured on Colette’s etail site. Hate all you want haters, but this is a drop-dead gorgeous shoe. 

See another angle of the above shoe, plus the second, much more moderately priced silhouette on the next page.

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