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Superfertile ‘The World’ Jewellery Collection

04 September 2012, 16.39 | Posted in Accessories, Art, FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Jewellery | 1 comment »

Highsnobette-Superfertile-The World- Human Development2

Kali Arulpragasam , a longtime Highsnobette favorite, never ceases to amaze as she launches her latest collection of statement jewellery for Superfertile titled “The World.” As a way to bring attention to inequalities  in the world of various issues, each necklace illustrates what parts of the world is more affected. Hover over the images to see what issue they represent: green: .25%,  light green: .30% , blue: .45%, purple: .50%, orange .60%,  red +.60% . The higher the percentage the higher the inequality. Images courtesy of Superfertile.

On the next page enjoy a look at the complete collection.

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Kali Arulpragasam Invoices Her Sister MIA For Jewels

14 July 2011, 15.00 | Posted in Accessories, Jewellery, interviews | 1 comment »

Highsnobette Superfertile Murder aw 2011 382x5401 Kali Arulpragasam Invoices Her Sister MIA For Jewels

We showed Super Fertile designer Kali Arulpragasam’s latest jewellery collection titled “Murder” (one look featured above) last week and today Stylelist has followed up with an interview with the designer. If you don’t already know, she is the older sister of M.I.A. and in the interview she was asked what her sibling thinks of her work:

What does M.I.A. think of the collection?
I tend to not give my jewels to celebrities, so she usually gets an invoice from me when she wants something. After I released the first images of “Murder” during the first week of June she tweeted it, so I know she approves. I’m experimenting with a new concept which is not to use celebrities to sell my work. I never use celebrities. I must be the only designer to turn down Lady Gaga. I don’t even have a press agent. I’m approaching this as art, my jewelry is wearable art.

Darn! Perhaps not the best of friends those two, but they certain share the commonality of wearing their intensity on their sleeves, a trait which of course we admire greatly.

Super Fertile ‘Murder’ Autumn/Winter 2011 Jewellery

08 July 2011, 15.04 | Posted in Accessories, Art, FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Jewellery | 3 comments »

Highsnobette-Superfertile -Murder aw 2011page

In what we consider to be  her most provocative collection yet, Kali Arulpragasam exposes murder in her latest designs of Super Fertile. Graphic, thought provoking and definitely controversial. While we admire the boldnesss and talent,  we also were put in a place to pause and reflect on what she chooses to tell us:

A range of beautiful and breathtaking pieces in rubies, sapphires, and garnets, carefully selected to resemble bullet wounds, cuts, machine gun fire to the body, slashes, butchering and hacking of the throat, head and ears to portray the inhumanity around the world.

Emotionally charged jewellery like we’ve never seen. Take a deep breath  and click to the next page for a closer look at  Super Fertile’s Murder Autumn/Winter 2011 jewellery collection. Images courtesy of Super Fertile.

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Superfertile ‘Mankind’ Autumn/Winter 2010 Jewellery

24 August 2010, 16.16 | Posted in Accessories, Denim, Fashion | 1 comment »

man2 540x367  Superfertile Mankind Autumn/Winter 2010 Jewellery

Enjoy a look at the latest collection by Kali Arulpragasam’s Superfertile, titled  “Mankind.” Bold pieces as usual with a very deliberate message  described as follows, “If man is the root of all problems, man’s  kindness is the solution. We each have the power to lift another up from the gutter, to lend a hand, to offer a platform to stand on, in some cases to pull others to safety.  Human kindness empowers us all and the courage that it takes to care is what inspired this collection. ‘Mankind’  is a collection of ornaments  featuring fragile sculptural human figures of painted plaster helping, climbing, and lifting each other in constellations across the wearer’s body.” View more of “Mankind” on the next page.

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Super Fertile “Cra$h” Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

23 December 2009, 00.26 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Having an Impact | 1 comment »

sup9 540x448 Super Fertile Cra$h Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Probably one of her most provocative collections so far Kali Arulprgasam Super Fertile” Cra$h” Collection for Spring /Summer 2010 is inspired by the current world financial crisis:

 ”What started on Wall street ended up on our streets, and the numbers did not add up.As the public drowned in debts, bankers were rescued with a taxpayer funded golden parachute ;Pensioners lost their life life savings.Businesses cra$hed, 25 million were left unemployed worldwide and 50 million people are without health care in the US.Yet, the government persisted on sending more troops to war having already spent $831 Billion in Irak and Afghanistan. This paradox is captured in the Crash collection with pie charts, graphs and bleak statistics in pave- set lustrous stones and colorful enamel to accentuate the irony of these state of affairs…” A closer look at Super Fertile’s Cra$h Collection on the flip. Stunning!

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Super Fertile Summer’09: The Real Superstars

03 April 2009, 02.23 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | 2 comments »

fertile1 Super Fertile Summer09: The Real Superstars

For her Summer 2009 collection Kali Arulpragasam , the designer behind the very coveted , socially conscious Super Fertile brings our attention to The Real Superstars “The inventors/scientists who shaped our civilisations in a global sense.Who help us evolve and enhance our lives.In the last 70 years we haven’t really paid attention to them. As the celebs from the big screen and the stage are dominating stradom. Demanding appaluse. Let’s stop and think for a second. It is so important to teach/encourage our future generations the importance of inventors. Everything else is a little overrated. So this is by far the most ambitious collection.Narrowed down to the top 10 inventors, only because I had to stop somewhere…”-Kali

On the next page a closer look at Super Fertile’s Summer 2009 collection the Real Superstars.

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