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Barbie Turns 50 !

04 February 2009, 20.01 | Posted in Common Sense, Design, Designer Toys | 2 comments »

modern barbie idols get old  Barbie Turns 50 !

I know, how girlie and typically un-feminist  it is to be jolly about Barbie dolls,  but why not? If we can gloat over designer/design toys, Barbie deserves as much shine, as she has always been a   fierce woman with various careers and hobbies, and the year 2009 marks her 50th birthday.

Barbie has been  criticized as  being the source for an unrealistic and  unhealthy view of womens lives and their bodies. These notions  probably went over my head, growing up partly  in the Caribbean. I never remember playing with my Malibu Miko  doll and feeling like I had to look like her. I did always feel like there was a ceratin sense of greatness to her though. She ran for president in 1992!

Check Designboom for more on  the making of Barbie

Teairra… Your Stylist Please…

04 February 2009, 18.35 | Posted in Common Sense, Fashion, Music | 2 comments »

cameo Teairra... Your Stylist Please...

I was just reading Decida and she mentioned the fashion crime committed on this new artist Teiarra Mari . New music is not  my  forte at the moment  so I cannot say that I know who she is, but fashion-wise, anyway I looked at it–even in a very avant garde way it just does not work. Maybe if she had a futuristic headgear on or something? 

And of course the fashion image encyclopedia that I  can be saw the resemblance of the look with Cameo’s Larry Blackmon codpiece. Understand this critique is  not meant to be mean spirited at all. In music marketing should you not know  more about  what has been done?

Close up on the next page.

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HighSnobette Exclusive : JungleGurl Footwear

04 February 2009, 16.44 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »


jungle gurl shoes sm HighSnobette Exclusive : JungleGurl Footwear

Here’s a sneak peak at JungleGurl, Natalie Golonka ’s footwear line, which launches in April 2009. The bright colors and the use of  canvas have me fiending for the warmers days to come!

Detailed view on the next page.

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Veja Grid Spring/Summer 2009

04 February 2009, 15.14 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

veja grid c ver Veja Grid Spring/Summer 2009

Made from ecological leather and tanned  with natural acacia extracts, Veja sneakers soles are made of natural rubber from the Amazon. An eco friendly option to sneakers! For Spring /Summer 09 the Unisex Grid collection presents bright engaging colors,that are anything but boring.

Full close up on the next page.

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Artist Spotlight : Urban Envy aka Miki Fujiwara

04 February 2009, 04.05 | Posted in Art, Design | 1 comment »

urban envy 1 mini Artist Spotlight : Urban Envy aka Miki Fujiwara

Urban Envy  aka  Miki Fujiwara was born in Japan and raised in San Francisco  Bay Area. Described as a pop artist we found her work to be   subtle and ballsy at the same time. Devoted to the  enhancing  the arts in  urban communities and changing the” images of  asian  women within  mainstream America”.Urban Envy is definitely Highsnobette approved!

A sample of her work on the next page

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VPL Drogue Knit Top

03 February 2009, 23.44 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | No comments »

vpl1 mini VPL Drogue Knit Top

The VPL   Drogue Knit Top exemplifies the concept of less is more when it comes to sexy. No need  for a midriff when a slanted edge provides  a much classier way to show a little skin… Available at Shopbop

Detailed view on the next page


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Rick Owens Hidden Sandal

03 February 2009, 18.41 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

rick Rick Owens Hidden Sandal

The Rick Owens  Hidden Sandal   on a really basic  functionality level, could be  the answer to pedicure-less toes! But, being a fan of Mr. Owens and his aesthetic, I could see how over time, the goal might be that the suede covering would get frayed and destroyed,creating  a  truly unique look .Think  edgy tribal. Available  for pre-order at Luisaviaroma

To see the actual sandal go to the next page

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DC Shoes Darren Bass Collabo

03 February 2009, 18.19 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Skateboarding, Sneakers | 1 comment »

dcdarren2shoes DC Shoes Darren Bass Collabo

DC Shoes linked up with Miami Ink tattoo artist Darren Brass to collaborate on a collection featuring men’s and women’s shoes, hoodies and New Era caps. The two women’s shoes he designed are featured above. Ever-curious about what runs through a man’s mind when he picks up a pen and sets out to create an item that will appeal to the opposite sex, we asked Darren what the difference was between his approach toward women versus men.  And this is what he said:

“When I knew I was going to have the opportunity to design a women’s shoe with DC, I was excited because I knew I would be able  to go all out creatively. I really looked forward to this part of the project. It allowed me to really open up the creative reservoir. With women’s shoes you really don’t have any limitations, and with that in mind I went for mine. It was also a great experience working with DC, who was completely open to the direction I wanted to go with these shoes and who also had the resources to get the amazing materials to work with. I really wanted to design something that would be appreciated like a sweet basket of peaches or or the finest grapes on the vine.”

Personally, I am most partial to the basket weave pair on the right. It’s hard to imagine summer with the snow pouring down outside my window as I type this, but imagine how cute those would be on a boardwalk with a pair of short shorts. Fresh like a sweet pineapple!

Closeups on each shoe plus the apparel on the other side…

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Martin Margiela High-Tops

02 February 2009, 23.05 | Posted in Fashion, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

margiela 1 Martin Margiela High Tops

If Kanye was at least trying to emulate some of the labels he admires for his LV Collabo, I think these  Martin Margiela sneakers would have been a great starting point.

 Martin Margiela High-Tops available at Barneys. Simply Dope!

On Corporate Patronage by Chris Schonberger

02 February 2009, 21.24 | Posted in Books, Common Sense, Designer Collaboration | No comments »

corporate On Corporate Patronage by Chris Schonberger

Chris Shonberger  from Gradspot wrote a very interesting essay on the phenomemon of mega brands partnering with smaller cooler labels and artists on  Black Lodges.

Definitely worth reading! Enjoy here.