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Sophomore NYC Spring 2009 Look Book

23 February 2009, 13.38 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

highsnobette-sophomore look book

Sophomore NYC has released their Spring 2009 look book photographed by Cass Bird. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the brand, Sophomore has a simplistic look featuring a full men’s and women’s line of sportswear basics inspired by the lower east side in the 1970’s. Their Spring look book gives us a great feel for what the line is trying to portray through their current collection. It’s very sexy yet laid back and casual. The best piece is definitely the white mini dress with diamond cutouts at the waist. You can pick up a few looks online at Bona Drag or head to Sophomore’s own website for store listings.

Lots more from the Sophomore Spring ‘09 look book after the jump.

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Hayden Harnett Motorcycle Vest

22 February 2009, 18.28 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Hayden harnett motorcycle vest

RavinStyle.com, one of my favorite web stores just announced that they now carry a few pieces from Hayden Harnett. Hayden Harnett is an apparel and accessory line based out of Brooklyn. They are known for their great work with leather and the piece above is sure fire proof that they can make one of the toughest materials look feminine. This motorcycle vest in light grey with a super long tunic length works perfectly over a vintage floral dress or jeans and tee.

More of the Hayden Harnett looks available at ravinstyle.com after the jump.

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First Look: Cassette Playa Fall ‘09

20 February 2009, 19.09 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

First Look: Cassette Playa fall 09

Highsnobette got a preview of whats is to come from unisex line Cassette Playa this fall. Known for her love of day glo color choices and neu rave influences, designer Carrie Mundane provided us with a collection that is more subtle. The graphics are still over the top but the color ways are a lot more subdued so expect a lot of black and white mixed in, something we haven’t seen a lot of from Cassette Playa. This almost laid back color palette showcases what I feel is Mundane’s true calling, a knack for graphics that really stand out.

Sneak Preview: Mishka Autumn/Winter 09

19 February 2009, 20.19 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Designer Toys, Fashion | No comments »

Highsnobette-mishka sneak preview 09

Highsnobette was lucky enough to get a little peak at what Mishka has in store for Autumn/ Winter 09. Above is the boogey man toy, a collabo between Mishka and The Cure. I am personally a big fan of the pink and purple dude on the left. We also got a look at a couple pairs of legging with Mishka’s signature eyeball print. The color combinations are hot and the material was super soft. The whole women’s collection was really on point and we will be sure to keep you updated as we get more from the Mishka boys.

Hit up the jump to check out some leggings from Mishka’s Autumn 09 collection.

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Y-3 Fall 2009: Check Out the Front Row!

16 February 2009, 21.02 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

lupekanyemillakimreggie Y 3 Fall 2009: Check Out the Front Row!

Look at the peanut gallery in place for the Y-3 Fall 2009 show! From left-to-right: Lupe Fiasco, Kanye “Launcher of a Thousand Trends” West, Milla Jovovich, KimK and KimK’s man Reggie. They’re not pictured here, but to the right of Reggie is Ian Thorpe and borderline super model Veronica Webb. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be sitting among a crowd like this. Kanye and Kim are obviously at the top of their respective games these days, but I wonder if one or two of the other ones don’t sit there secretly being eaten away by imposter syndrome.

More at WireImage.

Mr. & Mrs. Carter at NBA All Star Weekend

16 February 2009, 20.42 | Posted in Sneakers, celebrity | 4 comments »

mrmrs Mr. & Mrs. Carter at NBA All Star Weekend

The Carters sharing a private laugh and just generally enjoying each other’s company at a charity event held in conjunction with the NBA All Star event. Looks like Bee took a minute to get her nails fixed, too, thank god!

Images are from WireImage.

Steal a look at the Carters’ footwear on the next page: Jay is wearing Adidas Shelltoes and the missus has on some sky-high flashy numbers and because I’m not a geek like my partner, Samia, I have no idea who they’re designed by. 

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Nina Sky: No Words

16 February 2009, 19.51 | Posted in celebrity | 2 comments »
How would YOU describe this dress? 'Cause I can't even begin.

How would YOU describe this dress? 'Cause I can't even begin.

We’ve always been big boosters of Nina Sky, women who know how to rock fashionable, street-inspired looks as well as anyone. Plus, they’re keeping it going in an industry that chews up and spits out its young talent for blood sport. But this outfit that Mami on the left wore to an NBA All Star event this past weekend, I am left speechless. Is this what it’s come to??

Update: Samia let me know that this dress is from Oak’s Bond Age collection (no longer on the site), which included a bunch of designers who created all these bdsm-inspired clothes and accessories. This dress is by Vena Cava. I still don’t like it even know now I know it’s supposed to be all arty. It’s like a sleazy version of those fake tux tops that people used to wear forever ago. It just feels clownish to me. Plus, I find public displays of pubic hair–draw with a pencil or otherwise–to be kinda gross. Sorry, but I do. Worse yet,  I saw the back of the dress and the drawn-on butt looks all saggy, which is not okay. The Nina Sky woman wearing it probably has a perkier butt!

Image is from WireImage.

If you’re the rubber-necking type, there’s one more after the jump.

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Salvor Projects Rocks!

16 February 2009, 19.16 | Posted in Accessories, Design | No comments »

salvor3 Salvor Projects  Rocks!

On our visit to capsule a few months ago, Miss Lizz  and I  both fell for Salvor Projects  line of simply cool  graphic apparel and  accessories. The star tough, was the Robot scarf, (above ) that  would  secretly allow me to show love for my fave robot ever, Optimus Prime (don’t ask).  A Closer look on the next page.

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JaK&Jill Blog: Fashion Candids at Bryant Park

16 February 2009, 19.07 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

jakjilblog JaK&Jill Blog: Fashion Candids at Bryant Park

Don’t forget to make repeated visits this week to the Jak&Jill blog, where photographer Tommy Ton will be slaying us repeatedly with his excellent candids of NY Fashion Week show attendees. The above image was ripped from a post  filled with shoes that are sick, sick, SICK! You have to see the rest. Seriously, your heart will be aching.

On Tour Spring/Summer 2009

16 February 2009, 18.33 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

f09b c1 On Tour Spring/Summer 2009

Here’s a look at a few pieces from Netherlands based  On Tour’s  Spring/ Summer ‘09 Now available online.

More on the next page.

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