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Hermès x Comme des Carrés Scarf Collection

25 January 2013, 16.20 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Scarf | 4 comments »

hermes rei kawakubo comme des garcon lenco 00 540x360 Hermès x Comme des Carrés Scarf Collection

In November we heard about Hermès plans to team up with Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garcons on a limited edition of silk Carré scarves. The collection consists of six scarves, each limited to 200 pieces, featuring geometric elements like giant patchwork, Vichy checks and shirt stripes. The scarf collection will launch on February 6th exclusively at Dover Street Market London.

Check out all six styles on the next page.

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A Tribute To Hermés With The Lego Birkin Bag

11 December 2012, 12.47 | Posted in bags | 1 comment »

Hermes lego bag 1 A Tribute To Hermés With The Lego Birkin Bag
Spotted on Etsy, shop owner Agnieszka Biernacka with her shop Agabag creates bags fully made out of Lego that are fully functional and designed for everyday use. All of the bags are crafted and can be customized by color and even silhouette. For the Tribute to Birkin handbag the waiting list is long, with earliest shipment starting in February. Take a closer look after the flip.

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Hermes Mini Kelly & Birkin Bags Spring 2012

10 February 2012, 18.20 | Posted in bags | No comments »

HermesMini (3)

Hermes mini bags, measuring about 6 x 3.5 inches. Available at Hermes boutiques in miniaturized versions of ”Kelly” and “Birkin,” in a variety of spring colors. Via.

See more on the next page.

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Hermès Launches Second Limited Edition Saree Collection

10 October 2011, 16.19 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Fashion | 1 comment »


After the success of their previous “Millennium Saree,” collection Hermès announces the news of a second capsule  collection of sarees.  While we can already drool at the lux factor of an Hermès saree , the native craftsmanship that already exists in south Asia can rival it any day.  Nonetheless it makes sense for  the mega brand to make this obvious step which is almost a “duh” moment. Next up we say Boub0us, Dashikis and Agbadas! Image via BoF.

Hermes x Kongo Silk Scarves

28 September 2011, 15.49 | Posted in Accessories, Designer Collaboration | 2 comments »

HermesKongo 540x472 Hermes x Kongo Silk Scarves

We missed the news of this collaboration between Hermes and French grafitti artist Kongo when it first hit in late August and saw it just now for the first time just now on Blogue. We’re going to post anyway because we find it intriguing that even a house as exclusive as Hermes is getting in on street-inspired fashion. Highsnobiety isn’t so sure this is a great idea. They liked Hermes in part because it was one of the few labels that has eschewed collaborations. Me, I have no idea what to think…..will have to mull this one for a bit. (If anything it seems Hermes picked the wrong grafitti artist to work with….imagine if it chose Fafi instead?)

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Thursday Friday ‘Chanel’ Tote Bags

01 September 2011, 16.39 | Posted in bags | No comments »

ThursdayFriday (2)

Tote-bag company Thursday Friday gained quite a bit of infamy earlier this year when news of its “Hermes” bags went viral, publicity which eventually led to a successful cease and desist by the real Hermes. While at Project in Las Vegas last week, we stopped by the company’s booth (which was buzzing) to spy the newest copy, the incredibly iconic quilted Chanel bag.

[UPDATE: I've had an interesting exchange of emails with creative director, Roni Brunn, at T/F and need to correct an inaccuracy. While Hermes did sue T/F there was no "cease and desist" by any judge, the two companies settled out of court.]

Personally I’m not sure how I feel about this product. One thing I’ve always hated about fashion is how little can be protected from the knock-off artists, essentially forcing young creatives who live and die by their ideas to focus solely on staying one step ahead of the vampires. That being said, Hermes and Chanel are no innocents, yet still, I could see where they would be motivated to squash a blatent copy of an item that a large part of their image not to mention revenues is based upon.

There is an interview with Thursday Friday’s creative director, Roni Brunn, at Glamour today and she compares the bags to pop art, a la Andy Warhol and Campbell soup cans. And sorry, but not quite–one is art the other is clearly commerce. I’m sure if Brunn made a painting featuring a Hermes or Chanel bag that landed in MOMA, they would be fine with it. And ’sides, if she really believed that then why did the company choose to leave out Chanel’s famous interlocking Cs logo from the bags?

But then there’s that feral side to me that’s like, eff it, yeah, brands like Chanel and Hermes deserve this because on its face the whole idea of “luxury” is deserving of mockery and takedown. Just don’t pretend your doing something noble and artisitc when you’re not.

More “Chanel” bags on the flip.

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Vans Customized With Hermes Design By Robert Verdi

17 May 2011, 18.44 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Sneakers | 1 comment »

VansHermes3 Vans Customized With Hermes Design By Robert Verdi

The streetwear sites are jumping all over these Vans, customized with Hermes prints as created by stylist Robert Verdi. Not quite sure why they’re popping up now because it appears the images were uploaded to Flickr in August 2010. So much of the appeal is that it’s Hermes, whose status is farily high these days, plus the fact that the prints are to some degree recognizable. Could the same concept have been carried out with Chanel or LV? Or do both of those brands essentially begin and end with their logos?

Hermes ‘Festival Of Crafts’ U.S. Tour Dates

24 February 2011, 22.19 | Posted in bags | 1 comment »

HermesFestivalOfCrafts Hermes Festival Of Crafts U.S. Tour Dates

In keeping with its reputation as the quiet luxury brand for which quality and attention to detail trumps all else, Hermes has kicked off its ”Festival Of Crafts” tour, which includes demonstrations by the craftsmen and artisans from the renowned Hermès workshops in Lyons, France. First stop Seattle, which began on Febuary 23rd and ends on the 28th. The tour then heads to Chicago (March 11-16) and Washington D.C. (March 25-30). It’s a year-long tour that will conclude in Europe. In a way it’s a very staid-sounding event, but on the other hand, it’s always interesting to see what goes into making a product with such a storied reputation. Images courtesy of Hermes.

Lady Gaga By Terry Richardson For Purple

04 February 2011, 14.02 | Posted in Music, bags, celebrity, photography, street style | No comments »

Lady Gaga in Supreme by Terry Richardson for Purple Mag 02 416x540 Lady Gaga By Terry Richardson For Purple

Lady Gaga is snapped by Terry Richardson for Purple magazine. She’s rocking a white bodysuit and Hermes bag tagged with the Supreme label–have no idea what that’s about and Hermes collaborating with Supreme seems highly unlikely, but ya never know! In other Gaga news, the first, fuzzy shot of her U.S. Vogue cover have hit the internets and you can spy that here.

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Video: Hermes Finger Skateboarder

09 November 2010, 22.01 | Posted in Accessories, Shoes, advertisement, bags | 2 comments »

YouTube Preview ImageHermes has created a site called Lesailes Hermes, featuring all sorts of cute videos highlighting its many leather products. For instance, one shows a row of reversible totes turning themselves inside out. In the video above, a finger-operated skateboard glides in, around, over and through Hermes’ product line. The best part? It identifies all the tricks made by the finger at the end of the video! Via Trendland.