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HBO Girls Today Show Interview

08 January 2013, 16.23 | Posted in Television, celebrity, interviews | 1 comment »

The cast of HBO’s Girls, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet, was interviewed on the Today Show this morning. The best part of the Q&A might have been the hilarious disconnect between the cast and the interviewer, who describes being frequently “mortified” when watching the show, a reaction the girls don’t exactly connect with. Bonus points to Kirke for her pajama-y outfit. On her own bravery Dunham comments,

“I always think it’s brave to step into the mouth of a lion or — to save a baby but it’s not that brave to get naked if you’re not scared to get naked.”

The interview is part of the promotion leading up to the return of season 2 on January 13th.

Lena Dunham For V Magazine By Terry Richardson

03 January 2013, 12.51 | Posted in celebrity, photography | No comments »

Lena Dunha V magazine 1 Lena Dunham For V Magazine By Terry Richardson
Not long before the much anticipated second season of HBO Girls, the series’ protagonist, Lena Dunham, appears in a V magazine spread as shot by Terry Richardson. The pictures show the talented actress, author and director with a brand new pixie haircut, and do a nice job of capturing Lena’s irreverent sense of humour and style. No question–this girl is adorable!

See all pics on the jump.

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HighSnobette Best Of 2012

01 January 2013, 03.28 | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 comments »

QueenoftheJungleMelodyEhsanijpg HighSnobette Best Of 2012

What we have always loved about fashion is it’s potential to bring joy. We as HighSnobette editors feel so lucky to not only have witnessed many of these special moments but to also have come to know and watch grow many of the artists and designers behind some of our favorite projects. Below in no particular order we share what we regard as some of the best, joy-bringing efforts of 2012:

Designer Melody Ehsani’s star has been on the rise for quite some time now, but her “Queen of the Jungle” necklace (above) in many ways stamped her official arrival. We lost count of the stylish celebrities spotted in this vivacious fun piece.

Leah McSweeney has always been a force of personality. She literally is the MTTM brand, as backed by an intensely loyal supporting staff + fan base. Like many young brands the label went through its stumbles when investors pulled out, but the tenacious McSweeney was able to hold on to the name and this year the label found its own inimitable stride again, as marked by the brand’s “Supreme Bitch” snapback cap, which received the blessing of none other mega-style star Rihanna.

See many more “bests” on the next page. And a very Happy New Year to all. Thank you so much for your support in 2012.

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Girls Promotional Posters In SoHo: Season 2

24 December 2012, 14.07 | Posted in Television | No comments »

JeremyCabalon 540x518 Girls Promotional Posters In SoHo: Season 2

Check out the promotional posters for HBO’s Girls season 2, recently spotted in SoHo, NYC. Each character is accompanied by a “resolution.’  Adam’s, for example, says “I resolve to wear a shirt.”

See each poster separately on the next page.

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HBO Girls: Lena Dunham’s Fashion Advice From Dad

07 August 2012, 14.15 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

LenaDunhamDonaldGlover HBO Girls: Lena Dunhams Fashion Advice From Dad

As promised yesterday, I’m doing some in-between-seasons, catch up posts on HBO’s Girls, a series I’ve written about as it relates to fashion themes. The basic working theory is the series operates in a post-fashion-obsessed, more reality-based tv world, in which characters no longer have perfectly put together wardrobes, but rather dress is a way that reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of who they are.

The intriguing thing about writer Lena Dunham is that she is no stranger to fashion. In her Twitter, she mentions a discussion with her parents about jeggings and in another post expresses shock that Jil Sander’s hair is blonde. And then she also seems to have some connection with Isaac Mizrahi as evidenced by an image (see that after the flip) of her and him taken when she was actually girl aged.

My fave Tweet as it relates to fashion is one she described as fashion advice she received on the phone from her Dad. She didn’t post the image shown above (it’s from a season two) but it sort of goes with what he said:

“Do not wear those dumb baby clothes. What do you even call a skirt that is shorts!? A skrount? Everybody drop your hemlines please! But still dress in a way that is shapely. Dress like you’re in charge of your shit then open your mouth and blow everybody’s mind because you are a punk and you say crazy stuff.”

Funny! And it very much reminds me of the wardrobe lecture she received from the character Ray upon arrival on the first day of her job in season one. So now we know where a lot of her inner voices come from!

Dunham/Mizrahi shot on the next page.

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Preview Video: ‘Nobody Walks’ Co-Written By Lena Dunham

07 August 2012, 00.21 | Posted in celebrity, movie | No comments »

This is a preview of a film titled Nobody Walks, as co-written by Lena Denham, she of HBO Girls fame. It looks like a movie on relationships that is twisted and somewhat dark and complicated so I’m sure I will love it. It stars John Krasinski and Olivia Thirlby

Also, let it be known I blame this post on my co-editor SGP. She brought up Girls this morning and I got to pining and went and searched around for the latest news on the series. So tomorrow be warned I’m going to do a Girls catch-up post. As a little preview, did you know that Nas’s favorite tv show is Girls?? Yes, that Nas, Nassir Jones aka the Don, Esko, etc. He is quoted in a recent People magazine article as saying, “My favorite show right now is Girls. I don’t know where this girl Lena Dunham came from, but she’s amazing!” I agree, Nas!


HBO Girl’s: ‘You’re So Fucking Gross….’

20 June 2012, 13.58 | Posted in Weddings, Women's Issues | No comments »

 tumblr m5vx6k0YxD1qf34gmo1 500 HBO Girls: Youre So Fucking Gross....

The gifs that come out of this show are so great because they bring forward the awesome writing that often gets lost in the mix (and the sometimes murky audio!). This one is from episode 10, the season finale, it’s yet another bathroom scene, shot just after Jessa marries. Via.

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HBO Girls: Jessa’s Wedding

20 June 2012, 13.37 | Posted in Weddings | No comments »

GirlsJessa2 540x303 HBO Girls: Jessas Wedding

As promised, here is my follow-up post on HBO Girl’s, which pulls together some events from episode 9 and 10, the season finale. I guess we can start with the chronologically most recent event, which is Jessa’s surprise wedding in the final episode. Given her character, her dress and whole look is entirely predictable, from the vintage hippy dress to the flower headband, which fine, let’s just leave it at that.

What I’m mad at is the wedding itself. It was predicated in episode 9 with a lecturing talk by the character played by Kathryn Hahn, the jilted mom, who told Jessa she sought out dramatic affairs to “distract yourself from becoming the person you’re meant to be.” At the moment, I couldn’t decide if her talk was supposed to be funny because of how cliched and stupid it was or a realistic represenation of a passive-aggressive girl-on-girl hate crime speech, which one could at least argue was justifiable given the events that led up to it.

Whatever that scene was, I’m still aggravated that it motivated Jessa’s decision to marry, which strikes me also as a girl-on-girl crime, albeit one committed by the show’s star and writer Lena Dunham aka Hanna, to put the show’s free-spirited pretty girl in her place. Granted, while Jessa had to experience some character developing angst at some point, joining her in holy matrimony with the repulsive, boring, mixtape guy seems over-the-top mean girlish.

Though on that note, knowing the clever young woman that Dunham is showing us she is, she’ll probably take the Jessa story line in a direction next season that makes total sense and ultimately serves to makes me adore her character even more.

And just on a sort of endnote because I’ve written about this show’s wrestling with its connection to Sex & the City, take note in the scene in which Jessa is visited by her former employer she is in the midst of redecorating Shoshanna’s aprtment, an act that includes taking down the Sex & the City poster prominantly featured in the first episode.  So there goes that. An interesting symbolic act but probably by no means the last time Girls debates its HBO godmother.

Video: HBO Girls ‘Slim Pants’ Episode 10

20 June 2012, 01.00 | Posted in tee-shirt | No comments »

In serious catch-up mode here so this post on HBO Girl’s No. 10 will be followed a second one from the same episode. (I’m not trying to do an episode-by-episode analysis because that doesn’t work for me.) If you’re at all keeping up, you know that this series has a rather unique relationship with fashion, somewhat love-hate-ish if you will, which I’ve totally enjoyed analyzing.  

In Episode 9, character Hannah arrives at her new coffee shop job only to be dressed down–literally–by her boss and friend, Ray who so far is the funniest character on this very charming show. Here are some highlights from his lecture on appropriate attire for a barista:

Ray: And don’t do some shit where you come back wearing grey flannel sweat pants and a Taylor Swift tee-shirt to be a dick. I know all the dick moves, don’t be a dick. Okay? Just a nice, a nice cute top.
Hannah: A cute top?
Ray: Yea, a cute top. Stop by an American Apparel if you have to. And get a slim leg. Jeans with a slim leg. I want you back in an hour. Slim leg! Okay? Slim leg!

Not as much deep analysis here, but pure funniness in my opinion as it relates to the concept of ironic fashion choices, aka dressing like a “dick.”

HBO Girl’s Season 2 Filming Shots

05 June 2012, 21.31 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 1 comment »

HBOGirlsSeason2 (3)

HBO Girls is in the process of filming season 2, and above are some images recently taken from a SoHo set. I’ve been harping on writer Lena Dunham’s funny relationship with “fashion” here and here. And this week the wardrobe goes outright punk rock with both Hanna and her boyfriend’s matching long john onesies the highlight outfits of the show (see that on the next page).  

In obsessing my way through various HBO Girls stuff, I came across an interview with Zosia Mamet who plays Shoshanna, the NYU college student less fully formed than her co-stars. She’s asked about her character’s fashion choices and says:

“She most definitely cares about clothing, but I don’t know if she knows what her own personal taste is. I think she’s so busy reading magazines and worrying about what the right thing to wear is all the time that she ends up dressing like an asshole. I’d be interested to know what her actual style sense is, as opposed to what she thinks it should be.”

There been a lot of reality tv since Sex & the City and we see giant doses of it in Girl. Maybe the series isn’t so much anti-fashion as it is a realistic reflection of most people’s relationship with clothes, which is to say innate style isn’t a given and sometimes the attempt to create it reveals more flaws than it hides. And I have to say, as much as I enjoyed S&TC, with its emphasis on perfectly put together outfits for each character, the way wardrobe is used in Girl’s creates a message that is far more revealing and ultimately intimate.

See more images from the season 2 set on the next page, plus Hanna’s long johns onesies.

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