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Levi’s X Gaultier: Overalls, Dress, Harem Pants, etc

04 June 2010, 16.20 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 comments »


Here is a closer look at some of the items featured in the Levi’s X Gaultier collabo, including overalls, harem pants and high-waisted straight legs. More on the flip.

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Asos Slashed Harem Pants In the style of Cheryl Cole

26 March 2010, 16.16 | Posted in Fashion | 2 comments »

ASOS Slashed Harem Pants

As a little girl I had many tv obsessions one of them was  I dream of Jeannie. Needless to say it was all about  Jeannie’s outfit,  the midriff top, the veil and of course the pouffy pants. Seriously,  I  even  mimicked the opening cartoon  dance ( If  I lost you  wou can watch an episode here). 

So when most of fashion  was Eww-ing at Harem pants all I could think about  was that  finally I could  have my Jeannie pants, and wear them in public! The task of finding the perfect pair is another story but thanks to Asos , I’m very close to perfection via their slashed version. Available for  $34 . Yes I own them. A closer look on the next page as well the version worn by the  UK’s Cheryl Cole who created quite a stir on a stage with her version.


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Robin Givhan Mad at Harem Pants

27 March 2009, 15.58 | Posted in Fashion, Media, Uncategorized, interviews | 2 comments »
haremfront Robin Givhan Mad at Harem Pants

Before & After: take out the shiney fabric and coordinated missing-torso top and not much has changed!

Fashion is the ultimate expression of history repeating itself. As such you’d be heard-pressed to find a fashion show review that doesn’t include a reference to a 20th century decade that the writer believes inspired the collection. In commenting on the current return-to-’80s fashion craze to New York magazine, Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan probably deeply hurt MC hammer when she stated emphatically, “I don’t think the world needs MC Hammer pants ever, ever again.” Ever! And by the way, she aint so high on acid-wash either. I’m with you Robin. Hammer pants should have died with harems; all that extra fabric just make no damn sense. If I want ill-fitting bottoms, I’ll buy a pair of pantyhose one size to small, thanks very much!

Daniel Palillo Cropped Top

27 March 2009, 13.46 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

bellyshirt1 Daniel Palillo Cropped Top

In fashion’s  continual infatuation with  the 80’s we’ve seen a love or hate relationship with  the return of harem pants , saruouel or hammer pants.   Cropped tops were also de rigueur , in these days if you reall. Although I have not seen many versions yet, something tells me that, we might see a lot cropped tops very soon. Daniel  Palillo’s  take is one of the best/fun  I’ve seen so far. Available at Welcomehuntersla.

The Convertible Harem Pants

24 February 2009, 16.04 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Stores | 1 comment »

090216 outfit1 a The Convertible Harem Pants

This is one  pant style that trend-centric fashionista’s  seem to be really afraid of: The Harem pants or Sarouel pants.  You either get it or you don’t. And that is perfectly okay. I  love the ease and playfulness they bring  to the fashion scene.  And of course,  in my head I could pretend to be on  a stylish  excursion  with Bedouins in the Sahara.

The Convertible Harem pants from Free People.

Hammer Girl: The Newish Look

22 August 2008, 14.43 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

Hugo Boss had an event the other night and one of the guests, VJ Romina Aranzola (no idea who she is), was wearing an outfit that I’ve noticed has emerged as a hot look for summer 2008. I like to call it the Hammer Girl . It’s the famous MC Hammer harem pants combined with the skimpiest of American Apparel wife-Bs and an often colorful or patterned bra.

HammerGirlVJRomina Aranzola Hammer Girl: The Newish Look

I’m not sure if it’s just a summer thing or something of a reaction to the extremely snug straight leg and hightops look that has been dominating the streetwear scene for a while now. Whatever it is, I always love a new look, however, this is one that I will probably only cheer from the sidelines. I personally cut my teeth on punker looks and as a result I feel weird wearing anything baggy. I’m not even crazy about those jersey dresses just ’cause they’re too soft and flowly. But do your thing, women, blaze your new fashion trails.

And people say there aren’t new trends anymore.
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