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Gwen Stefani: Plaid Button-Up & Boyfriend Jeans

16 February 2010, 16.08 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 2 comments »

 Gwen Stefani: Plaid Button Up & Boyfriend Jeans

There truely is not a look that Gwen Stefani can’t pull off to perfection, from kicks to heels, she has the equivalent fashion range of a great actor or singer. Still, my sentimental favorite style and the one I think she rocks best is her Cholo/Ska/Cali-girl streetwear look, which, one could argue, she does so well because she originated it! Here she is out shopping in a plaid button up, boyfriend jeans layered over grey sweats, all of which is girlified by a pair of very-of-the-moment, nude-colored sandals.

More images at JustJared.

Lamb Fall 2010: What’s in Gwen’s Closet?

12 February 2010, 20.58 | Posted in Fashion, Music | No comments »

GwenFront Lamb Fall 2010: Whats in Gwens Closet?

For the Fall 2010 Lamb collection all the iconic Gwen themes like plaid and military were present and as always, freshened via current silhouettes like one-shoulder tops and harem-influenced bottoms. It’s a sharp, very-ready-to-wear collection.  Clearly Lamb’s issues are not the fashion as it appears on the runway, but more its positioning at retail, where it still seems to be struggling to find a pricepoint that makes sense for its level of cache. It’s never easy to crossover from one lane of success to another (”I’m a rock icon, no wait, a designer!”), though I give Gwen a lot of credit for have more success than most. She is one tough, never-give-up cookie.

Image source: Style.

More images after the flip, including one of the head diva in charge, Mz. Stefani.

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LAMB Spring/Summer 2010 Presentation

11 September 2009, 18.40 | Posted in Design, Fashion | 1 comment »

lamb4 540x343 LAMB Spring/Summer 2010 Presentation

Finally!!! A sign that LAMB, the clothing line did not disappear, unlike their site. Gwen Stefani presented her Spring/Summer 2010 collection at Milk Studios yesterday with an installation of models clad in LAMB apparel and footwear. A closer look on the next page. Imgs courtesy of wire. At first glance the line looks a little on the casual side which is not necessarily a bad thing…

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Gwen Stef Back to her Old Self…Sort of

27 July 2009, 13.31 | Posted in Music, celebrity | 2 comments »

gwennodoubt2 Gwen Stef Back to her Old Self...Sort of

Gwen is touring with her old buddies, No Doubt, working hard to bring back some of the magic of yore and do a little damage control from some of her missteps (the yodeling song, a sputtering shoe and clothing line, packaging ethnic stereotypes to market herself and her products) over the past year or so. Oh well, nobody’s perfect, right? I hope she succeed at her goals. She’s an amazing woman.

One more midriff image after the flip. Mami may be a Mommy now but she still got it.

All images WireImage

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Gwen Stefani on the cover of Elle July 2009

09 June 2009, 17.53 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Magazines, celebrity | 2 comments »

gwen stefani photos in the magazine Gwen Stefani on the cover of Elle July 2009

Before Rihanna ,  Gwen Stefani used who make our heads turn with her ability to really rock some amazing looks. Granted, she was not photographed half as much, even in her hottest moments… Thankfully Gwen  graces the cover of Elle Magazine  for july 2009 showing that she still has “it”.  Detailed view of the look on the next page via JJ.

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Gwen Stefani Rockin’ The Hunter Heels

20 April 2009, 17.34 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

gwen2 Gwen Stefani Rockin The Hunter Heels

Gwen Stefani keeps the sexy in her signature footwear L.A.M.BHunter Heels  and distressed denim. via Denimology

Flashback Friday Vid: “I’m Just a Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrl!!!”

09 January 2009, 15.23 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »
YouTube Preview Image

“I’m Just a Girl” by No Doubt: Dedicated to all my women who are reading today and feeling fed up with being a female and all the bullshit treatment we endure and games we have to run to get the slightest of hustles on. A lot of you whippersnappers don’t know this, but in the early days of No Doubt, lots of folks used to crack on Gwen for being the girl who was riding the coattails of her bandmates’ talent to fame. She got all the credit for standing up there, acting pretty and singing but the men were actually doing all the hardwork. So they said. Heh, that’s what happens when you underestimate “girls.” They leave your ass in the dussssssssssssssst!! Mwah, love you ALL, ladies!!

This is a live performance. In it, Stefani, jefa/boss tha she is, starts it off by doing push-ups. If all the females in the crowd screaming “I’ve had it up to heeeeeear!!” at the end doesn’t get ya a little, I dunno, babe, it may be time for a little quality time w/ your girls.