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Gucci Hightops At Temporary Gucci Icon Store

18 June 2010, 20.44 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Retail | 2 comments »

 Gucci Hightops At Temporary Gucci Icon Store

Okay, okay, they’re men’s Gucci hightops, but the truth is HighSnobette has a sneaker heritage (did you know we used to be called ChicksWithKicks??) and we can’t help but occassionally share our lust for an admirably designed pair of kicks, even if they supposedly are only (as if!) for the fellas. These were featured in a dsiplay at the temporary Gucci Icon store in Tokyo. Via Honeyee.

Two more after the flip.

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Gucci Launches Timepiece Site

05 May 2010, 14.56 | Posted in Accessories, Retail, Watches | 1 comment »

 Gucci Launches Timepiece Site

Gucci today launched GucciTimePieces, where you can see and purchase its watches, which, according to WWD, is a fledgling business for the big G. Personally I still have love for Gucci though it makes me mad when I pass by the knock-off vendors on 5th Ave in Manhattan to see how much fake Gucci they’re hawking lately. Someone once told me that the problem with copies is not so much that they cut into sales of the real thing, it’s more that the people who can afford lux prices get turned off from purchasing a bag that is so ubiquitous people wonder if it’s real or not. Case in point the LV Speedy. You pay all that money and everyone looks at it figuring you picked it up on the street for $40.

Gucci Fall 2010

01 March 2010, 15.42 | Posted in Fashion, Runway Show, fur | No comments »

 Gucci Fall 2010

There are two faces to Gucci, the Northern-influenced side, which is classic and quietly rich, and the Southern side, which is flashier and more ostentatious. The fall 2010 collection, probably influenced by the shakey economy, is definitely leaning toward its Northern roots. That is a bummer for me because I like when my labels flaunt themselves with not an ounce of shame. Not that Gucci has completely vanquished its flashy looks to the storage bins. You can still buy the iconic red and green stripe and interlocking Gs in spades on the website (which probably outsells the logo-less items 100-1).

More images at Style.

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Gucci Vintage Watch Ads!!

03 February 2010, 15.18 | Posted in Accessories, Media | No comments »

 Gucci Vintage Watch Ads!!

Gucci, the brand of which I am a total Stan just announced it will reach into its media archives to create its next set of watch ads. Pulled from campaigns from the 60s, they feature model Veruschka and in another ad not featured here, Peter Sellers (r.i.p!).  Three Gucci watches will be superimposed over the old images, including Gucci’s first-ever digital watch. Love the idea and the look of the photographs and very smart of Gucci to tap into its insanely rich heritage.

Source: WWD.

Gucci Pre-Fall 2010

01 February 2010, 17.01 | Posted in Fashion | 3 comments »

 Gucci Pre Fall 2010

As a dedicated label ho, Gucci always sits at somewhere near the top of my list, and for at least the past six months, it’s occupied the No. 1 spot in my heavy-hitter-loving heart. Here we see some looks from the pre-fall, ready-to-wear line for 2010. It’s an ode to the classier, less glitzy side of Gucci, which doesn’t exactly make my heart beat fast, but I’m still digging the nude-influenced color pallette and the very sick, high-waisted trousers, straight out of the 70s. And the fur coat on the left……the mouth drools!

All images via WWD. Click through for three more looks.

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Gucci Icon-Temporary Miami

01 December 2009, 20.00 | Posted in Accessories, Retail, Sneakers | 1 comment »

gucci icon temporary miami Gucci Icon Temporary Miami

Following the opening of the New York pop-up store, Gucci opens a second ICON-TEMPORARY in Miami, coinciding with this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach. The store features 18 exclusive sneaker styles, including a new exclusive Mark Ronson sneaker style (pictured above) that was not available in New York. Each Gucci ICON-TEMPORARY Miami shoe comes packaged in a unique box designed specifically for the city. The store opens today, December 1, 2009 and runs for two weeks.Via the  Highsnob. Location info on the next page.

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Gucci Sandals: Resort Collection

26 October 2009, 20.18 | Posted in Couture, Shoes | 1 comment »

235132 HTF10 8485 001 zoom Gucci Sandals: Resort Collection

Gucci’s resort collection is now available for purchase. Being an unabashed label-ho myself, I gotta say that not a lot beats out Gucci’s classic green and red band for iconic points.  Add in the zipper detail, which plays so perfectly against the leather strap and silver buckle and you have a shoe that at the end of the day you’d be very reluctant to take off your feet.  (Heh,  not that your significant other would argue given how awfully sexy they’d look resting on a set of satin sheets!)

Gucci x HOME, The Film Tee

07 May 2009, 16.51 | Posted in Design, FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Fashion | 1 comment »

gucci tee Gucci x HOME, The Film Tee

The Celebrate the  environmantal  film, Home by Yann Arthus Bertrand and Luc Besson ,  Gucci created a special edition tee,  fusing the Gucci and Home film logos, made of organic materials and natural dyes. The profits from the sale  will be donated entirely to Goodplanet. The Home film , financed by   PPR ( who owns Gucci)  launches June 5, 2009, but the tees will arrive in select Gucci boutiques on May 25th. via Vogue France.


RihRih & Madonna: Sideway Glances!

20 November 2008, 21.28 | Posted in Music | No comments »

RihRih and Madonna were recently snapped together as part of some Gucci promotional blitz that they’re both participating in. Check out Mo’s sideway glance at RihRih and her gnarly hand gripped around her hip. Oh to be a fly on the brain of either one of them! On the one hand, you have Madonna whose diva status is set in stone but whose star is clearly fading, while on the other you have a young woman on the way up who has stated in interviews how much she admires and hopes to have a career similar to the Material Girl. An all around deelish moment captured in time!

RihRihDaisy RihRih & Madonna: Sideway Glances!

^^Who envies who for what?? (That’s the Gucci designer on the far left–sorry can’t remember her name.)

See a full shot on the other side. Both are wearing amazing dresses! Plus a close up of Rih’s new tattoo, which hopefully will be her last one!!
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Perfect Gucci Boots: Another Angle

19 August 2008, 20.52 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Stores | 1 comment »

Here’s another shot of those Gucci boots, this one from the web site. And no, I’m not getting paid by the big G to promote the hell out of their stuff today. I wish! How ’bout not even a free keychain!

GucciBoots 01 Perfect Gucci Boots: Another Angle

^^Gucci Devandra: They’re only, umm, $1995. Only. Cheez.

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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