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Rihanna Wears Grunge-Inspired Outfit In Concert

05 December 2011, 21.12 | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 comments »

Rihanna1 359x540 Rihanna Wears Grunge Inspired Outfit In Concert

Rihanna’s outfit featuring a waist-tied ”shirt” for a recent performance in London, very much brings to mind Marc Jacob’s notorious Spring ‘93 grunge collection for Perry Ellis, which was so controversial it eventual led to his dismissal (who’s sorry now Perry Ellis??). My guess is that Rihanna’s skirt-shirt wasn’t designed by anyone, rather created by a savvy stylist, with the military lace-up boots Jacob’s favored updated with black, lace-up stilettos.

It’s funny that Jacob’s collection is so celebrated now because at the time it was reviled not just by fashion folks but also the punks who inspired it, including Courtney Love, who has claimed she and her husband, Kurt Cobain, burned it after Jacobs sent it to them. But oh how minds have changed. Back then, the runways and the fashion community were  viewed as the establishment, and now, street and fashion are practically joined at the hip!

After the flip see the Sonic Youth video “Sugar Kane,” which was filmed in the Perry Ellis showroom and shows pieces from the grunge collection, plus features an up and coming Chloe Sevigny.  There’s an also a 2001 excerpt from an Index magazine interview, in which Jacobs discusses the 1993 collection, described by him as his “favorite.”

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Daphne Guinness: Fashion Ended W Grunge?

15 November 2011, 22.39 | Posted in Fashion, Music | 3 comments »

HiphopKanyeAmberRose 540x365 Daphne Guinness: Fashion Ended W Grunge?

Fashion wonder Daphne Guiness was interviewed recently in Interview magazine. It’s a great interview, very much worthy of a read, but one line in particular stuck out. In speaking about fashion movements she says:

“There hasn’t been anything real since grunge. That was the last movement led by music or an art form.”

The grunge or prefer punk fashion movement was indeed a great one–stunning in the way it essentially took all that came before it, tore it down literally to shreds and reconstructed it into something brand new. Punk was so great that it’s achieved a sort of classic status in that designers from now to eternity are sure to reference it in a cyclical manner like they do all the great fashion eras.

Still, there most definitely have been fashion movements since “grunge,” or at least running concurrent with it–starting with hip-hop style, which is marked by its royal (as in African royalty, people) celebration of adornment and boldface style, including big fur, flashy jewellery, animal prints, body-conscious silhouettes, all of which is often mixed up with athletic looks (a tribute to the great successes of black athletes?) like track suits and sneakers. And then there’s the whole beauty supply world of nail art, false eye lashes, bold lip colors, hair extensions, etc! 

Sure, there was over-the-top style before hiphop and rap came along (thank you disco and soul and funk) but who could deny that the movement didn’t put its own extremely special stamp on the look just like punk did rock ‘n’ roll and create a style who’s influence has been at least as huge as punk’s.

In another line, Guiness describes the current fashion movement as “corporate.” Agree somewhat but not entirely…but that is for another post entirely.

On the next page some more hiphop fashion looks from back in the day,a  look that is still alive and evolving.


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Dr .Martens Still rockin’

26 August 2008, 15.35 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Dr .Martens Still rockin

With the slow re-introduction of ripped jeans back into the mainstream,I think that Grunge inspired fashion , one of my fave era’s could be  making a comeback, granted it will probably have a different spin but ,along with Chucks, you need a pair of Dr. Martens, to rock the "look"who has been popping up here and there in fashion editorials…

The Tall boot on the next page tough could be a smart , more chic option to Slushy rainy days..Some of you have rocked  random rain boots out  at night…Nope Not cute…

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