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Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Gold Chain’ Sandals

01 February 2013, 18.04 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | 2 comments »

zanotti 1 477x540 Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Chain Sandals

The illustration  of pure heat on your feet, these Giuseppe Zanotti sandals have a 90s feel we’re for sure smitten with.  Providing sexiness with versatility they can be snatched at Matches. See them in various angles on the flip.

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Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye ‘Cruel Summer’ Sandals

02 October 2012, 21.48 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, celebrity | 1 comment »

GiuseppeZanottiKanyeCruelSummer 540x409 Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye Cruel Summer Sandals

If like me you missed the display of Giuseppe Zanotti’s latest shoe collaboration with Kanye West on his Facebook page last week, here’s a look see (see last year’s collaboration here). The shoes are titled “Cruel Summer,” and it’s been observed that they match up with the design aesthetic of the West-produced compilation album of the same name.

Giuseppe Zanotti For Kanye West At Colette Online

01 March 2012, 17.15 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Shoes, sandals | 4 comments »

GZforKW 540x540 Giuseppe Zanotti For Kanye West At Colette Online
We posted a shot yesterday of the Giuseppe Zanotti shoe for Kanye West, shown in Colette’s store via Twitter, but now we have much clearer shots, plus pricing (about $5,000 $6,000 tax included) for the shoes–yes, shoes with an “s,” there are actually two styles–as featured on Colette’s etail site. Hate all you want haters, but this is a drop-dead gorgeous shoe. 

See another angle of the above shoe, plus the second, much more moderately priced silhouette on the next page.

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Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West At Colette

29 February 2012, 18.35 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Shoes, sandals | 5 comments »

GiuseppeZanotti4KanyeWest@Colette 540x405 Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West At Colette

The shoes as designed by Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West’s Spring 2012 runway presentation are now available for purchase at Colette. Loved them then, still love them now. Spotted at Refinery.

Even Hotter than chrystal…

12 August 2008, 18.24 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

zanotti heat Even Hotter than chrystal...

There was a trend a few seasons back when everything was getting  chrystallized..was it  a sex and the city thing? anyway …….zanotti heat2 Even Hotter than chrystal...

I personally think mirrors are an  even hotter embellishment  that i’d like to see alot more of..like these Giuseppe Zanotti booties available at Net-a-porter..it’s like Watch me leave as I shine from behind…


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Fall is in the air….

24 July 2008, 16.50 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | No comments »

zanotti boot Fall is in the air....

It’s that time of year, mid-july when fashion is slowly leaving the buzz of summer and turning our attention to what we’ll be rocking in the fall.Boots are again really big. I promise myself to wear more colors this fall but I always end up with black…these Zanotti boots would make it really easy tough

Available at Net-a-Porter

check after the jump for a pair Of Alexander Mcqueen’s
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I Hate These Shoes

01 April 2008, 15.53 | Posted in Shoes | No comments »

I’m considering just giving up and being in a foul mood today. Usually I fight surly feelings, but dammit, if you, like me, like in New York, you look outside your window it’s hard NOT to be annoyed. Yet another gloomy, sort of cold day, which would be okay, except that this is about the 180th day in a row that we’ve had this weather! C’mon Ma Nature, give us a break! Or at least a peak at the sun that lasts for more than two hours!

On that craptastic note, there are two designer shoe styles this “spring” that have been getting tons of editorial press. I’ve been hemming and hawing on my feelings for them, but recently I made a decision to just flat out hate them. It’s news to note ’cause normally I like both of these designers and also, I’m not quick to hate. There’s stuff I love and then there’s all the other shoes that I couldn’t care less about.

Here they are, as featured in the last issue of Elle magazine (which I still love):

ShoesIHate.jpg I Hate These Shoes

^^Ignore the green shoe. I don’t who it’s by and I don’t care. First up, the weirdo heel shoe, No. 3, by Marc Jacobs. It just looks dumb and it seems like it’s being different just to be different. Like there’s no substance or thought behind it. Part of it I guess is I’ve never been a fan of whimsy when it comes to fashion. Everything in its place and a place for everything and don’t try and put pom-poms on the hem of a dress and think it’s cute ’cause everyone knows the only place they look right is on a piece of furniture. Same with this heel–put it where it belongs! And then the Giuseppe Zanotti shoe in the back. At first I thought I liked it, but the more I looked at it the less I did. I’m sorry, but even with the cut out, it’s too clunky and difficult looking, and it keeps reminding me of a comedy I once saw, featuring a pimp whose platforms contained a mini-aquarium, complete with goldfish. Smack some plexi-glass on Guiseppe’s shoes, throw some fish in there and you’d have the same deal.

Bitterly yours,

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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