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Gasp! Carine Roitfeld To Leave French Vogue!!

17 December 2010, 13.34 | Posted in Magazines, celebrity | 3 comments »

Carine Gasp! Carine Roitfeld To Leave French Vogue!!

Looks like the very much admired Carine Roitfeld is leaving her post as editor of French Vogue, which she has held for over nine years. She is leaving to pursue personal projects in the next few weeks, according to WWD……so let the speculation and anonymous source rumor mongering begin! As for us Snobs–at least for the near term–we will miss her kick-ass style presence on the fashion circuit, as well as her incredible editorial vision and hope she doesn’t stay out of the limelight long.

Carine Roitfeld: Mon Damn Dieu!

27 February 2008, 18.01 | Posted in Books | 1 comment »

So much for thinking that Carine Roitfeld, big cheese of French Vogue, was the cool version of Anna Wintour. In a New York mag article last week, she comes off as just as big of a jerk as The Devil, albeit wrapped in a French package. In other words, her shitty attitude is more subtle and less in your face and as such takes longer to be exposed to the light of day. End of day, they’re still both peas in a mink-lined pod.  

RTEmagicC CarineRoitfeldbySlimane.jpg Carine Roitfeld: Mon Damn Dieu!

^^Not as successful as Anna, but much, much skinnier!

Here were some of her quotes:

“I will never be a business girl, but I will say, for Anna Wintour, I respect successful people, I like things that are success. But this is really American.” (Yeah, yeah, yeah, the usual tired stereotypes about how Americans only care about success and $$$. The reality is, Europeans find the fact that we talk so much about money boorish ’cause there, you either have it or you don’t and if you don’t, TOO BAD, peasant, you never will so stop whining!)

“I have [a scale] in my office so people always say that I weigh my staff, and it is totally wrong. All my girls are very thin and very chic and very beautiful. And if they’re not beautiful, well, then they are very charming. So people always say I weigh them, but no. I don’t weigh my girls.” (No scale, but you’re either a toothpick or a fat, funny girl. Even Anna has never said anything this gross. She thinks it no doubt, but at least she has the brains to keep her trap shut about it.)

Remarking on an assistant, she states, “Doesn’t she look like Nicole Kidman? I told you all the girls who work at French Vogue vewy skinny and beautiful.” (The token fat, charming girl got fired last week apparently.)

On on recent vacation to Thailand, she comments, “You think this will be so glamorous. You have this idea in your mind and then you get there and the people in the hotel…there were lots of people there who were fat and like that.” (Poor Carine, having to rub shoulders with commoners–fat ones no less!)

And she doesn’t know how to use a computer (lame) and “her girls” are not allowed to wear sneakers in the office (also lame, shows no appreciation for streetwear trends). Though she’s also banned Uggs, which, hey, no one’s entirely evil!

Je T’embrasse!

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