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Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” Spring 2009 Collection

25 February 2009, 23.26 | Posted in Fashion | 1 comment »

Stussy x Hellz Bellz "Ladies First!!" Spring 2009 Collection

After seeing several teasers of the collection, the release of the Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” capsule line is just around the corner. Stussy is well known for their collaborative projects, but usually there was not much for the ladies in the mix – that was until now!

“This ladies-only collaboration features a capsule collection of tees, tops and accessories. Available at Stussy Chapter stores and other premium streetwear retailers on March 7th.”

Check out the Stussy x Hellz Bellz “Ladies First!!” Collection after the jump.

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The Tee Criticks Top 20 Obama tees!

06 November 2008, 18.12 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

 The Tee Criticks Top 20 Obama tees! 

We’d love to brag and say we were able to do this extensive research but,we don’t have to.Thanks to the Tcritic there is a list of the Top 20+ Obama inspired tees so far. There was a run on Newspapers yesterday that I passed on cause to be honest I cannot handle any more paper goods. But a tee that can be worn to shreds that, I can definitely work with.The Elektra version above is one of my fave, already sold out but available soon!

See The T Critics pics Here
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New Collection By MadGirlNancy

24 October 2008, 15.12 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 New Collection By MadGirlNancy New Collection By MadGirlNancy

We featured MadGirlNancy here a while back .The Label just launched a new collection of accessories keeping their best selling items like the "Tucker Belt" above and are continuiing their foray in to apparel with sweatshirts and tees with a focus on shapes and graphics.

More MadGirl Nancy Here
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Missbehave Pop-Up Shop Check Out the Goodies!

15 September 2008, 17.26 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

missbehave1 Missbehave Pop Up Shop Check Out the Goodies!

The Missbehave Shop on Karmaloop is now open …Fun Fab clothes by all our favorite labels!

check it out here
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HighSnobette At Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2009

09 September 2008, 22.27 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

 HighSnobette At  Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2009

Yours truly was at the Monique Lhuillier fashion show this morning.Monique made her fame  by designing the most elegant, feminine and sexy bridal gowns I have ever laid my eyes on. She’s making mine, she just does not know it yet… A glimpse on the next page.

 HighSnobette At  Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2009

The collection, inspired by the tropics showcases her incredible attention to detail and exquisite dressmaking skills.

 HighSnobette At  Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2009

Every piece was flowing , there ’s no way you blend in the crowd in her creations. She used leather belts on some of the dresses, like the one above but there is nothing remotely casual about Monique Lhuillier,

4 Monte Carlo small HighSnobette At  Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2009

Unless casual for you means having a cocktail At the Hotel de Paris in Monte carlo.


02 September 2008, 14.29 | Posted in Chicks with Kicks, Sneakers | No comments »


L.A Gear just launched their new site! The re-launch of the label kinda worries me tough…I still want a pair of those pink and white hi-tops with pink & white shoe laces, and I am very excited to see them come back!

But the thing is that LA GEAR was a symbol of the "Cool Urban  Girl"as you can see on the picture above, and today that girl  looks very different: she’s  prolly rocking  a vintage tee,super skinny J brand or Paige jeans, hi top Nikes or Jordans, a Chanel or LV bag,with Super or Marc Jacobs shades,you get the picture.So, in a nutshell that girl  loves fashion , shops everywhere,reads highsnobette(had to go there LOL) among other sites and prolly has her own…

Appealing to the nostalgia of the brand  might not get them too far if  that is all their marketing efforts  will entail ,hopefully not…starlets who rock kicks Like, Rih Rih,Cassie,La Lohan ect should definitely be on their roster If they want to reach the women who born in the 90’s …
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Gola X Christian Lacroix !!!

26 August 2008, 16.44 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Sneakers | No comments »

news1068 Gola X Christian Lacroix !!!As early as I can remember, Christian Lacroix has always been a  serious couture reference ,although you can agree, that in the US he’s been overshadowed by the media’s fascination with the Lagerfelds and Gallianos.Nonetheless the man is an Icon who unlike most High end fashion Folks truly gets  the crossover of Fashion & Sneakers,gotta love that:

"In a way, trainers are to the 21st century what shimmering ties and multicolored vests were to the dandies of the 19th century—a distinctive sign, a personal signature,”-C.Lacroix

The collaboration with Gola , british sneaker brand created in the 1900’s,launches in January 2009,with men’s And women’s styles,hooray!

via Sportswear
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Dr .Martens Still rockin’

26 August 2008, 15.35 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion | No comments »

 Dr .Martens Still rockin

With the slow re-introduction of ripped jeans back into the mainstream,I think that Grunge inspired fashion , one of my fave era’s could be  making a comeback, granted it will probably have a different spin but ,along with Chucks, you need a pair of Dr. Martens, to rock the "look"who has been popping up here and there in fashion editorials…

The Tall boot on the next page tough could be a smart , more chic option to Slushy rainy days..Some of you have rocked  random rain boots out  at night…Nope Not cute…

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Gant teams up with the Sartorialist

26 August 2008, 14.04 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

b brian Gant teams up with the Sartorialist

One thing The Sartorialist could never be accused is his lack of consistency.Where ever he is ,Scott Schuman finds well dressed men and a few women who showcase his idea  of style and refinement.

He recently teamed up with Gant for a feature of ten New Yorkers mixing Gant apparel with their own.The women’s style was okay, lacked a wow factor and a little edge that I think can be specific to the NYC gal but, the men  for the most part were pretty sharp… check out  Luke whose never made Hunter Boots look so masculin….


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Oella..Less Is never More

25 August 2008, 18.23 | Posted in Design, Fashion | No comments »

studio Oella..Less Is never More

Taking the opposite side of the fashion spectrum, Less is Never More is Oella’s motto.Based in Sweden, the label has fun colorful clothes that bring the fun back to everyday wear!

Check next page for more fun Stuff…

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