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Eve x Reebok Classics ‘ Home Coming’ Documentary

12 June 2012, 17.47 | Posted in Fashion, Film | No comments »


I won’t claim to be an expert in music of any genre, however in the realm of female rappers, I would put Eve up there among the best. Originally from Philadelphia, she partnered with Reebok classics to document her career and homecoming. Enjoy!

BET Awards Red Carpet: Nicki Minaj, Eve, Amber, Ashanti, Etc.

27 June 2011, 20.48 | Posted in Red Carpet, celebrity | 1 comment »

betnickiminaj1 380x540 BET Awards Red Carpet: Nicki Minaj, Eve, Amber, Ashanti, Etc.

Here is an image of Nicki Minaj, who was one of many celebs in attedance for the BET award show  last night. The lighting was definitely not very friendly so kudos to all the celebs who still managed to look great.

More images on the next page, including Eve, Amber Rose, Cassie, Ashanti, Estelle and a few others.

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Eve For Cover Of Inked Magazine January 2011

03 January 2011, 16.30 | Posted in Magazines, Music, celebrity | 2 comments »

Eve3Inked Eve For Cover Of Inked Magazine January 2011

Eve’s appeal was always her supreme confidence in herself, backed up not just by her amazing beauty but also her real skills as a rap artist. That her music is now limited to a trip down memory lane rather than a here and now moment shows just how fickle fame can be. Via Inked magazine we’re treated to an Eve editorial, which is very high fashion considering the title. Styled by Liz McClean, Eve is photographed by Warwick Saint and wears fashion by Norma Kamali, Kiki de Montparnesse, rings by Loree Rodkin and shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood. More images including the cover on the next page.

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Katy & RihRih Whoop it Up at Pre-Grammy Event

31 January 2010, 17.23 | Posted in Fashion, Media, Music, celebrity | 3 comments »


Cute picture of Katy Perry and RihRih sharing a gut-busting laugh. Perry’s style has me very much on the fence, but I’ve always been awed by her perfect skin. And if you haven’t already, check out Rihanna’s mani! I’m wondering if it’s CalGel, which I’m dying to try!

More WireImages of Ciara (are you buying her high-fashion transformation?), Eve in a perfect, white leather jacket, and Mz. Keri wearing a very slick pair of brown suede Louboutins.

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Eve: Bust Magazine

23 January 2008, 14.24 | Posted in Other | No comments »

Eve is on the cover of the latest issue of Bust magazine. As a long time reader of the mag, I find her to be a bit of a strange fit. A few years back when she reached into our collective female chests and squeezed the hell out of our hearts with the wrenching “Love is Blind” it would have made sense, but back then unfortunately, the entire rap genre (not to mention Eve’s additional status as a style icon) was pretty much lost on Bust.

RTEmagicC EveBustCover.jpg Eve: Bust Magazine

Nowadays, the woman has not only had her pitbull-in-a-skirt swagger swiped out from underneath her by RhiRhi, but is struggling to resurrect her music career via a fourth album that has been pushed back repeatedly. Notably, the mag doesn’t even acknowledge the delays and annouces the record as available when in actuality, it won’t hit stores until the end of January (Eve hopes).

All that being said, girl still has her hot moments and if you ask me, her tough girl pose carries a hell of a lot more substance than Miss Umbrella-ella-ella. Case in point:

RTEmagicC Eve.jpg Eve: Bust Magazine

^^Where is the love? (Gorgeously photographed by Danielle Levitt)

The music industry, it’s about as nasty as a business gets.

On a major side note, if you’re wondering what the hell that whole connection between her DUI and Sean Penn was, this is what she said in the interview:

I’ve known him for a while through some mutual friends. Sean’s one of those people who wants to help everybody, be it one person or the world. He is that person, and he saw what happened–I guess he was behind me or something. The cops were like, “Sean Penn is here.” And I was like, “Oh, Uhh, OK.” But he thought he could come and help me out, which I thought was a really sweet thing to do. I wish he could’ve. But it’s all good.

Given the tales of Sean’s own drunken adventures since her arrest, it all kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

Chat with ya later!

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