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Snobettes 10 Favourite Asos Dresses Available Now

20 September 2012, 16.51 | Posted in Editor Picks, Fashion, Retail | No comments »

Asos front Snobettes 10 Favourite Asos Dresses Available Now

With its recently released range of dresses Asos is ringing in autumn with a bang. From bold colors and patterns to amazing cuts in various lengths and materials it was even hard to reduce our favourite picks to only 10 pieces. Enriched by some designer dresses ranging from Louise Amstrup to Sonia Rykiel, the Brithish online retailer with its range of autumnal dresses gets our full attention this week. All dresses are now available from Asos.com

Which one do you go for?

Check our selection on the next page.

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Karmaloop: Top 3 Dresses for Spring

04 March 2010, 01.49 | Posted in perfume | No comments »

 Karmaloop: Top 3 Dresses for Spring

Fashion lovers are starting to stock up on spring items so we checked in with our buddies at Karmaloop and asked them to tell us what their right-now, three hottest categories are. Dresses are at the top of the list so that’s where’s we’re going to start. The three styles you see on this page are currently the hottest sellers on the site. From left to right: Blaque Label’s “Ramona,” Motel’s “Pamela Chain“ and for a dash of flowers to lighten the mood, Jack BB Dakota’s “Jonica.” Stayed tuned for hot categories No. 2 and 3. Can you guess what they are?

New Spring Dresses at Alter Boutique

29 January 2010, 15.31 | Posted in Fashion, Retail | No comments »


 New Spring Dresses at Alter Boutique

Yea, yea, it’s still cold, but Spring is truely just around the corner, and at Brooklyn-based Alter boutique new items are pouring in daily. Check out the site for additional, new offerings by Cheap Monday and Rojas.

Bill Cunningham: Sky-High Heels and the Return of the Dress

16 September 2008, 17.13 | Posted in Accessories, Art, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

If you don’t adore legendary lensman for the NY Times Bill Cunningham it’s probably only ’cause you don’t know who he is. He’s been doing his "On the Street" photography column for the paper forever, which is, hands down, the best part of the Time’s fashion coverage. This past week he did his totally on-point column on the piping-hot fashion trend of "spidery" high heels combined with short dresses. He also talks about the demise of handbags as the centerpiece of the outfit.  It’s a must-see.

Cunningham Bill Cunningham: Sky High Heels and the Return of the Dress

^^"People who complain that there is no fashion and no style…they’re nuts!" –Bill Cunningham.
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Cultist: New Merch

29 February 2008, 16.40 | Posted in Fashion, Stores | No comments »

Wonderful online retailer The Cultist has some new items for sale. Here’s the ones we liked the most:

RTEmagicC CultistStripedDress.jpg Cultist: New Merch

^^Insight’s Ferris Wheel Dress

RTEmagicC CultistGraphLeggings.jpg Cultist: New Merch

^^Love Machine Leggings

RTEmagicC CultistHighWaistStraights.jpg Cultist: New Merch

^^Insight’s Annie Hall Tee

One tiny thing I wish were different about The Cutlist is the navigation. When I click on a category–say tops–what comes up is a bunch of images that reveal just a portion of the item–thus I have to click on every picture to see what’s what. When PMS-ing this makes me wanna cry, otherwise I just get annoyed and inspired to think hateful thoughts.

Best friends forever!

Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Etsy We Love

27 February 2008, 17.03 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes, Sneakers, Stores | No comments »

Etsy has been highlighted here before. If you haven’t been, it’s a site where people can sell their stuff. It’s kind of like EBay except there’s no time limit or bidding. And I don’t know about all Etsy categories (like furniture and various sundry other crap), but the people who sell clothing there seem to be younger and a lot less cuckoo-cuckoo than the typcial Ebay sellers with their flashing, flower-filled wallpapers and 15 paragraphs on how you’re gonna burn in hell if you don’t send them their money immediately and don’t even THINK about trying to send anything back. Even if, like in my case, they send you dresses that end up being much bigger than you thought ’cause they were pinned back in the photos or shirts with runs they forgot to mention or size 11 shoes that were actually a MEN’s size 11 and so on down the line.

So basically even thought you have to sift through a bunch of gross hippie crap on Etsy–plus ever new damn Mom thinking she has to start a infant clothing line (Ugh!)–it’s still a LOT better than Ebay. Plus, besides vintage stuff, there are a lot of designers there who make there own stuff and some of it is pretty cute.

So, here are some things I came across this past week that I thought you guys would appreciate. I listed the seller’s name and linked to it under the image:

RTEmagicC NeNeee.jpg Etsy We Love

^^NeNee Mod Sequined Mini

RTEmagicC FutureVintage.jpg Etsy We Love

^^Future Vintage ’70s Disco Mesh Bag

RTEmagicC ShannahMMignini.jpg Etsy We Love

^^ShannahMMignini Mod Mod Sandals

Click to the right to see more images including some AMAZING retro Nikes. (But because the backend of HighSnobette can sometimes be a total pain in the ASS, I can’t link to the buyers on the other page. You’ll just have to go to the site and search for them. You’re a smart bunch, I’m sure you can manage.)

Much Love, Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com

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