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Coach Spring Eyewear Colletion – The ‘Skylar’ Aviator

02 April 2013, 16.51 | Posted in Accessories | 1 comment »

Coach x Highsnobette 3 Coach Spring Eyewear Colletion   The Skylar Aviator
Inspired by its Legacy collection, Coach’s spring eyewear collection combines iconic style with custom craftsmanship and luxurious modern design. With the vintage-inspired “Skylar” aviator shades, Coach combines classic style with the a whiff of playfulness by using bright colors. All sunglasses come with distinctive signature details such as metallic-embossed Coach New York branding and jeweled Coach lozenge at the temple.

The collection is now available from Coach’s online store.

See all “Skylar” styles on the next page.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Coach Ads In China

10 January 2012, 14.56 | Posted in advertisement, bags, celebrity | No comments »

 Gwyneth Paltrow Coach Ads In China

The above banner ads were recently shot in Beijing, China. As part of my “other” job, I had a Skype convo with the person who sent them and discovered that no one there has even half a clue about Gwyneth much less anything Goop related. Check it out:

HS: hey, in those coach images, is that Gwyneth Paltrow?
Beijing: Yes , that’s her
HS: do people know who she is?
Beijing: no
HS: lol that is so funny
Beijing: it is enough as long as people know it is Coach
HS: why do you think Coach used her? because of her looks?
Beijing: I don’t know her very well, but I like her, she is pretty, she looks like a women from uper east side of New York. Chinese people like western face,
HS: that’s what i thought, funny
HS: and she is an uptown girl too
Beijing: Bingo

So now we get a clearer view on why Coach may have chosen her to front its international campaign, which by the way, is focused most intently in China.

Gwyneth’s Hair In The Coach Ads

20 July 2011, 11.39 | Posted in advertisement, bags, celebrity | 1 comment »


We may be Snobby but we’re not petty so I’m loathe to point out the frizziness of Gwyneth’s hair in her new Coach ads, but frankly I’m fascinated by it! This is a big campaign by an international company where money isn’t an issue so did no one notice or was all the flyaway hair in the shot on the right done on purpose…like since it’s an ad for foreign markets maybe there’s some cultural cue I don’t know about?

Gwyneth New Face Of Coach

26 April 2011, 17.24 | Posted in bags, celebrity | No comments »

GwenythPaltrowUKInStyleApril Gwyneth New Face Of Coach

It was rumored last week that Gwyneth Paltrow was working on a deal to become the new face of Coach. That rumored has been confirmed today by WWD. Ads have already been shot by Peter Lindbergh and will show up in print, digital and outdoor ads in Asia, Europe and China. This is not her first bag gig, a couple years back she was the face of Tod’s. Said Paltrow on the deal,

“I grew up in New York City and I’ve always thought of Coach as the quintessential New York brand. I’ll never forget getting my first Coach bag.”

Paltrow is a funny celebrity. Lately it seems she’s been working hard to soften her image and seem more relatable, but for whatever reason she seems to bring out anger in people. She may just be the nicest person personally, but something about how she projects to the world rubs lots of people the wrong way. That being said, somehow this endorsement makes sense for Coach. It’s interesting, too, how the ads will be shown everywhere else but the United States….maybe she translates better in other cultures!

Coach Celeb Charity Event: Clutch City

21 April 2011, 19.07 | Posted in bags, celebrity | 2 comments »

CoachZoeSaldana Coach Celeb Charity Event: Clutch City

Coach yesterday hosted a charity event for which the B- and even a few A-lister celebs turned out big time. What was interesting to note is that almost everyone  carried a clutch(that’s Zoe Saldana’s above). Some of them are clearly Coach, though I’m not sure if all of them are. I’m guessing yes, since Wireimage dedicated an entire page to closeups on the bags. Which, go ‘head, Coach–you certainly wouldn’t be the first company to make a product push a part of your fundraiser.  

Additional clutch shots on the next page, including Scarlett Johansson, Rashida Jones, Joy Bryant, Ellen Pompeo, Anna Farris and many more.

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