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Christian Louboutin “Macarena” Wedge Sandals

02 December 2009, 18.33 | Posted in Design, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

louboutin2 Christian Louboutin Macarena Wedge Sandals

I can count on one hand the number of wedged- heel shoes or sandals I have seen in the past seasons that made me pause in lust and admiration !Christian Louboutin is dominating the lux shoe game lately and his commercial success we can agree,  goes beyond the hype experienced by  a Jimmy Choo or  a Manolo. Not  that the latter are not fierce , but Louboutin’s trademark red sole  is  branding that speaks on its own.  The Macarena Wedge Sandals. Via browns. A closer look on the next page.

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Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pigalle

19 June 2009, 18.20 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Shoes | 2 comments »

louboutin pigalle1  Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pigalle

A definite classic, The Christian  Louboutin Pigalle , in patent leather a modern icon of sexy footwear.Via np. Luv! Detailed view on the flip.

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RihRih Doing Even More Camera Time

07 May 2009, 16.17 | Posted in celebrity | 1 comment »

rhirhifront RihRih Doing Even More Camera Time

I’ve been out of the HS loop for a minute (sorry, but I’ve been traveling/working like crazy for my bread-and-butter job!) but I’ve noticed that Rihanna has been hitting the paparazzi circut HARD over the past week or two. RihRih looks amazing, but damn Ma is looking thin! Which is fine. I know you know how that goes, my women. There are those of us who in the midst of a crazy-ass storm take comfort with a box of cookies, while others take refuge in deprivation (or smoking or drinking or whatever). All work well enough as tonics for for easing the pains ripping through our hearts.

All images JustJared. A couple more after the jump, including a closeup on Rhianna’s Lou-Bs and one of her feeling her inner alien.

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Christian Louboutin Robot 120 Ankle Boots

13 April 2009, 16.18 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Shoes, Stores | 1 comment »

loubou1 540x411 Christian Louboutin  Robot 120 Ankle Boots

Leave it to Christian Louboutin, to give us  a reason to want a silhouette of ankle boots that has been so popular this season , by covering them in gold patent leather! The  Christian Louboutin Robot 120 Ankle boots. Available at Net-a-porter. Detailed view on the flip.

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Christian Louboutin x Phillip Lim

15 February 2009, 17.52 | Posted in Designer Collaboration, Shoes | 3 comments »

Highsnobette-christian louboutin x phillip lim

Phillip Lim sent his models down the runway in these Christian Louboutins and I’m not sure how he could get anyone to pay attention to anything that was above the girls ankles. The Dillian platform with ruffles down the front comes in silver and gold patent leather, pink and grey snakeskin, and  a bright red colored leather that has an amazing tint of  blood orange. I could possibly spend the rest of my life in these shoes happily. I’m not joking.

More styles and colors of the “Dillian” shoe after the jump.

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Lou-B Ruffle Front Heels S/S09

10 October 2008, 16.19 | Posted in Accessories, Books, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

Style has up its fave shoes, bags and accessories from the French and Italian shows. These Louies were my fave of the faves:

RTEmagicC LouB.jpg Lou B Ruffle Front Heels S/S09

^^Bad-ass, yet still flirty. A combo I love.
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Lou-Bs: Purple & Yellow Sandals

01 September 2008, 17.22 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

Perhaps you’ve seen these already. I cam across them while looking around MyPrestigium. Yeah, they’re super summery and yeah, the official last day of summer is upon us, but I’ll admit it, I’m clinging! I’m not ready to trade in my open toes for sneakers/boots! ‘Sides, they’re not just just LouBs, they’re purple and yellow LouBs and no mere mortal can resist that color combo.  It’s a known fact.

LouBMyPrestigium Lou Bs: Purple & Yellow Sandals

^^I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve already posted these on the site.
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20Ltd and the True concept of exclusivity…

16 July 2008, 19.51 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

img 2 20Ltd and the True concept of exclusivity...

20LtD a concept we featured a while back, reflect the real concept of an exclusive product.The designer/brand is chosen to produce an item of  20 editions whose sale is exclusive to the 20ltd clients.

In the case Of the Christian Louboutin"Turquoise silk and Antique lace mouche Zeppa the edition went to 35 pairs where there are currently only 3 left!

In the Streetwear world  and sneaker world  the concept of "exclusivity had been played with and abused…And sometimes hides just an inability by smaller brands to produce mass quantities.Leave it to the luxury world  to fully illustrate what "you can’t get those" really means.Athough I would take it further and request that my name be embroidered somewhere too…don’t you agree?


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Celebs Still Love Loubie

03 April 2008, 18.40 | Posted in Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

Louboutin remains the designer brand of choice these days among starlettes, as exhibited at a recent award show for which both Cam and Ashlee wore the same pair of Loubies, albeit in different colors. Neiman’s is selling them in hot pink, which I’ve always been a total sucker for. Samia thinks it reflects my girly side, but I don’t think so. I kinda think flourescent shades in general are too powerful to be femmy. Hookerish maybe, but not girly.

LoubiesPink Celebs Still Love Loubie

^^At Neiman’s, these babies’ll set you back a mere $645. No doubt by end of summer, everyone will have knocked these off, but by then the look will have lost its luster.

LoubiesAshlee Celebs Still Love Loubie

^^Ashlee’s works an orange on orange carpet theme. (I don’t know why, but for some reason I like this chick. It makes no sense to me at all, but oh well, some things are best left a mystery.)

LoubiesCam Celebs Still Love Loubie

^^Cam chose white. I love this woman’s ability to pull an outfit together. This is a female who doesn’t need a stylist. But just like I don’t know why I like Ashlee, it also seems like a lot of guys DON’T like Cam.  Weird.

Images from Wire.


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p.s. You guys are hilarious. I mentioned a couple of days ago that I don’t know how to work our MySpace page, and natch, I open our email and there’s half a dozen people looking to be added as friends. To the moon with all of ya!
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Louie-B Exhibit @ FIT

17 March 2008, 14.34 | Posted in Other, Shoes | No comments »

RTEmagicC LouBWedgeFIT.jpg Louie B Exhibit @ FIT

Christian Louboutin designs are going to be exhibited at the Fashion Institute of Technology during March 13 – April 19. I’ve given Louie-B some shit for being overly stuck on his whole “trademarked” red heel thing (’cause come on–when you’re at the point where high-paid celebs are wearing the OhDeer! knock-offs ’cause they don’t know better, it is time to move on!), but the truth is the man is a great designer. And the show will be worth a visit not only because a retrospective of Louboutin’s shoes will be fun to look at, but also because FIT will do a great job of showcasing his career highlights. I’ve been to a bunch of their exhibits before and have never been disappointed.

Hap tip to Daily Fashion Report

On Monday mornings, great minds think alike!

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