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The Chanel Segway

26 February 2009, 18.00 | Posted in Accessories, Designer Collaboration, Fashion, Gadgets | 5 comments »

Highsnobette- chanel segway

A Chanel Segway?? I’m on the fence as to weather this is really hot or just kinda dorky. Let me know what you all think. The personal transporter comes with quilted hand grips, black leather mudflaps, and it is absolutely dripping in the Chanel logo. Perhaps the most intriguing amenity is the Chanel 2.55 handbag that hangs from the handlebars, so you can look fly while speeding along at a whopping 12 miles an hour. Karl darling, you never cease to amaze me.

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Chanel Spring 2009: Cheez Karl!

28 January 2009, 18.56 | Posted in Couture, Fashion | No comments »

Chanel gave a funeral for its Spring 2009 collection and every one wore white. Karl must have been in a matchy matchy mood ’cause the models were all white, too. Well, a few wore black or black and white, but you get the picture.

Beautifully executed of course, but we expect more from you, Karl.

Beautifully executed of course, but we expect more from you, Karl.

When Karl designed this collection no doubt news of massive layoffs at the company were swirling all around him so I can understand the lack of  life, but damn this is supposed to be a year of hope! Like Harvey Milk in the movie says, “Without hope, life is not worth living. You gotta give ‘em hope. You gotta give ‘em hope.”

Images from Style

Full-length shot of above after jump…

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Et Tu Chanel?: Big Layoffs Coming!!

06 January 2009, 15.42 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I know we’re in a worldwide recession, but I was still sort of stunned to read yesterday (Hahaha–how mad is WWD that it got scooped by the NY Times on this story??) that Chanel has plans to layoff 200 workers. There’s so much fantasy and aura that surrounds Coco & Co. that in my mind it’s akin to the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop. I mean cheez, is Old Saint Nich gonna announce elf layoffs next???

chanel bags2web 0 Et Tu Chanel?: Big Layoffs Coming!!

The articles money quote (which was pulled from a WWD article)? When Karl denies reality by stating: “Today, everyone can say that something is for financial reasons when they want. For me, artistic reasons are more important.” Okaaaaay, hun, keep living in that dream world (and I mean that sincerely!)

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Beyonce Big Ball Chanel Earrings

20 November 2008, 14.57 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I’ve complained about Bee’s fashion sense in the past–it’s too much a weird jumble of Southern Belle prom queen and N.Y. fashionista, but she does wear some killer items on ocassion, like these Chanel globes:

 BeeChanelEarrings Beyonce Big Ball Chanel Earrings

^^"Don’t hate me cuz I get ALL the coolest shit!’
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Chanel Brooches!

25 September 2008, 14.48 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion | 1 comment »

 Chanel Brooches!

The Chanel Logo has to be one of the most recognized logos in fashion, and probably the most knoecked off.To think that the woman at the head of this Icon of modern society  only got a lifetime movie kinda bugs me…But supposedly there are major productions in the works,what took so long?

 Chanel Brooches!

The fall 08  simple Chanel  logo brooches caught my eye not only because of their simplicity but because it’s the kind of piece you can wear with anything…
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Three Chanel Brooches: Which Would You Pick??

01 September 2008, 17.49 | Posted in Accessories, Designer Toys, Fashion | No comments »

After checking out the LouBs at MyPrestigium, I then headed over to the site’s Chanel accessories section to do some further fantasizing. I’m not a major fan of brooches or pins for that matter, mainly ’cause I’ve never been a fan of grannie chic, but these are Chanel, which, in my case, senseless enamoration with an overpriced, high-end label trumps ickiness factor of brooches.

CocoBroachMyPrestigium Three Chanel Brooches: Which Would You Pick??

^^There are two other brooches to pick from on the other side, but I like this one the best by far, mainly ’cause it pays homage to Coco, who, in my head I’ve always decided was one of the original cool/fierce females and if she were around today would probably be designing kick-ass, street-inspired coutoure.
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HighSnobettiest Item of the Day: Chanel Mani!!!!!!

19 June 2008, 23.06 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, Other | No comments »

People, for the first time in my HighSnobette-writing life, I am officially stunned silent. Seriously. I have no words that would adequately describe the awesomeness I feel when I look upon the Chanel manicure featured below.

ChanelMani HighSnobettiest Item of the Day: Chanel Mani!!!!!!

Major props to Racked for snagging this image from a new Chanel store window. There’s other images at the link of the windows, but I only have eyes for the paint job.

I can stop shopping now.


Lois: HighSnobette at Hotmail dot com
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Agyness Deyn: Make Me a Supermodel!!

11 June 2008, 19.49 | Posted in Fashion, Other | No comments »

Here’s Agyness, showing up at yet another event (this one was Chanel related as if you couldn’t tell by the cardboard cut-outs of Karl in the background!) in her never-ending quest to be stamped the first supermodel of the new millennium. God love ya, Ma. It’s a pretty strange aspiration, but someone’s gotta want it!

ModelChanel Agyness Deyn: Make Me a Supermodel!!

^^To Agy’s right is some show attendee wearing an adorable Chanel dress. Which, good thing I wasn’t there ’cause I would have been forced to rip it off her body.

Sigh, feeling blech these days…..

Lois: HighSnobette at Gmail dot com
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Madonna & Chanel K-I-S-S-I-N-G. @ Cannes

22 May 2008, 19.31 | Posted in Art, Fashion | No comments »

Straight up, the dress, which is Chanel, is amazing. You see a garment like this and it’s one of those moments when you are made to understand the difference between ready to wear and coutoure. My issue with Madge in this dress, however, is that she’s so tiny that it doesn’t look as good on her. And she has a tendency to do that–wear outfits that fit her personality rather than her frame. But oh well, she’s Mo. Her critics over the past quarter of a century have come and gone and she remains standing. A bad-ass female if ever there was one!

MadgeCannes1 Madonna & Chanel K I S S I N G. @ Cannes

MadgeCannes7 Madonna & Chanel K I S S I N G. @ Cannes

My other issue is that I’m not crazy about this kind of stark, black, white color contrast. To my eye, it breaks up the dress’s lines too much.

More images (which are all from Wire.com) of the dress, Mo’s accessories and her shoes after the flip.

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Chanel Resort 2009

16 May 2008, 19.44 | Posted in Accessories, Fashion, Shoes | No comments »

Chanel is such an on-fire brand these days that no doubt images from its Resort 2009 show are all over the web (it helps that it was in Miami and it got all-the-usual-suspect celeb attendance), but oh well, even though I may be late, here are a few items I appreciated. And then one look I’m not so sure about!

ChaelResortLogoDress Chanel Resort 2009

^^Look at the logo. Karl is FEELING himself and the Chanel name and no doubt enjoying rubbing it in his competitor’s faces that the double C’s are one of the last logos left standing that the cool girls are not only willing, but happy to flaunt front and center. If "Breakfast at Tiff’s" were being filmed today, this dress would be a fine choice for Audrey.

Two more if you click to the right!

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