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V Magazine Launches Coco In Motion

18 November 2009, 00.49 | Posted in Fashion, Magazines | No comments »

V Magazine Launches Coco In Motion

For their V Magazine Issue 62 cover shoot, a Chanel clad Natalie Portman manages to play it cool while looking searing hot. To celebrate the issue, V commissioned young filmmaker Stephen Smith to create stop-motion footage that captures the eternal chic of Chanel. Here below you can check out the Coco In Motion Video.

A more detailed look at the Natalie Portman cover please head after the jump.

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Karl and Simone Meet!!

08 October 2009, 17.11 | Posted in Couture, Designer Collaboration, Designer Toys, celebrity | 1 comment »

karlsimone Karl and Simone Meet!!

Just heard from Tokidoki designer, Simone Legno, who had just come from his first meeting with Karl Lagerfeld to officially hand-off the mini-Karl vinyl doll.  Here’s what Simone had to say about meeting the legendary one:

I attach a picture of me and Karl Lagerfeld that I will save it for my grandsons one day! He is the best and was very nice and sweet! I was very anxious, but when he said as first thing when he met me, “Finally!…the doll!” I felt way better and chilled down with a big smile!

Can you even imagine?? (And there will be NO fighting over who gets to be the grandma of those grandsons!)

One more image of Karl and mini-Karl after the jump….

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Chanel Spring 2010 = The Clogs

06 October 2009, 18.06 | Posted in Design, Shoes | No comments »

chanelfront Chanel Spring 2010 = The Clogs

Chanel’s Spring 2010 read-to-wear collection was very Chanel-y (read my great editorial stylings and WEEP, Vogue), in other words, lotsa lace, perfect jackets and tons of frou-frou, mademoiselle-on-the-verge dresses. The big newness story was the clogs the models wore, many of which matched the fabrics of the dresses they were paired with. At first I was like, yuck, what in the hell is this high-heeled Ecco nightmare? But then I came around and I am at the point of somewhat feeling this look. One way or another, it looks like there’s gonna be a lot of wooden heels being flashed this Spring.

Images via Style.

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Lily Allen Performs at Chanel Show

06 October 2009, 15.34 | Posted in Fashion, celebrity | 2 comments »

lilyalenperforms Lily Allen Performs at Chanel Show

Lily Allen performed at the Chanel’s spring 2010 read-to-wear show. She looks cute and relaxed (though the outfit on the back-up singer is just flat-out UGH). This has been a good year for Mademoiselle Allen.

Rihanna with Weird Muff at Chanel Spring 2010

06 October 2009, 15.16 | Posted in Fashion, Gadgets | 1 comment »

rhiweirdmuff Rihanna with Weird Muff at Chanel Spring 2010

Rihanna was a Chanel’s Spring 2010 ready-to-wear show. The highlight of her outfit was the fur muff featured here. Which, to be honest, looks like an item one might see being sold on Canal Street. Just ’cause it’s kind of cheap  looking, I mean, is the fur even real? And call me old-fashioned, but I can’t imagine being out and about with a fur muff in the Spring. (Even the word “muff,” it’s got this pervertedness to it, right?)

A couple more of our beloved Rihanna after the flip. We love this woman to pieces, but this outfit isn’t even trying to make it to her top-ten list.

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Lily Allen for Chanel

28 July 2009, 13.48 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Fashion, celebrity | No comments »

lily allen for chanel Lily Allen for Chanel

Here’s a sneak peak at the new face of Chanel, the one and only Lily Allen. A great  choice on the part of Chanel , choosing a performer who made her fame rocking dresses and high tops and  a definite independant streak, this choice  gives them  a fun, irreverent appeal. Luv it! Via tokyodandy.

Karl Lagerfeld Set To Leave Chanel !?

05 June 2009, 14.41 | Posted in Design, Fashion | 1 comment »

20090605 threeup 560x275 540x265 Karl Lagerfeld Set To Leave Chanel !?

As just reported by The Cut, Karl Lagerfeld did not renew his contract with the house of Chanel and he would be replaced by the man whose made Lanvin almost  too hip and trendy  for its own good Alber Elbaz while Olivier Theyskens would head Lanvin . Oh my… Read the feature here.

Chanel Autumn 2009: Leather!!!!!!!!!

11 March 2009, 20.27 | Posted in Accessories, Design, Shoes | No comments »

chanelfront Chanel Autumn 2009: Leather!!!!!!!!!

While looking through the images on Style of the Chanel Autumn ready-to-wear ‘09 looks, I was sort of bored at first by the clothes so I started zeroing in on the accessories. And even then it was like, ehh shoes no big deal, bag inside a plastic container too weird for me, mint green color theme not doing it for me. I started perking up when I saw a leather skirt and then right after that, a leather dress!! A Chanel leather dress, people. Could you ever in your wildest dreams EVER image?? The dresses were followed by tribal catsuits, which, right there the  deal for me was sealed. I give it up to you Karl. Your evil genius has struck once again!

The accessories I mentioned, plus the skirt and a shimmery dress after the jump.

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Lily Allen Coming and Going from Chanel Show

10 March 2009, 14.40 | Posted in celebrity | No comments »

lilyallenchanelfront Lily Allen Coming and Going from Chanel Show

Lily worked the classic Chanel  look for the label’s Autumn 2009 ready-to-wear show in Paris this past week. Young woman looks adorable as usual and I love her eyes (check ‘em out in the far right image), the makeup is minimal but effective. ‘Cause when a female has personality for days like Lily does, it’s better to keep the glop to a minimum lest you cover up all her inner shine.

Images from WireImage.

Karl Lagerfeld in Vermont!

04 March 2009, 16.05 | Posted in Fashion, Media, celebrity | 1 comment »

highsnobette-karl lagerfeld

Some of you may have heard that Chanel’s King Karl has snapped himself up a yummy little brick colonial in a sleepy town in Vermont.  He has been a busy little bee both redecorating and shooting Chanel’s latest ad campaign (shown above) in his country hideout and while the entire town is a buzz, Karl had this to say; “I love this house, it is so Emily Dickinson.” Both were courageous, intelligent, loud mouthed chicks but do Coco and Emily have anything fashion wise in common? I guess we’ll find out.