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Chanel Pre-Autumn 2012 Accessories

09 December 2011, 00.00 | Posted in Accessories, Shoes, bags, boots, sandals | 1 comment »

ChanelFront 540x260 Chanel Pre Autumn 2012 Accessories

For all the pomp & circumstance, the fruit-filled bowls and candelabras, the Chanel-logo train, in the end it was the shoes, bags and jewellery that dazzled the most brightly.

See more on the next page. All via Style.

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Chanel + Converse

26 October 2011, 23.22 | Posted in street style | No comments »

Chanel+Converse 358x540 Chanel + Converse

We spotted this assistant stylist in one of our showroom visits yesterday. She was sporting a look we adore–the pairing of a designer bag, in his case Chanel, with a pair of black leather Converse kicks.

Chanel Nail Polish ‘April,’ ‘May’ & ‘June’ Spring 2012

06 October 2011, 16.20 | Posted in nail art | 1 comment »

ChanelNailColorsSpring2012 Chanel Nail Polish April, May & June Spring 2012

Chanel is showing peeks at its nail polish colors for Spring 2012, called “April,” “May” and “June.” If anything the peachy beige has a nice fresh feel to it, the others….not so much. On its runways it showed a pearly white, which looks to be a fairly hot fashion color for Summer 2012 so perhaps we’ll see that come down the line a bit later.

I’ve said it before, the world tends to get into a tizzy about Chanel nail polish colors, but in my humble opinion the brand just doesn’t hold the clout it once did to set trends if only because there’s just so much going on in the category in terms of product above and beyond just old-fashioned nail varnish. Image via.

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Thursday Friday ‘Chanel’ Tote Bags

01 September 2011, 16.39 | Posted in bags | No comments »

ThursdayFriday (2)

Tote-bag company Thursday Friday gained quite a bit of infamy earlier this year when news of its “Hermes” bags went viral, publicity which eventually led to a successful cease and desist by the real Hermes. While at Project in Las Vegas last week, we stopped by the company’s booth (which was buzzing) to spy the newest copy, the incredibly iconic quilted Chanel bag.

[UPDATE: I've had an interesting exchange of emails with creative director, Roni Brunn, at T/F and need to correct an inaccuracy. While Hermes did sue T/F there was no "cease and desist" by any judge, the two companies settled out of court.]

Personally I’m not sure how I feel about this product. One thing I’ve always hated about fashion is how little can be protected from the knock-off artists, essentially forcing young creatives who live and die by their ideas to focus solely on staying one step ahead of the vampires. That being said, Hermes and Chanel are no innocents, yet still, I could see where they would be motivated to squash a blatent copy of an item that a large part of their image not to mention revenues is based upon.

There is an interview with Thursday Friday’s creative director, Roni Brunn, at Glamour today and she compares the bags to pop art, a la Andy Warhol and Campbell soup cans. And sorry, but not quite–one is art the other is clearly commerce. I’m sure if Brunn made a painting featuring a Hermes or Chanel bag that landed in MOMA, they would be fine with it. And ’sides, if she really believed that then why did the company choose to leave out Chanel’s famous interlocking Cs logo from the bags?

But then there’s that feral side to me that’s like, eff it, yeah, brands like Chanel and Hermes deserve this because on its face the whole idea of “luxury” is deserving of mockery and takedown. Just don’t pretend your doing something noble and artisitc when you’re not.

More “Chanel” bags on the flip.

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Chanel Denim-Inspired Nail Polish For Fashion Night Out

22 August 2011, 13.55 | Posted in nail art | 1 comment »

ChanelFNO Chanel Denim Inspired Nail Polish For Fashion Night Out

Chanel is inspired by denim for a collection of three polishes, created for Fashion Night Out. Available exclusively at the Chanel Makeup Studio in Myer Sydney. Via Bellasugar.

La Chanelphile ‘All That Glitters’ Editorial

26 July 2011, 18.20 | Posted in Accessories, Make- up,Cosmetics | No comments »

ATG6 540x357 La Chanelphile All That Glitters Editorial

 Enjoy a look at the latest La Chanelphile editorial featuring  the Illusions d’Ombres de Chanel Autumn  2011 cosmetics, accessorized with slick Chanel 80s and 90s jewellery. The multi-ethnic fierceness hints to what we’d love to see more in cosmetic campaigns. Lots more on the flip. Great work ladies!

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Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish

01 July 2011, 21.58 | Posted in nail art | No comments »

LaquerizedChanelMimosa 540x315 Chanel Mimosa Nail Polish

Legendary Dutch, nail polish blogger Laquerized appears to be tiptoeing back into blogging (she took a timeout for various reasons), showcasing her completely flawless application techniques. This time she tests out Chanel’s Mimosa and while she likes the color, she’s less impressed with how it applies. Read more at her site.

Visit To Saks Fifth Ave Off 5th In Woodbury

01 June 2011, 14.33 | Posted in Retail, Shoes, boots, sandals | No comments »

Off5thChanel 540x405 Visit To Saks Fifth Ave Off 5th In Woodbury

In celebration of the remodel of its Off 5th Outlet store in Woodbury Commons, Saks Fifth Avenue invited a bunch of bloggers a week back to take a tour of the store. Woodbury is about an hour’s drive from New York City, and is known for the high-end, designer names it attracts, including Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada and Tory Burch ( which has velvet ropes outside its store for crowd control purposes!).

The Off 5th store looked great, with an open air, spacious feel to it that makes it easy to shop. Overall, its shoe department is its biggest draw, offering a wide range of the poshy-posh designers (yes, the above image is of THOSE Chanel boots) it sells in its full-priced doors, but at a deep discount. The handbag department was also well stocked with juicy items, and the contempory department is highlighted by a Rag & Bone line, created exclusively for Off 5th. We were mesmerized by the shoes (I snagged myself a pair of Cole Haan sandals), but for accessory lovers, there’s a very large department set up right near the entrance that has a lot of tempting items, especially watches.

See shots of Miu Miu, Camilla Scovgaard and Burberry shoes on the next page.

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Chanel Resort Show: Blake, Alexa, Rachel Bilson, Etc.

10 May 2011, 14.03 | Posted in Runway Show, celebrity | 1 comment »

ChanelBlakeLively2 382x540 Chanel Resort Show: Blake, Alexa, Rachel Bilson, Etc.

Chanel showed its Resort 2011/2012 collection yesterday and the attendees of course included plenty of beauties, highlighted by Chanel handbag rep, Blake Lively. Karl Lagerfeld has received a lot of criticism for choosing the young actress to front Chanel, but the truth is, since the signing she is looking a lot slicker and has clearly benefited from Lagerfeld’s magic touch (though it looks like her red hair dye job was temporary ’cause it’s fading fast!). Still, if she doesn’t bring anything of substance to the plate beyond “Gossip Girl,” her days are going to be numbered as a starlette.

On the next page, Alexa Chung debuts two-tone hair, plus Clemence Poesy, Anna Mouglalis, Rachel Bilson, Karl Lagerfeld, Laura Bailey, Vanessa Paradis and Poppy Delevingne.

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Madonna Auctioning Chanel Boots For Lourdes’ School

09 May 2011, 17.30 | Posted in FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE, Music, celebrity | 3 comments »

ChanelBootsMadonna Madonna Auctioning Chanel Boots For Lourdes School

Madonna has contributed a pair of black and white Chanel boots (preworn and autographed) for a fundraising auction being held at her daughter Lourdes’ school, LaGuardia High School, a public high school located in New York City’s Upper West Side. This school is often referrred to as “The Fame School,” for the movie which was inspired by it. More recently, Alicia Keys [UPDATE: Keys attended Professional Performing Arts School not LaGuardia] and Nick Minaj are a couple of its more famous attendees and there are many, many more.

Not sure what program Lourdes is a part of, but whatever it is, she had to try out for her spot. Laguardia is one of a handful of highly-ranked New York City public high schools for which you have to meet very high test-in or try-out entry standards to be admitted. As for what those boots may bring to the school, the highest bid at the moment is $2,860, with three days left.